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aNYthing & ESPO!!

This video is KILLING me. So funny, the ending…ha…I didn’t know what ESPO looked like (he looks a lot like Christopher Reid from House Party. haha…) but I know I love his work so if you are in NYC you should get to his book signing - December 22nd from 5:30-7PM (that is, if you can make it there without the help of the NYC public transportation…). Start applying your feet to the concrete and head on over to Hester street. ESPO’s book is only 15 dollas and 2 popped collars. Nothing more to admit, nothing counterfeit, all legit. Ha…We love A-Ron and aNYthing and ESPO. Wish I was in NYC for this. Get to it. ‘That’s not fair! I try to do my part here and you’re yelling at me like that!” YEAH!

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This Huf Tenderloin hat by Hanni!

First off man…I had a crazy weekend. Yowzers. Shout to smashed bottles, silly-snaps, and trying to get kicked out of spots. So this perfect hat…if you read this site you know we don’t get real wild over a lot of the street/niche culture products. But I saw this hat on Heron Preston’s site a while back…and had to have one. I just got mine form the UPS dude today. The whole design is so wild, unbelievably well-executed, story-telling, and intricate…el perfecto. I, not being from SF, didn’t know what the whole ‘Tenderloin’ district was…but now that I do…its that much more thorough.. Huge shout to Huf and Hanni (talent!) on this one. And how could I forget Cherrie on this one?! Snap…big shout to SF Cherrie for the hook-up on this…dinner on me, it’s nothing! That’s enough shout outs…

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U2 and Kanye…

From AllHipHop - “Kanye West has landed an opening spot for U2’s “Vertigo” tour of New Zealand and Australia next year. West is already opening for the band’s final four shows in the United States starting in St. Louis tonight (Dec. 14).” I like this. Have you ever seen a rock act as big as U2 bring a rapper on board for the tour? I mean, maybe it’s been done before, but not to my knowledge has it been on this scale. Kanye and Bono will have interesting discussions I’m sure, seeing as how Bono seems buddy-buddy with our President while Kanye will likely sit there and be like “nah man he hates black people man and I bet he hates you too because you’re Irish.” Anyways, I’d like to see Bono come out and sing “Crack Music” with Kanye. That would be fun. Then maybe U2 will do their cover of “Southern Man” by Neil Young and Kanye can…well, nevermind…that won’t happen. Anyways, much respect to both Kanye West and U2 for touring together. Bonyo West. **Edit - sorry, I got several emails from people saying ‘What about when U2 brought Public Enemy on the ZooTV tour in ‘92?’ I was only 7 at the time though…ha…

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Who Cares?!

Here is my second installment of ‘Who Cares!?’ Snap…it’s cold out here. 25ish today. Makes me reconsider things you know? Making those posts about Seychelles doesn’t help either. But regardless…I’m good, just a little cabin fever already. So here we go.
+ What is the deal with airline tickets man!? Why are the prices so random? It’s cheaper for me to buy a ticket for this weekend rather than a weekend in January? I thought it used to be cheaper in advance? …Who cares?!
+ Kanye West is exactly what hip-hop and music has needed. There is no more Rat Pack, no more old-school provocative Madonna, Fiona and Courtney don’t flip out at award shows…nobody does anything entertaining any more. Except Kanye bugging out on MTV about needing to win album of the year. Check this video here. Hilarious…but kind of inspiring. …Who cares?!
+ Ice T had this track on his album ‘Power’ called ‘Soul On Ice’. Buy this track on iTunes man. I’m not playing…go buy it right now. I love it. …Who cares?!
+ I can’t seem to get my hands on a pair of Vans Chukkas right now. Nobody has the 10.5 size I need. …Who cares?!

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Jamie Foxx ended up at the Embassy!

I had one too many drinks…and ended up at the Embassy. I’m not a huge R&B fan…just, not huge on the slow jam stuff. Or the corny love song stuff you know? I like John Legend and D’Angelo, that’s pretty much it. But I felt like Jamie Foxx needed a quick write-up…mostly because he is just undeniably talented. Quite the voice…and its dope over Kanye production, but that’s expected. I’m really feeling the track ‘Extravaganza’. His hook sounds perfect, good story telling…and Kanye has a couple funny lines on it. Either way though, I like to see someone like Jamie Foxx do his thing. Even though he has been around forever with the acting stuff, I view him as somewhat of an ‘underdog’. Check the full album below…free and legal listen.

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Jules Kim makes incredible jewelry. It’s fresh and it’s not cheap, but for good reason. All hand crafted and custom-made…there are three different sections of jewelry on the site - Lifestyle, Graffiti, and DJ. Then if you click ‘People’, you’ll be able to see some of the original collection along with several custom pieces…?uestlove and Beans are in there rockin some nice pieces - I’ve seen that necklace on Beans in a lot of press photos before. Also check out that crazy four finger ring on Miri Ben-Ari, whoa! You’d sound like a janitor as you walk by with that on, like some sleighbells. Ha. Anyways, my man Kareem put me on to Jules and he told me he’s getting his custom piece back pretty soon, so can’t wait to see that…check her out though. Truly a craft she’s perfected…definitely a ‘next big thing’ if you ask me.

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The RAIA Gallery of Architecture

The RAIA - the Royal Australian Institute of Architects - has a really incredible site. Basically page after page of photos and information about different architecture in Australia. Residential, commercial, public buildings, urban design, even bridges and fountain design. The site says there are approximately 2,000 different featured places in the online gallery. Some of these spaces are absolutely beautiful. I actually have yet to click on something I didn’t like all that much. Make sure to specifically check out the Buckley House and RiverEdge under the ‘Coastal houses’ section…the Riverina Farm House under ‘Country houses’...the Commonwealth Place under ‘Cultural, museum, etc…’...and Punters Vineyard Retreat in the ‘Hotels, resorts’ spot. Those are just a few of my favorites…you will waste hours here if you get too into it. I’m not kidding. Beautiful, whether you’re into architecture design or not.

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Richard Pryor RIP

Richard Pryor died today at 65 of a heart attack. One of the funniest comedians of all-time, and definitely one of the most influential. Sucks.. what a bummer

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aNYthing @ 51 Hester Street NYC!

99 cents to 99 dollars!!! It’s a bargain for everyone!!! Of course I’m going to post this man… A-ron has the physical retail spot opened and this new website that just launched…the website! I love it man. So different, real different. The little movie with A-ron is too wild…funny dude man. And the clever marking stuff is perfect too. I love the ‘Will move aNYthing’ one. For real, more I think about it…its so clever. Check the site, and check the official store. A-ron is moving. This is not a t-shirt brand…this is a lifestyle brand and so much more in the making. Pay attention to him!!! Shout to A-ron, shout to all downtowns, shout to the whole ‘Genre Now’ people. *** And yo! We interviewed A-ron a while back. Read it!!!

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This is a ‘respect where respect is due’ post here. If you read our site even just every-once-in-a-while you know we are not 100% about the sneaker/t-shirt thing. We just don’t really get into all that. But we are about well executed brands, stores, projects, concepts, products…etc. I’m feeling Situationormal’s whole deal. I really enjoy the brands they carry, and really feeling the collaborations that they have dropping soon with Huf, J$, UNDFTD, House 33, SSUR, and Clarendon. The Huf and J$ are nuts. For real, too fresh. They also just announced their little collaboration with the Retail Mafia and Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile…busy these days huh? So yeah…check out Situationormal if you have not yet done this…we’re THE BRILLIANCE…we wouldn’t steer you wrong.