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Missy Elliot the Cookbook!

I can’t say I love the whole album… But, as with all Missy albums, yes all, it has a good amount of straight-up incredible tracks. Click Clack is nuts with, what I’m assuming is a sample of that MJG & 8 Ball track…I love this track, for real. Missy kills it with her flow. The track Pharrell she did is fresh, along with the single Lose Control…very innovative. And of course, the track with Slick Rick!!! I mean…wow. Slick Rick is truly something I miss in the rap world. We need another album from the ruler. Either way, the new Missy album is fresh, as always. I would cop what you like on iTunes, show her some love. Missy is a legend man, straight up, that’s all there is to it. Respect where respect is due.

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The new Brooklyn by Ratner & Gehry!

This is wild… All the kids know, or should know from the whole Jay-Z thing, about the heavy re-development slated to be taking place in Brooklyn to accommodate the new Brooklyn Nets arena. What I wasn’t up on was the amount of new buildings that are proposed for the area…all 17 of them. Almost all are taller than 40 stories and half a dozen are 60+ stories. I don’t visit Brooklyn on a regular, but I know that from what I have seen this will be a major, major change for Brooklyn. Seems like it will lose that neighborhood type feel that it has. Either way, check the link below, very interesting read… Frank Gehry has some really fresh stuff…I think it’s going to be an incredible project. Stretching over 21 acres, costing roughly $3.5 billion, and get this…it should be completed in 2011?! That’s crazy fast for that amount of development to take place. As for the whole real estate game, Brooklyn could be the next Miami. Cough up a lung where I’m from…

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Sprint Launches EVDO!

I guess it’s for those little laptop cards only for right now though…who buys those?! Anyway, EVDO is the whole ‘broadband over the air’ network that sprint has been talking about forever. Pretty unreal, it’s just as fast as a cable modem and will be used by the PDA phones that Sprint offers. I guess it’s being launched in only 34 cities… I know I have said it before, but just think about Skype and things like video conferencing, which would be pretty nice. I’m not a 100% sure on the pricing, haven’t really looked into it. Also, if I’m not mistaken you can actually be on the internet and be using a phone at the same time, something you couldn’t do on the previous 3G networks. I’m addicted to being connected, and this is the raw Colombian stuff right here. Hasn’t even been stepped on. Check it!

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Bad news eBayer - Cavashya…

Kind of a weird post to make, but I think it’s important, because many people who read The Brilliance are probably also eBay consumers, and this needs to be made known. This dude “Cavashya” on eBay - you must not buy from him. From one personal experience, I can say it was the most uneasy online purchase I ever made. I waited over 3 months with continued bugging for him to give me a tracking number or to refund me about $80, and he refused every time, telling me I was crazy and being super rude. Fortunately for me, PayPal and eBay must already be on his case, because I got a full refund after 90 days, which is a diversion from PayPal’s usual policy. I’m not the only one though, half the people on KidRobot can testify in this thread and you can click below to see his negative feedback. What a hack. Apparently sells inkjet prints of ‘original’ stuff from the likes of Dalek, KAWS, etc. Also tries to sell stuff by an artist called “WR” which is apparently actually just him. Everything about him is bogus. So if you’re browsing around eBay for those sweet new Bape toe socks you wanted, just don’t buy from him.

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The Deep Impact Mission!

I don’t know how much we will actually end up benefiting from this expensive-ass mission, but I can say that this video from NASA is pretty incredible. It’s mind boggling to think they can perfectly ‘aim’ something with all the variables involved. I mean, this video almost looks fake. Either way, big shout out to the rocket-nerds @ NASA for straight holding it down in the comet knocking department, you certainly peeled it’s wig back…that was wild corny. Whatever, we can post anything we want on this site. Check the video. I wonder if there are groupie girls for these NASA guys…

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Aldi’s Marketing & Execution!

Aldi on this site?! Yes. I’ll be honest, the Aldi’s where I grew up were not places you wanted to visit…there was nothing brilliant about them except the cheap prices for ‘sour balls.’ This has changed a bit. While I haven’t actually been in one of there stores in well of 10 years, they seem to be doing some very interesting things. I’m not sure if it was just a local offer but they had an insert in my Sunday paper for an $89.99 iPod shuffle. Wow. The only place I have ever heard of to offer the product for that cheap. Rumor is, from people on the inside, is that Aldi is doing all sorts of stuff like this in the near future to help change their image and increase market share…what is interesting is there execution of deals/promotions like this. They are very tight-lipped about anything until the actual ad runs in the Sunday paper so big players (in this case) like Target, Wal-mart, and Best Buy can’t get the jump and lower their pricing to match or beat Aldi. Maybe I am the only one who finds this interesting… I just love when the underdog gets clever. That is the new way.

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Semi-Permanent 2005 & Chuck Anderson!

We’re like Damon Dash and Cam’ron on Bill O’Reilly with the self-promotion. Semi-Permanent @ the Lincoln Center in NYC on the 9th and 10th of September…a decent line-up of speakers featuring my main, main man, Chuck Anderson…so check it! I don’t even know what Chuck is speaking about, and I don’t know if he even knows what he’s speaking about yet, but it should be good. I’m assuming it will be a step-by-step instructional speech on how he does ‘those glow things’ along with a lengthy explanation of exactly what programs he uses, how big his monitors are, how fast his computer is, and of course a step-by-step motivational speech on how he got ‘those big clients.’ Wow, just playing…for real, it should be a great conference event. Chuck and I will both be in attendance, I won’t be speaking or anything, but I will have a ton of snaps to deliver if you’re wearing dirty shoes. Check the other speakers too including Threadless and Visonaire. Good stuff.

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Glow-in-the-dark Kaws Companion?!

Basically all we can say is get ready. Kaws is hitting the art world off with another brilliant companion figure, but this time I believe it is the glow-in-the-dark one that was released in real limited numbers to the Japanese market a while back. My personal favorite of all his ‘characters’ with that ominous/creepy/fun type look that you just can’t put your finger on, except this one glows…guaranteed to weird-out people that visit Chuck’s place that don’t ‘get’ the whole Kaws thing. So yeah, stay steady checking the site towards the end of July… I’m thinking it’ll hit for like $200-250, but that’s just a guess. As always, huge shout out to Kaws.

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Supreme & Terry Richardson!

I personally try not to ‘jock’ these brands too much…you know? But I really like what I see with this. It’s for the June issue of a Japanese fashion magazine called ‘Cool Trans’ with Nigo on the cover I believe…they had Terry Richardson do the photo-shoot for the new Supreme line in his highly distinguishable style, perfect. I love that paisley crew sweatshirt. Check the Superfuture thread from the link below for more pictures. Thanks to slamxhype for the information.

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Futura & DPMHI Event Pictures!

His latest work is so fresh. Perfect. I love how these show him actually creating those ‘cap spray’ pieces…that’s what I call them, you know? Those pieces are so…new. All these pictures are from Fatsarazzi and they seem to have captured the night quite well. Makes me wish I attended more events like this. Too many vacations lately though. Yeah, check the pictures, check Futura’s fresh cardigan…making all these kids wish they could rock cardigans and still be cool. Anyway, check the event, check the scene, and check the ART! That’s what’s up and that’s what’s really good.