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New V magazine out with Kate Moss cover!

Whoa on the cover… You have to love the V magazine covers. In fact, they have great content and all, but their covers, paper quality and sheer size are what made me start buying them…and that gold foil LV monogram cover was just too much. Anyway though, the new one is out. Go cop it. Some revealing stories on Kate Moss, ‘the most famous face in fashion’, and various other write-ups on Ciara, hot girls from Brazil, and other stuff, etc… This is hands down my favorite coffee table style magazine. And do this: browse through it at B&N or wherever, then put the copy you read back on the shelf, cause you creased up and bent the corners, and buy a fresh one. THE BRILLIANCE! loves this magazine.

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Arkitip x Modernica!!

This is just really, really hot. Got the news about this from Mr. Cody Hudson (Struggle Inc.!) who is also part of this project. Along with others like Evan Hecox, Michael Leon, Rostarr, and more, Arkitip selected ten artists who have appeared in the magazine in the past to work on classic 1950 Fiberglass Modernica rocking chairs. This will be on display at Modernica in LA from June 16-July 16. More info at the link below. Also, I am told that a book will accompany the event, so you know you don’t want to miss that, for real!

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Marc Jacobs x Book!

Marc Jacobs x words x paper x cover x binding…I guess this is his answer to that big-ass (but awesome) Tom Ford book. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read this, and I don’t own it. Odds of me owning it are slim, but odds of me reading-it-and-putting-it-back-on-the-shelf are quite high. Actually, this book should be quite interesting…It’s the first time someone has taken an all-encompassing look at Marc’s 20 years in fashion and everything he has accomplished. Everything from the super-grunge style of his first collections all the way up to being the man at Louis Vuitton. 80 pages, written by Bridget Foley. Check it out. I may have changed my mind… It’s only $18.95, maybe I should buy it.

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Richard Gray!!

I’ve had Richard’s site in my favorites for a while now but only recently rediscovered it, and wow…let me just say, being that I am a professionally working artist myself and have seen just about everything under the sun in terms of artists’ portfolios, styles, and work, Richard Gray may just take the cake for the most beautiful and original illustration work that I’ve seen in a very, very long time, maybe ever. Not really sure what else to say, because you have to just see for yourself. Richard, get at me, I want to work and learn with you. For real. I need a print or an original!! While you’re at it, check out the Art Department site Richard’s work is hosted and repped by.

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Ben and I were introduced to this incredibly intriguing brand by Alex from Neverstop while we were in Seattle recently. What’s up Alex! Anyways - Alex had a Goyard wallet which I was immediatlely impressed by, because the raw attention to detail was really just beautiful. Hand painted with any initials you choose, the signature ‘3D’ Goyard pattern on all of its luggage, wallets, billfolds, purses, and more is really just about perfect. Available in the states at Barney’s Beverly Hills and NYC, and globally in Paris, Tokyo, and a few other spots, it might be hard to get your hands on it, but it would be well worth the effort. I honestly think Goyard is a better look than LV, but that’s just me. Anyways, check eBay too…And keep a close eye on this brand. Before you know it, Lindsay Lohan will be toting around a purse and middle aged moms everywhere will be buying fakes on Canal Street and putting the LV fakes in the closet. ***I must say, Chuck did a great post, but I wanted to post this first, so I’m a little salty, Benjamin.

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Kanye’s GOOD t-shirts!

I’m late, cause Chuck already has one of these… Whatever though. I like these shirts, and I like Kanye. I don’t think these are part of Kanye’s rumored ‘Mascot’ clothing line that has yet to come out…but they are private labeled, limited edition, gold-foil printed, cool t-shirts. They are for the promotion of his new ‘GOOD Music’ record label. What a fresh name, really, I like it. I also really like the cherub on this shirt. I have been liking the whole Victorian cherub vibe lately, just something I’m feeling. They are for sale for $30 a pop at the link below. Check it.

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Wtaps, w)taps, double taps, etc… Not sure the exact pronunciation of this brand. Either way, this brand has always been a bit difficult to get a hold of state-side which is too bad. It’s a pretty fresh brand. It also has that oddly mysterious feel to it that most of the niche Japanese street wear brands seem to have. While I’m not a huge fan of their past seasons heavy use of tiger-camo, I can say that some of their new stuff is quite nice. I recently picked-up a hoody at Recon while in San Francisco this past weekend… Great fit, great attention to detail and honestly really good craftsmanship. Good stuff… I know this isn’t hot off the press info, but check W)taps when you/if you get a chance. It’s quite nice. There is no website for it, so, check Recon below… Or give them a call. (Sorry for my lack of posts… Was on vacation!)

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Inka Essenhigh!

I first discovered Inka Essenhigh’s work in a book called Vitamin P, a book published by Phaidon Press about modern painting, which is seriously one of the best books I own. I highly recommend grabbing a copy. Anyways, Inka’s work stood out from the rest in the book, which is a lot to say considering she was alongside people like Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, and many others. I personally enjoy her older work more, check out “Images” then 2000 on the site. Abstract and objective at the same time, I’d hesitantly call her style a more modernized Dali…But on any note, it’s original and beautiful to say the least. If anyone has contact information for Inka, please send it my way at Inka’s work is currently being exhibited at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London.

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AlifeNYC RTFT Argyle!

These just went for sale yesterday - Alife RTFT Argyle Slip-ons. Sick. I wear Vans Originals slip-ons and have several custom pairs I treasure quite a bit, but none as wild as rainbow argyle. I’ll have to head to Barney’s sometime soon…really love these. You got to match it right though, no flanel jackets or polka dot sweaters with these, ya heard!?

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Pharrell in Fashion Wire Daily!

Pharrell is really just an all-around icon. The music, the fashion, the style, the collaborations…everything. It’s pretty inspiring to see what moves he makes and what he has to say, whether you agree or not, or like him or not, you can’t argue that he’s done some pretty impactful things in his career. Tom Julian from Fashion Wire caught up with Pharrell about Louis Vuitton, the collaborative sunglasses they did together, shopping in Milan and France, and more. You know, all the really important and meaningful things in life….. But seriously, it’s an interesting read and like I said, it’s always fun to watch what his next move is going to be…