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We’re really internet and we’re really back. A website about things Benjamin , Chuck , Virgil , and various friends & guests think are interesting. Little-to-no specific focus, a bit odd, speling errors, and incredibly culturally relevant.

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Krink is Unfadeable

Krink is a permanent ink made in small batches by hand in NYC. Permanent on any surface and, as they say, unfadeable. While I’m not personally a writer, I do appreciate graffiti and the art of tagging. What makes Krink worth posting about is how well it’s branded. Fantastic. The man behind Krink, known as KR, took a culture, a need (good ink), and created an incredible product with that perfect niche feel… Beyond all of that, he created a truly brilliant brand… In terms of packaging, marketing (or perfect lack of), tag-line, and of course the ‘feel’ you have knowing that the product is hand made with what should be considered a ‘secret’ formula…it’s all just perfect. THE BRILLIANCE! has a lot of respect for Krink.

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Prefuse 73

Been a Prefuse fan for a while now. Always loved his mix of hip hop, electronic, and other genres that just came together so well. So the new album “Surrounded by Silence” is real hot - includes appearences by Ghostface, El-P, GZA, Masta Killa, Aesop Rock, and more. That right there should be enough to make you buy this. Then back the album up with track after track of what is in my opinion a perfect driving album…this is just hot. Everything about it - from the art direction/photography in the album to the beats to the scratchy samples…If you didn’t know about this album already, not sure where you’ve been, but check it out…

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Ghostface Canvas/Terryphunk!

OK let me get this out of the way - I absolutely love Ghostface. I love Wu-Tang too, but Mr. Starks is my personal favorite. Now, it should also be obvious that I love art. It’s my life. So what happens when I see someone putting those two things together? Putting an incredible image of Ghostface on a 20x30 canvas? Well, I reach out and talk to Mr. Terryphunk, who did just that. When Ghost’s “Pretty Toney” album came out last year, it included an insert/ad to buy this as a poster or canvas. Terryphunk toured with Ghost on the Projekt Rev tour and has done a lot of work with Ghostface and Starks Enterprises. Listen…if you don’t get one of these canvases or posters, you have an incomplete wall somewhere in your place. Come on, $14.99 for the poster?! Grab one. Now. Oh, and be on the lookout for interviews with the aforementioned people on THE BRILLIANCE! real soon…Now get in line, b’fore you get your lil’ thick-ass tossed up!

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Kevin from HypeBeast linked up THE BRILIANCE today and I knew right away I needed to return the favor, since both Ben and I appreciate what he does with HypeBeast. With focus on shoes but also on arts, toys, and street fashion, HypeBeast has been going strong since January 05 and has gained a great reputation and following ever since. THE BRILLIANCE! loves HypeBeast!!!

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Perplex&Lola is just a cool-ass womens label. I love their whole vibe. I almost don’t want to put them in the same category as Diesel, but if I did they would really smash Diesel and any of the other uninspired half-assed brands out there. They are not another ‘t-shirt’ label doing ‘cool shirts’... This is true FASHION, true DESIGN, and its executed so well… Jeans, tops, track-jackets, blazers, dresses, etc… They have both their ‘kouture’ line and a prêt-a-porter line as well. The designs have been described as ‘wobbles between the playful and the cerbral’... Perfect explanation. The designer behind it all, Milan Tanedjikov is doing it real big… THE BRILLIANCE! loves Perplex&Lola. Wild web site too.

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Virgin Threads!

Something new! Honestly. Virgin Threads is an example of using the internet to really move fashion forward. Jason Yang, who also started SoWear for those who know, started Virgin Threads in 2000 with the goal of giving young designers a conduit to get there ready-to-wear goods out to an educated market. Virgin Threads the way around struggling to get your product in a small boutique or harder yet, getting a buyer to push your stuff to Barneys and other major retailers… Honestly, not all of their product is exceptional, but the majority is quite refreshing. They cater almost entirely to women, but they do have a small men’s t-shirt section. Check out Virgin Threads and buy something for yourself, or your girl…

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Jay-Z & Kanye amongst

So, Time Magazine’s new issue of Today’s Most Influential People included Jay and Kanye alongside people like Steve Jobs of Apple and Barack Obama. This is pretty cool - seeing urban and hip-hop stars amongst business people and political leaders. I must say I completely agree with putting these two on here…Jay just can’t seem to do anything wrong and Kanye is just pure innovation. Maybe next year you’ll see THE BRILLIANCE on that list kids.

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Porch Modern!

THE BRILLIANCE! likes this site. Both from a buyers perspective and from its design and whole business model. Funny name too, I guess. The man behind PORCH MODERN (based in Toronto) is a vintage furniture collector by the name of Colen Colthurst. PORCH MODERN sells vintage furniture that is carefully collected by Colen himself, who is quite the connoisseur as it seems. He has a heavy focus on Eames pieces which is always nice. Awesome pieces, good prices, and the whole personal touch thing is cool. He also rents his pieces out for events, very nice. Get rid of your futon and check out PORCH MODERN.

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We ain’t goin nowhere, put your diamonds up!

THE BRILLIANCE! is Coolstop’s site of the day for April 11, 2005. This is due mostly in part to how incredibly interesting and funny Ben and I are, and because we deserve the damn site of the day thing. Hey, we can post whatever we want. Here’s to THE BRILLIANCE! for being in existence for less than a week and already making other people wish they thought of it first. Face!

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Tweet – Turn Da Lights Off

Let me clear something up real quick… Songs with ‘da’ in the title usually don’t get much attention from me. But I made an exception in this case. This track is so damn smooth. It has that summer time flowing feel to it. Beautiful. I find R&B music to often be a bit stale in both production and vocals which makes this cut exceptionally refreshing. The video is just ok with the exception of that wild orchid/floral painting on Tweet’s back towards the end, very interesting. Also, quick note, apparently there are two versions of this track, one sped up and then the video version that is a bit more low-key. Nice track. Check the video at the link below….