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That A-ron feature in i-D magazine!

Late…as usual. Actually, I’m not late…cause I’m not posting this as news, I’m posting it after actually really reading the article and letting it marinate a bit. Just right off the bat – what a great feature. Not focusing on the streetwear end of things, not focusing on all things LES, no focusing just on products…in fact, they had a good quote in there. Something like, ‘A-ron doesn’t make products with a lifestyle in mind – he lives an amazing lifestyle that occasionally creates products.’ THAT is how this stuff should be looked at. That’s why you can put these brands like Supreme and Louis Vuitton in the same sentence and not feel too weird about it. Anyway, the article…seriously good stuff. Really focusing on why A-ron is a conduit (as James Jebbia said in our interview!) in the current-culture, right-now, genre-now of New York. Talks about how he is bringing creative culture together. Talks about the whole hating out-of-towners thing and how he doesn’t at all subscribe to that. How keeping a scene totally lifestyle-agnostic is what will ultimately build great communities. How its not a bad thing to capitalize off your passions and a lifestyle created. Talks a bit about opening a store in Time Square. Just a good read in general. The interview he did with us is still one of my favorites to read…I personally think A-ron is somone to really pay attention to as a cultural figure for our generation…or maybe just our niche, who knows? ***And yeah…I’m not sure exactly whats going on with the aNYthing brand and the whole different blog thing, etc. But this whole ‘New Work’ thing is pretty genius.

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Did you know?! Fun Factz (#1)

Something new? I’m going to do these often, fun factz. Why not…I nerd out on fun facts, so you should too. So when I was younger, like 12ish maybe, I was obsessed with carnivorous plants…I thought they were too cool. Plants that eat things…that’s wild right?! Someone had a desktop image of a Venus Flytrap today that reminded me…DID YOU KNOW, that Venus Flytraps only grow naturally in a 100 mile radius of North Carolina? Now tell me thats not crazy. 100 mile radius and that’s it…only place in the world they naturally grow. Now you’ve got something super nerd-out to talk about at your next dinner party…do you guys go to dinner parties? I do.

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Porsche Cayenne Hybrid!

Bing! Maybe I’m late but I love this. Few things. (1) Yeah, it won’t sound all loud and Porsche-like…who cares, it looks great. (2) Yeah, its kind of random that Porsche is doing this before Land Rover. What happened to that whole ‘Tread Lightly’ campaign guys?! You’re slacking. (3) Will it really make a difference? 25% increase in gas mileage is not exactly saving the planet…but it’s a step in the right direction from a brand that matters. In case you didn’t know, Porsche is one of the most profitable auto manufactures…so they are doing this proactively not reactively. Good for them. I’m still wishy-washy on the whole idea of a Porsche SUV…but after using one a few times I can say I do enjoy the driving experience.

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M.I.A. & Cassette Playa!!!

Its animated GIF time! Promoters are really embracing this and online flyers are forever changed, gotta love the internet. Anyways…two girls, one awesome movement. Like Benjamin was saying we got the awesome opportunity to check out M.I.A.’s live show. I have seen the million posts on her over years and just wasn’t ready to buy the hype. I can only absorb like 3 internet hyped music acts a year. We’ll I gotta admit, M.I.A. is a no brainer. This is progression. She is really connecting the global dots with her brand of music especially with this KALA album. I mean anyone that’s spent time in 3rd world countries around the globe knows this is how they get down. Polyrhythms, vocally & physically dancing all over the tracks. She deserves an applause and now “hype” sounds like a diss to her real talent. I got a chance to aske her about Cassette Playa cause its really struck a chord design wise with me. Come to find out they are all good friends and they stylistically came up together. With websites much like their sounds and aesthetic, its not for the average person but the real fun and the trendsetters are on the fringes anyway.

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Good Weekends!

Little late with the Tuesday morning post…but my birthday was yesterday so it kind of spilled into Monday a bit. Monday night more so. Anyway, quite a weekend. Headed down to the Chicago land area last Friday to witness my close friend Chuck tie the knock. Great wedding, the outside setting was quite beautiful – nice choice guys. Little late night dancing, open bar, catching up with old familiar faces…and wishing ‘The Andersons’ a great vacation in the South Pacific(!!). Put some work in downtown on Saturday at Barneys and Hejfina…seriously, how well done is Hejfina?! Love that spot. Then a brilliant night at the House Of Blues thanks the hospitality and generosity of Virgil and Lupe…the show was awesome. M.I.A. tore it down and set the stage well for Lupe to come out and smash it. Lupe, you got crazy stage presence…hip-hop needs that! Check the pictures captured with my iPhone – not the best quality, but impressive for a phone – on out Flickr page at the link below.

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LV Millionaires part II!!!

We are THE BRILLIANCE, we should not necessarily be the first on a google search to breaking this news. Man, I feel late, my Australian LV hookup friend tells me in passing the Millionaires are getting re-released in 3 colors and I am like….sure, yeah right. I vaguely remember someone saying that Pharrell said they were re-releasing them and even the real VIPs of the brand doubted the story. Undoubtedly, the crème de la crème of sunglasses designed by Pharrell, Nigo and Marc Jacobs are getting “retroed” in Purple, Teal, and Black. Save your pennies. Ridiculous I know, but design for design what would you rather be wearing island hopping in the Mediterranean?

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Mad cause I am stylin’…from the bottom up!!!

Its to the point now with sneakers that anything that’s not a Jordan Retro or a YSL high top it is super hard to get excited about it. Along comes alife with a diamond in the rough. This is proper recent sneaker evolution in my book. That colorway, those laces….they would go over nice with a fresh pair of jeans. While a lot of companies are following in Creative Recreations footsteps this is what I’d like to see more of. Classical references that are a little more grown up. Two thumbs up in my book. Jeans…Levis 501all white + RIT dye = a smart dude. Grab the purple go to town. Might as well be ahead of the curve. Up top this sweater sweater is a super serious piece. Again classic but progressive in the details. Super soft awesome fit. Random post, but it’s what just crossed my mind.

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I’m out!!

I’ve not posted in quite a while…it’s not that it’s hard to do or that I can’t come up with anything, but I’ve just been sidetracked with moving, working, and…oh yeah…getting married and leaving the country for like 2 weeks. Keeping in mind I’ve not gone without a computer, Blackberry or email for more than like a weekend in years…it’s an unsettling feeling, but it’s going to be good to break away from screens and technology for a while. I’ll be kicking back in beautiful French Polynesia, specifically Moorea for 4 days and then Bora Bora for 4 more days…with a brief stop in LA before we head out of the country. No doubt it will be the trip of a lifetime and certainly one of, if not the best place for a honeymoon. So yeah - I’m sure I’ll have a recap of what life is like on island time in a few weeks…until then… check out some pictures of where me and my soon-to-be wife Holly will be in a few days…And maybe when I get back I’ll even have some shots of Ben and Virgil dancing together at the wedding…maybe not though..

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Bobby breaks down the internet.

I like this post Bobby made…and matter of fact, I have mounds of respect for The Hundreds as a brand. I tip my hat to them, what they’ve done is impressive. Not that our opinion on streetwear matters…we never post about it. So yeah…very interesting post by Mr. Hundreds himself, Bobby…check the link. I love the internet, its without question an integral part of my life - how I earn a living, document my life, etc. And Bobby’s write-up encapsulates a lot of my feelings plus its just super interesting to hear it from his perspective having managed a brand that as he states has been largely built by internet awareness. REALLY INTERNET.

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Swizz Beatz - still relevant!

Don’t take that title the wrong, I meant it in a good way. Seriously, during the whole Pharrell phase that lasted a couple years I think people forgot about the amazing and for the most-part non-sampling producer known as Swizz Beatz. It’s like he was in hiding or something. Either way, he’s back now and I swear - every single one of his beats is a ‘monster’. I even went back and dug up some old classics. Remember ‘WW II’? Tugboats? I’m also quite the fan of this new video. ***How ahead of his time was he when he decided to call him self a maker of ‘Swiss’ beats?! Seriously.