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Andrej Belic - Underwater photography!!!

First off, I love the background of Andrej’s site. The sunken ship in the dimly lit sea is a beautiful backdrop of the photos of amazing deep sea life, coral, fish, and everything else that’s here. I’ll keep this brief because photography like this should speak for itself, but make sure to check out the St. Johns set. Some really amazing things there…

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One of the most interesting parts of having a website is checking your site stats. I find it fascinating to see where people are looking at my site from around the world, what kind of platform they use, where they got linked from…etc. Most everyone has some kind of simple stat counter/tracker that is a part of their site’s backend, but Reinvigorate does it best, if you ask me. It’s a beautifully designed stat tracking site…I believe it’s still in beta stage right now but you can apply for an invite and most likely begin using it within a few days of that. They also just put out a small, helpful app called Snoop that attaches to your Reinvigorate account and feeds real-time visitor info so you dont constantly have to check the website if you want an easy way to see where people are coming from at least. Anyways, much respect to Sean, the creator, and the idea of pushing good design into usable and simple things like this.

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Kazuki Kuraishi freelance & Fragment professional!!!

Keeping with our theme of steadily uncovering inspiration we present an insightful interview with Kazuki Kuraishi. Some people are gonna be like “who?” while some others are gonna be like, “whoa!”. Definitely seated atop niche design culture its cool how this interview just kinda fell into place. I first came to know who Kazuki was years back with an awesome interview on the trendsetting beinghunted. It was a privilage to catch up with him in person and see where his motoviation comes from and what inspires his personal work and his contribution to Fragment. Enjoy this interview we had fun putting it together.

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Get more familiar with Michael Arrington.

The undisputed blogging champ…Mr. TechCrunch. I think I’ve said this before: blogging is a funny thing. I didn’t ever think I would be writing a blog on a regular basis and beyond that, writing for one like THE BRILLIANCE that a few people actually read. I bet Michael Arrington would say the same for himself – except its not just a few people that read his blog…it’s everyone and anyone that matters in the technology and its respective venture capital world. I know this post is probably a bit late, but Wired magazine did a fantastic write-up/interview on him in the latest issue…check the full story below. Beyond all of the power/pull/income he has generated with TechCrunch…I just love how he started it to network and build relationships. Now look at him – he’s literally Mr. Make-Or-Break-You. Hit the link for the full story.

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Mr. Hudson & The Library!

Ahhh…some new music. Different style, different feel. Virgil put me on to these guys last weekend when he was in town. I’m not sure exactly what ‘style’ of music I would classify this as…its chill, but its not just like acoustic or mood music, etc. It’s actually got some tones of like Madness and The Specials but has absolutely no reference to ska or 2tone at all – just a feel. Maybe its just me cause they are out of the UK – which always has a ‘thicker’ and maybe slightly more introspective style to it…no?! Its different, relaxed, fresh – good. All my trying to explain their style aside, they are just really good music. I’m digging the track ‘Bread & Roses’ and ‘Ask the DJ’. Check it out at the link below on, although I’m sure you can get it on iTunes, just haven’t checked. Its crazy taxed on for some reason…so yeah, check iTunes.

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Paper Route Recordz – Wood Grain?! Weirdo rap!

My goodness…thank you to Paper Route Recordz for this song…And yeah, I’ve never heard of Paper Route Recordz either, but The Fader has…and they steadily put me on to brilliant new music. So yeah…this song is ‘perfectly weird’ as Virgil called it. I would have to agree. This kind of like grade school choir of kids singing as the foundation for the track with some classic southern style snares and bass lines…and my favorite part, of course is the chopped (both ways - screwed down and up!) vocals. I’m just…really into this. The part around about at 4:05?!? Come on man…that’s perfect. So yeah, check the link to The Fader below with a full version. All you ‘right-click-view-sourcers’ know what to do – keep it really internet!!

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J Davey Don’t Care!!!

In keeping with my random post titles, I channeled the House of Holland. Since I am primarily stuck in the the world of Hip-Hop and spaced out soul music I am sure all other genere have a J Davey. Yes they are myspace-ers, yes they are original, yes they live up to the hype. Are they having label issues yes. Hopefully their progress doesn’t slow up because the duo’s music deserves the David Bowie-esque comparisons. In many ways I feel like their woes are indicative of where the music industry is headed. Seeing them live I needed no more convincing. Thanks Hustle for making that happen again. And as for the groups composure, their cryptic blog leads me to believe they’ll be ok.

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Siiiiike! I got it!

Call me weak-willed…I don’t care. I went past our Apple store to hold the phone, play with it, check the form factor…and about 2 seconds deep I had to have one. I can sum up almost everything with this: Yes, it is exactly like the commercials – if not better. So gone is the 8800 Blackberry, and my beloved push-email. I was actually quite surprised at how quick the email connects + checks when I manually sync, very nice. I honestly almost don’t even know what to type here…its just an amazing device. The internet is nothing short of amazing – full browsing, just amazing. So…maybe I’ll have more updates later, but Virgil just got into town and we are on our way out for the evening. This phone is nuts. Done and done. ***Yeah, the pop3 email problem that other people are having issues with…so am I. This is an issue!!

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Vignelli’s All Over Print!!!

I am by no means a design history expert. All us self-taught kids learn at our own rate. I just stumble upon designers, read up on them, get inspired and retain what I find most interesting about them. There’s nothing worse than super crazy fanatics….”like you don’t know such and such…your not a designer?!?!” I read this article a while back in the superior Bene magazine that highlighted the Vignelli’s. When you look through their portfolio its one of those “aha” moments for sure. I’ve always liked the NYC subway signage, A+U magazine layout, the American Airlines Logo, the Knoll branding and this stackable plastic cups when I was a kid…and yeah, that’s all them. The husband a wife duo are still at it too. Each one, teach one…

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This iPhone…not sure.

Yeah, I’m sure everyone wants to read yet another piece of writing regarding the iPhone. I mean, I guess all things aside – its pretty damn amazing to look at the animal, or monster, that Apple + public have created. This is really just insane stuff here – and while yes, its just a phone/gadget, it stands to make or break a lot of people and a lot of bank accounts at its launch. The effect on Apple stock could be pretty crazy – in either direction. So am I getting one? If you asked me 3-4 weeks ago it would have been a total no-brainer. I had to have it, period, no questions asked. My plan was to use a Blackberry during the day, then swap the sim into my iPhone for at night…that kind of a thing. I have been informed this cannot be done. And having an email app that only checks my messages every 15 minutes is a no-go for me. I love push email, one of those things I’d have a hard time giving up. So I guess that’s the deal breaker for me…its not a super, super powerful email device like Blackerry. Now, if Steve Jobs somehow gets the Blackberry gang to do a collaboration – that would be a whole different story. So I’m honestly pretty bummed – I really, really want the device… But 60-70% of my email is mobile – so its not looking good. ***Obviously the second after one of my friends gets it I’ll have to have it…but in the mean time I’ll be enjoying a Coors Light on Friday instead of waiting in line at Cingular.