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The New VW Jetta?

Hey, cool tricked out Civic dude! Oh my bad, it’s the new Jetta. This really frustrates me. I have never owned a Jetta, but I always admired their style. I distinctly remember when they switched to the more rounded body style from the more boxy… I remember thinking to myself, ‘wow, what a perfect progression without going over the top.’ This new model?! I’m sorry, but the new Jetta is terrible. The taillights look like they shoot lasers and don’t even come close to fitting the design, the whole ‘slant’ of the car is very Japanese and not at all German, the car’s ‘super-fast’ look reminds me of that car commercial Dave Chappelle made fun of, and even the marketing has slipped a bit. I used to love their commercials. The whole VW brand has gotten quite confusing. THE BRILLIANCE! loves the VW brand, but we are a bit let down with this revision.

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Photographer David Stuart

I recently met David because we were both put on the same project together by an agency. So that means I have the opportunity to work with one of the most exciting and inspiring photographers around today. From celebrity photography to portraits to beautiful composite photography, David has definitely locked down a beautiful style. So, put down the camera phone you use to take pictures of yourself in the mirror for your Myspace and learn a thing or two.

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HP iPAQ hw6515 Mobile Messenger!

Little something new here. I’m not 100% sure when this phone drops, I think around the end of May, not sure. Either way, I like the look and feel of this one. Its almost the exact same size of a Black Berry and it has the fixed keyboard which I like. I have used the Treo 600, 650 and the PPC-6600 all of which are cool, but I don’t like Palm much and the PPC-6600 with Pocket PC is still just a bit too big, but I love all it can do. The hw6515 looks like it could be a good answer, to the size issue. It comes with all the new standards, Bluetooth, 1.3mp camera, SD slot, etc… Hot looking phone. Check the link to Mobile Review below, they have good pictures of it… And just real quick, what’s up with these horrible letters/numbers they are using to name phones?! Come up with something clever, brand it!

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Rugged Art is !!!

Three !!!‘s for Rugged Art…I love this. These massive rugs. Especially the Ryan McGinness one. Unbelievable! You can’t appreciate art without appreciating Ryan’s work - he’s definitely a modern master. Anyways - from the site, “RuggedArt weaves together the fresh ideas of the underground art scenes in NY and London with the 1,000 year old traditional techniques of Nepal.” Too cool. Limited to 10 rugs each, it’s going to be hard to get your hands on one but it’s worth trying. Beautiful. THE BRILLIANCE! loves RuggedArt. And Ryan Mcginness.

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Painted Rooms – Hotel des Arts!

Looks like I’m late on this one, sorry. Here’s what’s really good… A boutique hotel with about 51 rooms in downtown SF hosts events throughout the year where new emerging talent is commissioned to paint given rooms within the hotel to their liking. Pretty fresh concept. They keep a clean minimal look in the hotel itself, very gallery in nature, clean sharp furniture too so as not to distract from the art… The whole concept is beautiful. They also featured a new favorite artist of mine, Tim Gaskin, at the last event they had. Super cheap rooms too… Nothing over $150 if I read correct and some rooms under $100?! Wow. Thanks to Sally for the info on this!

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The Royal Release Party NYC!

Ok so let me just put this in simple terms - if you don’t go to this and you are in the NY area, you are straight reeeeetarded. YOU ARE INVITED. That means all of you are invited. Everyone reading this. A week from today - Wednesday, April 27 at The Cabanas @ the Maritime Hotel. More info on the flyer linked below. The issue features UpperPlayground, Peter Arnell, L-R-G, 360 Toy Group, Attik, KidRobot, and a slew more. The new issue of The Royal will be waiting for you and, as a heavily involved person with The Royal myself, I can say it will be a milemarker for The Royal and magazines in general. Hot hot HOT. THE BRILLIANCE! loves The Royal!

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Throw ya diamonds in the sky if ya feel the vibe!!!

Kanye! I cannot wait for “Late Registration” which is supposed to drop in July. “College Dropout” was definitely one of my favorite albums last year and it was probably one of yours too. Anyways, MTV News has some word of one of his new singles “Diamonds” which Hot 97 in NYC recently played. And hey - Ben and I here at THE BRILLIANCE! have this track and it is good. “Vegas on acid seen through Yves Saint Laurent glasses.”

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MOTUG video! Check it!

That’s right - my man Jason over at JB Classics let me know that there’s a live video collage of the MOTUG event with Futura, NYCLace, Doze, Obey, and more now up. Also check out this pair (almost ending) on eBay. Very, very well done video - looked like a fun event…

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Jay-Z x Audemars Piguet!

But this particular watch be a one-of-one. Actually it’s 1-of-100 now. Shawn Carter is so big. Just announced a Shawn Carter x Audemars Piguet watch collaboration thing limited to 100 pieces hit for $24k to about $70k. And in all the best finishes… Rose gold, stainless, and of course platinum. The best part of this whole deal is that the president, Francois-Henry Bennahmias, of AP approached Jay rather than the other way around as we have seen with rappers in the past. No ‘ice’ on this watch either kids. THE BRILLIANCE! loves AP and Jay-Z. He has EVERYONE smashed. So much respect.

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Harmon Kardon Soundstick II

Perfect. I’m sure most people who read THE BILLIANCE! have already seen these. For one, they have been out for a while and two, because half of you hang out in the Apple store like it’s your best friend’s loft. I can just see some corny indie kid like: ‘Gosh! Where is my white belt?! I’m leaving for the Apple store in like 10 minutes!!’… Anyway. These are perfect. This is the type of product you could design a whole room around. But I’m thinking like 10 of these all perfectly lined up against a wall sitting on the floor. Bamboo or maybe resin-poured floor. And they’d be playing some chopped & screwed (!). Harmon Kardon is, again, showing everyone how it’s done.