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The Beatles! I’m 30 years late!

Long time since I/we posted right? My bad…you know how it is when you get distracted and busy. So usually my music posts are more on the hip hop side. Anything from Jay to the more ignorant stuff I listen to. But lately…like the month or two, it’s been really mellow music. First it was Bob Marley (which I grew up listening to on and off) and then for whatever reason I was like ‘I wonder if I’d be into The Beatles?’ Yikes! I was certainly missing some incredible music. Like Chuck says, this post is like 30 years late…ha. Either way, I have been so enthralled with their stuff over the past month. First of all it’s just their sheer imagination, creativity and talent. But I’m always inspired by the more ‘out-there’ type stuff…and they have some extremely ‘trippy’ stuff going on. The first time I listened to ‘A Day In The Life’ I almost had to take my headphones off during the first ‘crescendo’ part or whatever you call it…man! So intense, I’ve never heard anything like that in my life. And it’s so well placed with the rest of the relaxed vibe. Some tracks I’m into right now: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, A Day In The Life, Maxwells Silver Hammer, Across The Universe, Don’t Let Me Down, Something, I Want You, Hey Jude, Here Comes The Sun…and a too many more. The variety in their sound is amazing. Yeah, I probably look entirely un-savvy with the whole music thing…but whatever, I bet there are a ton of readers who never actually sat down and really listened to these guys. Does anyone make music like this anymore? ***Quick shout to Qiydaar, the tracks are wild!

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Chuck / NoPattern Speaking in Grand Rapids on 3/30!

Oh snap! I almost forgot to write this up… Alright team, here is the deal: Chuck ‘House of Glows’ Anderson / NoPattern is going to be in Grand Rapids tomorrow (3/30/06) at the UICA for a speaking and presentation event. The downtown thing starts at 8 PM, but you could get there a little early and do that art kid/scenester thing where you loiter before the event starts…Chuck and I will be there a bit early to chill or whatever. If you are in the area, and have never been, the UICA downtown is a really great space..beautifully done. Except when they have ‘poetry slam’ night which is absolutely terrible…zing. Also right around the corner is the new Premier and Weston Project store…get downtown early and check this spot out, spend some cash there. I love what those guys are doing. So yeah, block out tomorrow night for some quality time downtown! Also, we might be doing an after party thing or something so get at me with location cause we don’t have it figured out yet. Shout to Jesse Hora for organization on this. Check the link below for directions to the UICA. That’s like two post in a row about Chuck! Oh snap!! Ha…

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Eric Quebral & Chuck Anderson exhibition!

It’s weird referring to myself as Chuck Anderson instead of “me” or “I” but a post title of “Eric Quebral and me exhibition!” doesn’t flow right. Anyways - if you haven’t seen Eric’s work around, you’re missing out big time. He does incredible work using wood as the medium. Check an interview with Eric out on Dopefiend. Anyways - Eric and myself (NoPattern) will be in an exhibition together in Toronto at Magic Pony. It opens April 14th and runs through the 23rd. The reception will be on the 23rd and both Eric and I will be there for it. The show is called WOODCHUCK…if you can’t figure out why…let me tell you. Eric works with wood and my name is Chuck = woodchuck, smart guy. The show reception is in the same timeframe as FITC which is a crazy design conference up in Toronto. All this to say you should check out both the exhibit and FITC if you can…This post is a wrap!

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Stress, pressure, and unrest

Awesome! What a great and positive post this will be! Can you feel it? Anyways, I just wanted to take an entire chunk of space on here to vent a little, talk about stress, you know, really uplifting stuff. I’m sure everyone reading this at some point with work or life in general has dealt with stress…the worst has to be when you have several things to do all at once and they’re all high priority. I don’t even know where to begin sometimes. I’m going to keep this short because it’s a stressful thing to talk about stress…but I wanted to open this up to suggestions. Email your favorite ways to relieve stress or your best suggestions to The best one will win a prize. The prize most likely being a mention on the site and a high five.

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Jungle Bay, Dominica!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a vacation/hotel type post. I’m really into this place for two reasons: (1) It’s super cheap $139 a night. (2) It’s in the jungle right off the ocean. Who doesn’t like the jungle…come on? All sorts of weird plants, animals that can attack at any moment, waterfalls, secret hatches, ‘others’, polar bears, etc…Lost…no? But honestly, this place is quite nice…just got a really positive write-up in Islands Magazine. Very eco friendly with its tree-house type rooms nestled right into the jungle…a beautiful pool over looking he ocean, spa packages for you and your lady, on-site restaurant. I’m just into the whole jungle-island-tree-house-hut-resort thing…and at a price you cant beat. I wonder if you can surf in Dominica?

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I told you it’s all about ‘nerding out’ didn’t I? This was one of those like ‘should I post this?’ First off, I think doing something like this is absolutely brilliant…strictly because its so out-of-the-box in terms of coming up with the idea…like, you have to be pretty damn creative to think this up, then you have to be quite talented to program the application/interface to make it work. So here is the deal, this dude, Sven König, from whatever country in Europe is taking music videos (sound source 1), chopping their sound into tiny segments of stored data then, in real time, playing other music/sounds (sound source 2) that get compared to the stored data…the output is sound source 2 being recreated with sound source 1 data (music/noises)...while showing the tiny video chops associated with the sound source 1 data in real time. Make sense? Watch the video at the link below…much easier to understand. I’m I into the actual music? Nope. But I think this guy is next level. Its 2006 and beyond…Nerd out, be inclusive not exclusive.

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Vans 40 year timeline!

This isn’t a ‘sneaker post’ I just love Vans. Basically just the classics, the new stuff is too techy for me. I just remember being younger and rocking them for skating…the sides would blow out so quick. I remember all my socks had holes in the ollie area. But yeah, talk about a brand with heritage…surfing, the whole Zephyr boys setup, first shoe mfg to be direct to the buyer…they did crazy customs back in the day, you could bring in whatever fabric and they would make the shoe from it…I love that. So yeah, check this 40 year timeline piece they just launched, quite nice. Everything is back to simplicity these days right? And maybe even a hint of sustainability. Still one of the only shoes that look better scuffed up.

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Here’s what’s up!

I’m into edamame again like wild. It’s all about ‘nerding’ out right now, do what you love. Same vein, I am into Web 2.0 heavy. I bought those new trash bags that are supposed to stretch and not puncture or whatever…they don’t work. I need more of those H&M socks. The weather is switching and summer sizzles. Grand Rapids is quite the interesting city to live in. Mystery project? Thursday nights out with the crew is always a good look. Chuck is speaking here next week. I’m getting sick of Noodles & Co. That AKA and Krink book are pretty amazing. Rembrandt’s Premium Mouth Wash is the only way to go. New ideas keep me going everyday. My friends/crew are next level. This website is crazy…who knew? We get hilarious emails. That DJ Lt. Dan - Chopped & Screwed Michael Jackson is fresh. I think aNYthing is the only one that matters right now. I rock dirty Vans now a days, no more fresh sneakers. Chuck sent me on of the upcoming NoPattern / NP&CO shirts…I don’t even like t-shirts, but its perfect! You ever heard of Stop trying to be exclusive and start trying to be inclusive. I basically just really grasped why is so incredible, hats-off to those guys. I love vintage James Bond posters. I kind of don’t like cars. I’m buying a track bicycle. I’m out for the night… I bet there are spelling errors in here.

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Explore the Abyss!

I know Ben and I both are always talking about stuff like this…deep sea life, or stuff in space, NASA stuff, galaxies, Captain Planet, Aquaman…you know. Anyways, this is just one of those cool things I felt like posting because it’s really just incredible to me. Explore The Abyss, maybe you’ve seen it before, is just this site dedicated to deep-sea and oceanic life. You need to go there and just start looking through the photography gallery. It’s nuts…The octopus in the image you see to the right is one of the craziest looking things…check out the Bioluminescence section…check out this dude! Damn! Don’t want to make him mad, he’ll rip your lips straight off your face if you aren’t careful. I love stuff like this, I think, because it’s something that is so foreign and so mysterious. Just imagine the kinds of things that haven’t been found yet, you know? Probably hundreds of thousands more undiscovered species of crazy Trillfish and Octopizzles. Probably!

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New SVSV - so you won’t catch on fire!

SVSV is back at it with a new collection and an online boutique that is now open. I know this isn’t brand new news, but I don’t like posting news about something at the same time that it goes around on other sites…it’s nice to spread it out sometimes…so anyways, once again, the SVSV campaign images shot by my man Kareem Black is gorgeous…very simple and elegant. Just enough to complement the pieces in the line. Check out the bullets too, very nice. Cashmere hats, scarves, New Era fitted, tee’s…lots of cool stuff on here. And most of the stuff is fireproof, in case you are ever walking around at a party or friends’ house and someone pours gasoline all over you while you light a match…it should come in handy then. But for real - what if someone was wearing the fireproof hoodie and they really did get caught in a fire somehow and it saved them?! THEN WHAT?!