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Chocolate Kicks!!!

I know that I’ve personally been waiting the last 20 years of my life for some chocolate shoes and now they’re finally here. Seriously though, this is wild and one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. The detail is crazy on the shoes, and we’ll be sure to show you more as we are able to. From Frank151, “Long time Sneaker Freaker contributor Al Cabino teamed up with his friends in Switzerland to create the world’s first ever sneaker chocolate. Made completely out of the world’s finest Swiss chocolate, this historic project in sneaker culture is top secret, so stay tuned for more details.” Frank151 also has a larger picture with good details here. We will make sure to keep everyone posted about this slowly but surely, since it’s on the low right now. What I’d really like is a pair of chocolate shoes that I can actually wear. Boomshakalaka! Is it the shoes!?

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Minor Threat VS. Nike!?!

One of my all time favorite bands, Minor Threat, stood against just about everything Nike is all about. So who thought it would be cool and taken lightly to blatantly rip off the cover of their classic self-titled 1984 album and slap logos all over it?? This is a bummer. Nike SB’s 2005 East Coast tour is being called “Major Threat” and being coupled directly with the Minor Threat artwork. Pitchfork said it best: “Come on, Nike, your Swoosh is one of the most iconic brand images in the world, perhaps a tiny notch below the Golden Arches and maybe Coca-Cola; you don’t need to be appropriating another culture for yourselves.” Some might say Nike is paying homage to Minor Threat, but it’s just rubbing people the wrong way. Here is a link to the Nike SB image. Branding all over Minor Threat goes together about as well as onions and hot chocolate. Dischord Records is not happy and we’ll keep you posted on what happens next. I wish Nike would have done a Gorilla Biscuits spinoff instead, or maybe like, Earth Crisis or something. Haha.

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As I Lay Dying!

You thought we only liked hip hop? Come on, we’re still white as snow over here. Got to dash in a little bit of metal, right?? As much as I can bump to Slim Thug, Ghostface, Lil Wayne, or Skee-Lo in my car all day, I still have a place in my heart for some skinny white guys with black hair running around screaming on stage. As I Lay Dying is probably one of the only metal/hardcore bands I give attention to anymore and will willingly listen to. Their new album recently came out, complete with artwork from Jacob Bannon of Converge, so you know that’s a good sign right there…I’d definitely suggest checking it out if you have the slightest interest in them or that kind of music. Especially check out their older album Frail Words Collapse. If not, that’s fine, keep listening to Kenny Loggins or whatever. What other sites do you know post about a dirty south rapper, a metal band from San Diego, traveling to Maui, and an artist from Lansing, IL all in the same week? WHO?!?!

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Streetwear Today!!

A new issue of Streetwear Today is about to drop on July 1st. This magazine, out of Germany, focuses on international street style and culture. This issue has a cover feature and interview with industry giant Michael Kopelman. Don’t know who he is? Well, started Stüssy Europe, Gimme5 and Goodenough UK, official Supreme dealer for Europe, NBHD/Visvim/Headporter/PAM distributor in Europe, owns Stüssy Store/Foot Patrol/Hideout/A Bathing Ape in London, and brought vintage Levi’s to Europe. Whoa. Talk about success…Keep this on your radar. Other features include Stacy Peralta, aNYthing, Lomo, Creative Rec, and more.

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Is that 50 or Jay-Z? Naw baby it’s Thug!

I seem to be finding a lot of new favorite music lately, but southern hip-hop is hooking me like nothing else. Specifically Slim Thug. If you haven’t heard my personal favorite track “Incredible Feelin’” yet, you’re missing out…And if you haven’t heard the Slim Thug ft. Jay-Z remix of “I Ain’t Heard Of That”, you’re really missing out. I should note that Slim was Jay’s first collaboration outisde of retirement in the south. Very hot…not to mention Slim is more than just a rapper. Real estate, car dealerships, two record stores - he’s also got the entrepreneurial side that so many rappers lack. His new album, Already Platinum, drops July 12. Check this site for a good write-up about him too. Anyone reading this with the hookup want to send us an advance copy!?

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ElectricHeat update!

Two artist portfolio news posts in one day?! How crazy. Anyways, my dude Nigel just recently updated his site with some really hot work. He’s doing some really cool things lately and holding it down as the only good artist in Indiana that I know of. Well anyways, head over to ElectricHeat and take some notes. That .net cover is wild.

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I see a lot of artists’ portfolios. Just getting emails from people asking me to check out their site, going through submissions for The Brilliance and another site I post news on Design Is Kinky, there’s just endless amounts of people out there putting up sites with their artwork. My honest opinion? Save your energy until you’re ready to put up your best work. Too many people just throw up filler work, and it’s boring everybody. Enter Grotesk. Dude’s name is Kimou, and he has an insane portfolio. Beautiful typography, illustration, photography, shirts, decks…And none of it feels like a space-filler. It’s all good. Go check his work out and feel ashamed that you spent all that time on that corny flash site you made for your college projects. Oh yeah, I went there.

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KAWS bootlegs - beware.

Update - want a little proof? Check this item on eBay - 7331122343. It may still be an active auction if you check it soon after I post this, but give it a day or two and check back, it will be gone. Here is a screenshot of the auction while it was live. These get pulled for a reason.

There have been a few of these KAWS posters popping up on eBay and a few other random sites in the last couple weeks…One of them being the David Sims / Kate Moss photo, the Iggy Pop helmet, and a few others. Who knows how many are actually out there, but please know these are bootlegs. KAWS never actually produced these or granted the rights to have them produced, so watch it. If you try putting one on eBay, it will get taken down, and if you buy one you are getting a fake. Always stick to the official Kawsone site. If you want to see some really hot KAWS stuff that a lot have not seen, head to Seattle and go to Rudy’s Barbershop next to the Ace Hotel on First Ave.

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Kanye West & Paul Wall!!!

So, I’m watching 106 & Park on BET, like most 20 year old white guys from the suburbs do at 10:30 AM on weekdays…And they had Kanye on as a special guest showing the new video for “Diamonds Are Forever”, which let me add is a super cool video…anyways, they started bugging him to drop names of who he collaborated with for his upcoming album Late Registration. He tried keeping his lips sealed for this one, but couldn’t help it and said “I got a joint with Paul Wall.” I think that’s a pretty damn sick collaboration right there and I’m looking forward to it. Jay, Cam, the singer from Maroon 5 which is really weird but interesting, and more are all on the album. You heard it here first.

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Keep A Breast charity!!!

OK, so this might at first seem a little weird, but it’s for a very worthy and great cause. Keep-A-Breast is an organization that holds events for people to come to and [women] can have molds made of their breasts/torso. Then an artist paints the molds and they are later put up for sale at an auction later in the year. According to their website, on May 22 in the UK they raised $32,000! They donated 100% of it to a breast cancer awareness organization. It’s really a pretty great concept and it really is a beautiful cause, so if you’re in NYC June 18 & 19 make your way to the event. See the NY flyer here. Thanks to Dianne for the info.