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Corset piercings…?!

OK let me get this out there first - I am a very open-minded person. I do not think conservatively when it comes to tattoos, and I don’t mind a few piercings here and there…Although anything TOO excessive is just tacky (albeit a nice sleeve here and there…I love that…). But come on. This is just…I’ve seen some weird stuff, ESPECIALLY on the BME site (a site devoted to modifications, tattoos, piercings, and more) but this might take the cake. These girls are getting these piercings all down their back and having ribbon strung back and forth similar to a corset styling. I can’t really get into this. At all. I just think this is tacky. HOW are you going to wear a t-shirt without looking like your back is straight out of Alien Vs. Predator?? Whatever though…Aesthetically, it looks kind of cool…but…SO!!?? Damn, just get a butterfly on your lower back and call it a day or something.

**PLEASE - do not visit this site if you are squeamish or easily offended. If you start clicking around the site, you are sure to find some things that will make you throw up in your mouth a little if you are bothered by weird things like this…But regardless, BIG respect to BME for being an incredible resource.

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Yes, more KAWS/BAPE shoes. These are probably the most classic look that this collaboration could embrace. It’s very simple, pretty hot… Personally, the gray ones are my favorite…the white and black ones don’t do the KAWS part justice since they blend so much w/ the color. Then there’s the ones with the little flower and Milo graphics inside of the “Bape Swoosh”. Anyways, these are available at VintageKicks for $300 a pair (white multicolor Milo are $325/$350 depending on size). If you’re new to VintageKicks, or expensive ‘urban fashion’ shoes in general and think $300 is a lot…Well, just click this. Hmmm…pay rent this month? Or buy shoes…

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Translated Nigo Interview!

Wow. You don’t have to like him. You don’t have to like Bape. You don’t have to like his robotic teak wood floored garage either. Odds are Nigo doesn’t care. I probably wouldn’t either. I’ll be honest, I don’t really wear Bape, but it is truly one of my favorite brands to watch. So unbelievable from its inception, its imagery, its unreal following, the enormous wealth it has generated for Nigo, and how long it has lasted. It really doesn’t even seem ‘real’ when you think about how far fetched it all really is. Either way, I have always wanted a translated Nigo interview and finally hooked it up. Great read and fresh photography, real fresh photography. I want a tour of Nigo’s house. Thanks to Being Hunted on this one.

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Vlieger & Vandam, Gun Bags!

I can’t really say exactly why I like these, but I do. Actually I love them… But real quick, I like them for girls only, the site shows some dude rocking one, just doesn’t quite work. This is perfect for that jeans-and-tee aesthetic girl. Cuffed jeans though. Anyway, the bags come in quite a few different sizes and shapes… All super classic in shape made from black leather with the embossed felted wool on the outside. Perfect. You can get a hand gun, looks like a Glock, or they have a crocodile-dundee looking knife version too. I would go for the gun version for whichever I girl I buy it for. They go for roughly $250, or 190 Euros at whatever today’s rate is. THE BRILLIANCE! loves these…

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Jay-Z, Dear Summer!

Yes. So smooth, and so much better than your favorite rapper. Like Sway said a long time ago, his flow is so on point, it just sounds like he’s talking. For real. I believe this is track off of Bleek’s new album… Which sorry, I don’t really see myself buying. But THIS song, its almost like I just want to shake Jay’s hand and be like ‘thanks’. Everything he has touched lately is just gold. Perfect lyrics and just a classic concept song right here. I would quote something real quick out of this song, but, the whole song is a hot verse. The line about taking another boat…this dude truly is the JFK of his game. Check the link below (!), RealOne player again… Yeah, two ‘rap’ posts in a row. Whatever, we’ll hit you with some ‘art student’ stuff in a few.

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Common’s Corners Remix with Scarface and Mos Def!

The thing about this track right here… Is from a lyrical standpoint, it could be played in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today and be brilliantly relevant. And that’s all besides the fact it has a cold-ass beat, Kanye’s hook is so fresh, and the fact that 3 straight-up LEGENDS are on it… Just perfect. The beat is so…perfect. I certainly hope no one out there still thinks of Kanye as any sort of ‘rookie’ anymore, the dude is pure genius. Any way, the track is super smooth… This is the hip-hop music that I just love. THE BRILLIANCE! loves it too. Check the link below to the track, RealOne player is needed. ***UPDATE, check the video here, thanks to Anson on that…

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John Houshmand’s Organic Urban!

Thanks to Mav for reminding me of this guys stuff… I really love some of his work. In fact, Item No. 0026 (see image) is one of those pieces you could design a whole room around. It would stark white room, off-set by the ‘powerful’ or maybe ‘strong’ looking stuff John does. His stuff blends so well with the whole super-white, super-stark, super-modern, super-unnatural spaces that I have grown to love. His trademark is of course the blend of glass and steel with super ‘heavy’ looking vertically cut tree trunks… I could get all ‘art-student’ about his work, but I’ll just let you check his site before I embarrass myself. He also has a 5000 sq ft show room on the ‘cusp of Soho and Tribeca’ (cusp?!)… Check his slightly annoying site and his store. THE BRILLIANCE! loves this guys stuff. Thanks again to Mav.

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Tokihiro Sato Photographs!

I really like these. Tokihiro’s stuff is so… Ghostly looking, but in such a perfectly non-threatening eerie type way. I don’t know, I’m not describing it very well. If I had three words, I would use Ghostly, Clean, and Calming. He achieves this effect by doing super long exposures and actually getting out and waving around a flash-light by hand, pretty incredible when you actually look at the detail. His stuff is currently on exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago until May 8th. So it looks like I’m a touch late, as usual. Check it out there, or check my super helpful Google link below to find his next exhibit. You can also buy his 39 page book on I’m still a bit amazed by how he actually does these photos.

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Have you seen Kicksfinder yet? Brought to you by Freshness Mag, KicksFinder is a really helpful tool to…well…help you find kicks. For you ultra-white people who aren’t so ‘in the know’, that translates to “Shoe and footwear search tool.”.......Ha…Anyways, the search format of KicksFinder is really unique in that it lets you sift through thumbnail images and titles of shoes. Great eBay results. Really well thought out and put together, KicksFinder is the place to be if you’re searching for a rare Dunk or Jordan…No luck however if you rock Birkenstocks or White Keds.

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Deanne Cheuk! Mushroom Girls Virus!!

I guess I’m leaving it up to Ben lately to post things other than art-related news, but there are a lot of good things going down! Deanne Cheuk, art director of Tokion Magazine as well as an accomplished and amazing artist on her own has finally made for sale her new book ‘Mushroom Girls Virus.’ Ltd. SIGNED copies are available online at the link below. The book sold out in less than 4 weeks across Europe and Japan, so better grab one fast. I did…This is the FIRST and ONLY edition that will be published. Full color, 64pp with gatefold poster insert, full color end papers, fully embroidered hand glued linen cloth cover. 22.3cm x 27.5 cm. This is a MUST-HAVE if you collect art books or need something fresh for the coffee table. THE BRILLIANCE loves Deanne. Tokion is cool too.