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OMG NEW NYC Real Estate!

This will be a new weekly thing from me. Its something I do on Sundays, so I’m sharing it with you…don’t you feel just a little bit closer to me? Ha, whoa, just playing… So here is the deal. I will show 3 listings I’m feeling from’s real estate section. And like a little comment along with them. There is no particular rhyme or reason to these, I just like them. ONE – It’s on Mercer street…I could stop right there. 4500 sq ft, perfectly white, the columns are sick, and so is the $5,737 you owe every month in just taxes and CC fees. TWO – Almost has a 70s vibe, but in a very good way. Bathroom is nuts, glass balcony ‘rail’ is nuts, the whole place, perfect. THREE – A relative steal at $1.5m compared to the others…needs some work, but all just cosmetic. I really like this one, I could see some massive commissioned NOPATTERN piece on the wall. But yeah, I would put bamboo floors in and 100% white-out everything else. …So yeah, the first edition of ‘OMG NEW NYC Real Estate!’ And I’m out!

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i-D Magzine: Jay-Z & Roc-a-Fella!

I just had a slammin’ hot chocolate from Starbucks! This was a really good read actually. Interviews with both Mr. Carter and Kanye. The interview with Jay-Z was filled with questions that have been asked too many million times (too many million, ha). But the little forwards they did for each interview are perfect. Especially the one they did with Kanye…a little day-in-the-life type thing. Kanye is something else. …I be there in 5 mintues, 5 hours later, I be there in 5 mintues… And the Terry Richardson photography is good…again. Check the first picture of Kanye and then check the cover of the last Complex Magazine..?! So go buy this cause BENJAMIN from THE BRILLIANCE said so. It’s like 10 bucks too…so? …I’m not a role-model. A bad influence, got the world drinking gold bottles… I’m doing song quotes tonight.

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Magic, Vegas, SVSV, Obey Party!! UNITY!

Magic is the big tradeshow in Vegas for all you n00b$ out there. There are tons of parties/after-parties, but this one should be one of the better ones to attend should you decide to go to Magic. BPM, Vapors, Swindle, The Royal, SVSV, and OBEY will be hosting the party at Teatro @ MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Tuesday August 30, 2005 from 10pm-2am. Carlos D of Interpol, Andy Caldwell, Shep Fairey, and Franki Chan will all be DJing. Check the link below for the flyer and print it out if you’re going. It is the VIP invitation. Bring it and show it at the door. If you go, make sure to find Dave touch his beard for good luck.

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Kimpsons / Sgt. Peppers painting!!

KAWS is always at it with something new. This time it’s his spin on The Simpsons (aka Kimpsons…) and The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers album. I put a little comparison together if you want to check this out - Kaws/Beatles/Simpsons side-by-side. First saw a glimpse of this on Peter Sutherland’s site in the ‘Artists’ section, he’s got some photos of this KAWS painting in the works. The finished piece is on LAMJC’s news which is linked below. Anyways, I just think this piece is really refreshing to see. Apparently in a BAPE Cafe somewhere as far as I can tell. I’d love to see some Kimpsons figures made. You know those would sell out crazy fast…like…A Mr. Burns or maybe Kearny?! That would be pretty nice. In other news, I just got a new healthcare plan, have lost a good bit of money playing poker in the last few weeks, played Scrabble tonight and won (as usual, try me), and am currently looking at a picture of a pug that I really want. Great.

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Dornbracht ‘BigRain’ Shower!

This is what I’m talking about! Perfect. I have no idea how much it costs, but it will be in my next place. I have been talking about this for a while with friends, ever since I saw someone with a rain shower in some magazine. This one is so perfect… The ‘BigRain’ from Dornbracht. Can’t you just see a 400 sq ft. bathroom with this thing (or three of them!) in the middle? Grey slate tile floor or maybe just heated polished concrete floors…super minimal. Some of their other stuff is incredible as well, their faucets are quite nice. I will say that the site is a bit hard to navigate…but in a cool, pompous way. Can’t knock that. And some really great write-ups in their press section, for real, good reads. The rain shower is under the ‘Balance Modules’ section. Big up to Chuck for reading his girl Holly’s interior design magazines.

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Houston is hip-hop’s Seattle!

Awlready. So Rolling Stone has a rather large write-up on the huge Southern Hip Hop movement that has been happening as of late. Houston is hip-hop’s Seattle…that’s kind of wild to think about. Yes, I know Bun-B and everyone else have ‘been dope for years’…but let’s be honest, its really gaining popular exposure right now. And for good reason, its filled with all the cultural nuisances that made hip hop what it is today…the cars, the clothes, the slang, the jewelry, the swagger, the odd rituals and lifestyles. Like it or not, it is quite interesting to observe. Either way, check Rolling Stone’s thick write-up with culture commentary by Bun-B, Paul Wall and Slim Thug on everything from the lifestyle, the music, syrup, and more. It’s actually a really good article, well done. Check the actual magazine, but check the link below for a partial version of it. Chunk your deuces, drop your top, sit sideways…

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Rprsnt Creative Conference!!

Much respect to Australia for birthing two of the best design conferences in the world, SemiPermanent and now this, RPRSNT Creative Conference. This is seriously sick right here. On the first day, October 14, you can see Marc Atlan, Supreme, aNYthing, Neckface, Odd Studio, and more. Wow. Very nice. Then, October 15th, you can check out Mister Cartoon, Rob Abeyta Jr., Estevan Oriol, SBTG, Brand New School, Andy Howell, and more. I mean, you really, really cannot go wrong. It would be worth it alone for Mister Cartoon and BNS in my opinion. Prices are $125 for student 2-day and $195 for professional 2-day. This thing is taking place at Luna Park in Sydney. I don’t know anything about Luna Park but I’m sure it’s a fresh little spot for this. Not only are there some great speakers, but great sponsors too, so surely there will be some kind of cool giveaway stuff. Refill, MINI, Mtv, Nike, Adobe, Vice, and more. Have fun shopping around for airfare though if you’re in the US. It’s about 4 million dollars for a one-way and that includes like 22 layovers and a ride in a Turboprop from your layover in the Ukraine to your next one in Kazakhstan. Give yourself a good month to get there. Should be really $//33+ though. Haha. Oh boy.

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New Alife Retail Space!

I mean…come on. Those Piranhas eating the shirt?! So insane. Lots of good imagery, ideas there. And the pills! Do you guys see this!? For real, a fresh setup. I love what Alife does…classic, the heritage, the respect they demand and all that. Good stuff. So yeah, check them out soon. Carrying their own line, Married To The Mob (shout out to Leah!), and IRAK…as well as some of their Alife x Levis stuff and something about Alife and Cone Denim? That’s wild. I’ll be through here in a few weeks when Chuck and I are in NYC, looking forward to it. Super shout out to Rob, what’s good man? Check our interview with Rob/Jest… Thanks to Beinghunted for their ever so thoughtful coverage of these relevant projects, for real.

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Twista & Pharrell – Lavish!

See, the beat is lavish. Remember that ‘Girls Best Friend’ song that Jay-Z did a while back? How the beat actually sounded like a diamond? Same things with this beat…it just sounds lavish. Now, being from Park Forest/Heights area, I am somewhat required to like Twista, and honestly, I actually like his flow on this track…but I am really feeling feeling Pharrell on this track. …If you look you in the sky and you don’t see your dream, don’t feel defeated, cause trust me you can build it… Somewhat corny, but so fresh with the delivery. For real, almost relaxing. The more I listen to this, I really like Twista’s little chorus as well. Fresh new track for you to listen too…I bet it sounds beautiful in the car as well. Check the Ill Community on AllHipHop for this track. ***Update: This song keeps getting better as I listen to it, good hip-hop music. ...flipping work is just like, flipping real-estate…

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Adapter, Jim Gaffigan, and some other random things! OMG!

I’m back from my vacation in Lake Ontario. I’m really tan now. Upstate New York has some…interesting people…you know. Where I was at was really nice…but when we headed into the closest town (about 45 minutes away), I saw the people that God still loves, but might not have spent so much time creating…you know…NASCAR fans and what-not…Anyways, thought I’d do a random post with some good links. So…
Jim Gaffigan is a comedian. One of my favorite comedians, in fact, and I’m going to see him here in Chicago at the Vic in October. He’s really pretty hilarious. He’s been on Sex and the City, those Sierra Mist commercials, Letterman, and lots of other shows before. Check him out ok!?
Next…this Japanese design company called Adapter. This is hot…these guys actually deserve a post all to themselves. The illustration and design on this site is beautiful. Some of the better design I’ve seen online lately. Easy to use site too, even if you can’t read Japanese. Asian letters all looks like this ###### anyways.
Country Fried Soul - Adventures in Dirty South Hip-Hop. This book looks really hot…I found out about it in the new issue of XLR8R magazine. Interviews with MJG, 8Ball, Jazze Pha, Ludacris…just a really cool looking coffee table book about dirty south hip-hop that will look great in your dorm room.
OK so this was like 5 posts in one…But I can do that if I want to. Lastly, and I’ll be posting about this again as it gets closer, but don’t forget about Semi-Permanent in NY in September. Link below! I’ll be speaking, Joshua Davis, Charlie White, Paul Pope, skinnyCorp…Should be really fun. VICE/KDU/THE Royal parties! OK!