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Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

Fiona Apple is gangster. I really like her music…80% of it. She is refreshing right now, truly a different artist with a talent for conveying emotion with her voice like no other artist I have listened to in a while…but then again I have 3-6 Mafia on my iPod. So yeah, her new album ‘Extraordinary Machine’ dropped today. I haven’t listened to all of it yet. I’d go with ‘O Sailor’ as my favorite right now, man, I love her voice. Weird thing, I know a bootleg of this album dropped a while back…what happened to the song ‘Red Red Red’?! The version I have is just nuts! Like some classic James Bond opening-theme song but with Fiona Apple. In fact, she’d be a great villain in a Bond movie. Anyway, get this album. Did anyone read the latest Interview Magazine where she interviewed Kanye? She was talking about College Dropout like it just came out…ha. What else, I think that’s it…oh yeah, the video for ‘Criminal’ is one of the best videos ever. THE BRILLIANCE! loves Fiona Apple.

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THE BRILLIANCE gets hax0r3d!

Ring….Ring….“Ben! The site got hacked dude! It’s just this black page with some German writing on it or something weird.” That was me on the phone to Ben this afternoon after I discovered our site had been hacked, 1995
internet style. “It’s fine dude. It’s probably just your computer, it’s probably some adware thing…” “No Ben, it’s seriously got this h-,” “CHUCK. It’s working for me just fine.” Ha…So it went, and finally Ben refreshed his browser and cleared the cache and lo and behold, he saw it. Anyways, a big shout-out to the corny doofus-clan that hacked into THE BRILLIANCE today. It was pretty funny actually. One of the highlights of the life of THE BRILLIANCE to date. Just my opinion. Anyways, with Ben’s nerd skills, the site was back online within about 20 minutes and we are back on top of the internet doing our thing. Anyways, I’m back from Mississippi. It went really well, helping with hurricane stuff and all. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some more about it from me real soon. But this post is more about H@CK3R$ than anything else. Oh you mischevious hacker and your tomfoolery.

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Alife Vancouver!

A really incredible brand. I have stated before how I love the ‘quietness’ of this brand. It’s difficult to be a ‘quiet’ brand and still bring in revenue enough to stay in business…Alife seems to be doing an excellent job at this. As well pushing the whole niche/street culture thing to new levels by smashing incredible design aesthetics in their retail spaces, their clothing, and the whole image they convey…very focused. I still can’t get over the Piranha tank thing in their NYC location. So yeah, new Vancouver location is open, it has a similar design to the NYC location and similar products as well. Let me say this…from like a high level, it’s like Alife is the Marc Jacobs of our niche scene/culture. I feel that way. Check the link below for some more pics, shout out to Kevin.

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McLaughlin Anderson Villas!

Get ready to waste an obnoxious amount of time on this site. It’s so unbelievably well put-together. The pictures, the write-ups, the pricing thing, all of it. But besides that… Yo, am I in the wrong business?! These guys just buy beautiful houses in the most exotic settings and rent them for affordable but still very profitable rates. I’m assuming one week’s worth of renting covers the entire monthly business expenses of owning and administration. Blah, blah, blah…they are nuts and all I would do is put the extended version of ‘Big Pimpin’ on repeat, do sloppy flips into the pool wearing a terry-cloth robe with a half full bottle of Moet in my hand. Think I wouldn’t!? Hopefully there would be a big ‘party scene’ happening as well…it would be kind of weird doing all that by yourself. This post had very little information about the actual villas. So? Check the link and waste all sorts of time scrolling through. Did I post this before?

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Random thoughts with ½ THE BRILLIANCE!

This just in: THE BRILLIANCE posts anything they want to about anything they feel like! Since there is close to nothing interesting going on today, I’ll just do a random thoughts post and maybe one of my now infamous real-estate posts. Yesssuurr.

  • It’s officially chilly weather now, which means: Illegally parking my truck out front of Starbucks while I order a Godiva hot chocolate, hoodies are the new t-shirt, no more bugs hitting my wind-shield ruining my fresh detail job, when you step out of the club after dancing to ‘Gold Digger’ you actually steam, time to figure out what shoes should replace my Stan Smiths when it snows, and finally – you can ‘just chill and rent a movie’ with that girl you’re trying to get at.

  • Is Google getting too big? They hire an average of 10 people a day now. And college isn’t always a requirement. Come on, you’re trying to tell me you can’t get a job!?

  • Chuck gets back from Mississippi pretty soon. He took a lot of pictures…it’s going to be wild. I wish I could have went.

  • I bought that Supreme shirt that says ‘someone talked!’ I think the design is so fresh. It’s the only thing from Supreme I own.

  • I sold my 1GB Shuffle on eBay for $99 and bought the Nano…it’s too nice.

  • Fiona Apple is gangster, I like quite a bit of her music.

  • I can’t decide what car to get next, but it’s narrowed down to two. No more SUV’s!! This British upkeep is terrible. I thought they were made for the jungle and the desert and all that?

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That new Volvo C70!

This is a very good look for Volvo. It seems like no one ever knew what the Volvo C70 was all about. They had no idea Volvo made a convertible that was crazy fast, and in my opinion, very well designed minus the interior. Had a very muscular stance, great wheels, it even sounded nice…and the automatic did 0-60 in like 4.5-5 seconds I believe. When I took it out for a test drive I was quite impressed, but never actually bought one. This new 2006 C70 is just nuts. It’s the coupe x convertible setup…so damn nice. I would say the design lines are ‘heavier’ in this new model which is a good look, I really like the Volvo design as of late, just good stuff. The interior is okay, it does have the cool new ‘floating’ part of the dash that was introduced in the new S40s. Crazy sound system comes stock in it as well, 910 watts!? I guess my only concern with this car, as with other drop-tops, is it too much of a girl car? Who cares…it’s fresh.

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URB’s Loose Tooth Charity Auction!

This Thursday, tomorrow, URB Magazine will be hosting a silent auction with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross for victims of both Rita and Katrina. Up for grabs are a pair of the first series Roc-a-fella Air Ones as well as (and more interesting) the first published copy of Martha Cooper’s ‘Hip-Hop Files: 1979 -1984’ a beautiful pictorial of hip-hop’s first few years. Back when they thought it was just a fad. The Air Ones along with another rare pair of shoes were donated by the NYC Flight Club (very gracious of them) and the book is signed by Martha Cooper herself…very cool. What else…Shepard Fairy is DJing the night, there are tons of give-aways from Obey, New Balance, and Royal Elastics just to name a few… More importantly, this event is helping people who really need it right now. Throw it down in Hollywood, check the link below for more info. The Cobra Snake will be there as well, and if you haven’t figured out why that is good yet, then…you’re missing something. Shout out to Joey The Intern!

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Goyard Picnic!

Goyard is doing things. Good, wild and interesting things. The latest issue of Surface magazine has a short little feature about a ‘project’ Goyard did taking all-things low-brow and making them posh. It’s all about the jux, and I’ve been saying this! Skateboards, a George Foreman Grill, a mini-bike, those parade fold out chairs, etc…all in their brilliant 3d monogram pattern. It’s pretty humors. All the makings of a picnic in the south of France…or for a corny video shoot as soon as Trina finds out Goyard is ‘for them rich people.’ Zing. I can’t say I would purchase any of this…in fact, I don’t know if it is even up for purchase. Either way, interesting and cool to look at…I wonder who the designer is behind the latest Goyard stuff? Thanks to Vinz on this one.

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Vans & Supreme!

Few things…I don’t like ‘stealing’ news, the whole something x another-thing is really old, I have massive respect for Supreme - but only own one piece from them (someone talked!)… With all that said, these are so fresh. First of all I love Vans, they are the definition of classic. I used to skate the ‘boat shoe’ ones until the ollie area was blown out and I was scraping skin on every ollie…since they were canvas it only took like 3 days to blow them out. I had the mid-top Mike Carroll’s too! But either way, this collaboration right here is so fresh. It’s also really varied, quite a few models. The stars are fresh out…the royal blue and orange ones are bananas! So check for the exclusive first-look. Much respect to Beinghunted, Vans, and Supreme. I mean…I might even switch out the Stan Smiths for a moment.

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Cocoa Island!

2 minutes by 10 mintues. They measure the island in the amount of time it takes to walk across it. Whoa. This hotel doesn’t even have a name, simply because it’s the only thing on the island. There is nothing else. No nightclubs, no shopping, no ‘bad section’, no Burger King or corner store to get 2 for $1 bag candy at…nothing. Located in the Maldives and accessible only by boat, and maybe chopper, it is one of the more secluded spots I can imagine. I’m all about islands, perfect white sand, fake-colored water, palm trees, bungalows…all that, just a perfect tiny island. I think Cocoa is a perfect example of this. The hotel itself looks quite incredible with the over-water huts you see in Fiji, well designed, and all that. $435 a night with a minimum of 7 nights making it relatively expensive, but not terrible if split between a few people…what makes these trips really expensive is the flights….long. I want to go here.