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Daft Punk - Human After All!!

OK so I know this album came out like a month ago, and I’m not really here to review it…I just want to say that whether you’re a fan of dance, electronic, hip hop, or Kenny Loggins, there’s a good chance that you can pop this album in, roll the windows down on the car, flip to the 3rd track “Robot Rock”, and look like a total badass as you drive through your suburban neighborhood in your mom’s minivan with your portable CD player hooked up through a tape adapter. If you turn it loud enough and are feelin it, dance a little and watch people look at you as you drive by. Also - check out the video for this song at Glam rock meets spacemen meets awesome. Not quite as memorable as “Around the World” or “Da Funk” but still…hot.

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Malin+Goetz Cleansers!

Another skin-care/body-care/hair-care post. Malin+Goetz is fresh. I suppose it’s the simplicity and execution of both the branding and the products that impresses me. They keep it real simple… Two product functions: cleansers and moisturizers and three applications for each function: hair, body, face. They also have a beautiful store to match their product located in Chelsea. Inspired packaging/branding from Anisa Suthayalai (, great products, decent prices, and as with any of this other designer skin-care stuff, it damn near increases the value of your house/loft/condo just by having it in your bathroom. Step you cleansers game up with Malin+Goetz.

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The Cobra Snake…

I love girls, girls, girls, girls, …girls I do adore. Most people have already heard about this site. Whatever. Let me introduce you AGAIN. The whole theme of this site, it’s execution, styling, CONTENT, and all that is just perfect. Perfect. I don’t know about the trash thing though, creeps me out a bit. But the ‘Party Photo’ section is nothing short of brilliant. I’m not really one to ‘ogle’ women on the internet, but the girls on this site are so amazingly beautiful. Most of them at least. Check the site out, THE BRILLIANCE! loves it.

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KAWS Glow-in-the-dark

Word of the KAWS glow-in-the-dark Companion has been floating around messageboards and a few sites here and there for a few weeks now…From what I know they are going to be available only in Japan which means there’s slight chances of eBay sightings…but my guess is, since they’re so limited, that they’ll be hard track down. Not that other KAWS stuff isn’t hard to get, but this seems exceptionally scarce. Either way, hot. There’s some pictures here and there of it in the dark, glowing green, and it looks sick. If anyone’s got any more info on these, let us know!

“This is a Sense mag exclusive. With shipping to a Japanese address it will be about $200. No foreign orders accepted, Final order date is the 15th of April. Limited to 1 pc per magazine. So if you want 2 you gotta buy two magazines and the mag costs about $7. The mag is terrible.”

Thanks to Caleb for the tip.

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Marc Jacobs skate decks?!

Hmmm… I didn’t know what category to even put this in let alone what I should think of it. I thought the Vans collaboration was cool, a little odd, but I suppose that made it cool. And the old school Vans logo with ‘marc jacobs’ written in it was pretty fresh. But making skateboards? And they come with the grip-tape already on them? Those black trucks look very Kmart. It just feels a bit corny I suppose. At least they aren’t like $200 for a deck, they hit for $50… I can just see some corny dude in all marc jacobs ‘skating around’ on Mercer street looking all Derek Zoolander. Skating is one of things, everyone can buy a skateboard but not everyone can be a skateboarder. Either way, decent art on the boards and it’s cool to see a label like marc jacobs try something like this. Those ‘marc jackass’ store bags are genius too. Undecided.

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Sony NW-E507…

Anyone who knows me well understands my status as an ‘international hater’… I can find something wrong with anything. Really. But this new Sony NW-E507 thing is pretty impressive. Let me get my negative comments out of the way. Sony, your products are beautiful, I was all over the MiniDisc, but you are way behind on mp3 players. Apple has EVERYONE smashed. Nobody cares about battery life, capacity, etc. They want ‘that square white one’. Either way, this Sony NW-E507 is beautiful. Check the screen! Wow. And you can charge it for 3 mintues and get 3 hours of playback?! With the ability to play for 50 hours straight? Internal FM transmitter too? They are doing their thing. I’ll buy one, whatever. It drops next month. THE BRILLIANCE! likes it.

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The Motug!!! JB Classics!!!

Futura, Doze Green, Shepard, Ewok and more. All together on a JB Classic shoe?! Wow…MOTUG stands for “Monsters of the Underground.” And talk about ltd. ed…24 pairs made!?! Each artist who worked on it as well as a few people who were in on the project will recieve a pair - leaving only 7 available to the public. So that means 7 people will be making some FAT CASH on eBay soon thereafter…Check it out though

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The Ace Hotel, Seattle… Catch up!

The W is hot, probably always will be. Ian Schrager did his thing and apparently is moving into real estate development and leaving hotels behind (read page six punk!). Enter Ace Hotel with one location in Seattle… Wow. Wild low prices for what you get, like $149 a night for a deluxe room. No more paying $400 a night to stay at a well designed hotel. They have refreshing architecture, the classic super white-painted brick, spacious and perfectly minimal bathrooms, surreal full-wall graphics of rivers, mountains, lakes, and get this hipsters… Kaws, Obey, and various other new-pop icon artwork on the walls of the rooms! How does that stuff not get stolen? I mean, I’m getting money, but I would give it a thought. Either way, the Ace Hotel is a refreshing take on what ‘designer hotels’ are. So to all those uppity designer types who brag about what their hotel’s concierge can do, study up on the team over at the Ace, they are doing it better.

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Sugar Cane Clothing… More Jeans!

Maybe it’s just me. But finding a good pair of classic jeans is so hard these days. Seems like designers just over do it… Pockets all over the place, denim is too thin, washes aren’t even realistic, too baggy, too tight, and this crazy men’s low-rise stuff has to stop. Enter Sugar Cane Clothing. Maybe I’m late, but these guys are from Japan and they’re doing some classic vintage denim reproduction style jeans. Quality product, quality designs, nice washes, selvedge denim, all that. Decent price tags too… Nice and simple. You can buy them from the link below…

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Peter Cincotti is… Cooler than you.

Actual music. Actual performance. I don’t know what to say… Peter Cincotti is one incredible performer, musician, pianist, vocalist, and whatever else. And so damn ‘cool’ with it. Just cool as he wants to be. I was privileged enough to see this guy in concert the other night… So refreshing. I mean, I love hip-hop and R&B quite a bit, but I sometimes forget what Jazz is all about and how incredible it can be to witness first hand. Peter Cincotti certainly reminded me of this. But I should also be honest. His CDs are… They just don’t touch what he did on stage. It was so fluid on stage… His CDs sound over-produced. And the CD cover of his most recent release is pretty corny. Either way, check him live if you get a chance.