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Gold Digger video…Kanye and Hype!

Kanye’s little dance is too much. But I love it. I actually like this video quite a bit. I think I saw it like 2-3 days ago for the first time…and I didn’t think the song was unbelievable or anything, but I’d have to say I like it quite a bit more now. The whole color splash theme of video is fresh. Good looking video girls (who cares anymore?!) and all that. Jamie Foxx is funny as always…John Legend does a little cameo getting fresh with a girl. Kanye smashes everyone with the outfits as always…the hands in the pockets of his pleated pants? Too fresh, don’t think you can do it though. I know I cant.

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I’m slightly addicted to this site, its so good…and how do they update it so often!? Some of it is mad corny, like getting Windows to run on a PSP? What, why? But they have all the latest news on fresh cell phones that won’t drop for another 2 years or whatever…all the latest gadgets and all that. And the crazy thing is that they actually get a lot of the pre-release products they cover. I’m still not quite sure how that works. Check this site on the regular…or don’t. Either way, they are doing their thing. By the way, I need that Motorola Q phone. For real, I need it.

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The Specials: The Singles Collection!

How can I be anybody else? We are a taste making site…a definition behind our own pop-culture. That’s why I’m posting this. Basically, you need to listen to The Specials for the first time, again, or more. I used to be the biggest fan of 2 Tone and all that. I have been craving a brief breath of fresh air in my rotation of hip hop…so I threw in some old classics…and The Specials reminded me of how incredible some of the 2 Tone stuff was. It was truly good pop music. The tracks ‘Do Nothing’ and ‘Friday Night, Saturday Morning’ are so fresh. So fresh, right now. Hit up iTunes or Amazon or whatever. Listen to The Specials: The Singles Collection!!! But yo, I still listen to chopped & screwed Bun-B tracks!

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I’m feeling the travel-based posts today…plus there is nothing else ‘cool’ happening in pop-culture so… Flying private. It’s one of those things I envy. While I have been fortunate enough to fly on a chartered flight, it was not quite the G5 status I was shooting for. Either way, flying somewhere on your schedule and having little-to-no check in process involved is quite a nice thing. I swear they didn’t even ask my name. Either way… In the mean time, to curb me over until I can drop $25k for a round trip from ORD to JFK on a mid-weight jet, I’ll search flights on Air Charter Guide. Basically an Orbitz for private flights…pretty wild, check it out. You GS3? I’m GS4. You in a Lexus, I’m Gulfstream 4. Up in the sky on a gulf-stream tour.

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The Reefs…Bermuda!

This place is so incredible looking. I have been doing some planning to find my next big vacation destination…and I’m thinking it’s going to land me in Southampton, Bermuda at The Reefs. Whoa… I never read too deep into what travel magazines say about a given place…kind of one of those things I judge by myself. But with The Reefs, its hard to ignore the fact that they are constantly on the top something of something list…constantly voted as the best in something. But yo, check the attached picture! They have their own little hidden-cove type beach thing in an out-cropping of rocks! Plus check the pink sand and perfect water. So fresh. So yeah…I haven’t been here yet, but check for me…flip-flops and all that. Their website is kind of sub par, so check the write-up.

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The Brazilian Bank Heist!

These guys didn’t rob a bank… They ‘pulled off a heist’… Now, THE BRILLIANCE doesn’t really condone or support crime, but this one is definitely note-worthy. These guys tunneled 2 blocks under a central bank, perforated the thick protective vault walls without setting off any sensors or having any of the internal cameras catch them (!!), and made off with roughly $65 million in cash. You know when the police say something like ‘It looked like something out of a movie’ that you did something wild. All I can do I wonder where they are right now. They say about 6-10 people were involved in the heist so you know they had everything planned out…very Ocean’s Eleven. I believe this is the biggest bank heist in Brazil’s history. But without a doubt, the craziest thing about all this… They broke into the vault at around 6 pm on a Friday and no one discovered it until the following Monday! Somebody is sipping champagne somewhere! THE BRILLIANCE doesn’t suggest you rob banks or perform any heists…unless they make a fresh movie about it after the fact.

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Y-3 Fall/Winter Line!

Yessir. Sometimes I forget how incredible Y-3 can be both with their actual pieces as well as their delivery and execution. This season’s actual pieces and website display this well, for real. I’ll be honest, I miss the ‘walking in-place’ thing they have had one their site for a while…but this new concrete cube based setup is real fresh. So clean. And that wild combination of what sounds like a racket-ball game and muted conversations is nice and eerie. I like it quite a bit. I also like the line…I would call it a little bit more grown up this time around. Wool sweaters, more subdued and classic colors, great simple sneakers, some real fresh military-style inspired stuff for the ladies, and as always, some great classics like hoodies and warm-up pants. Y-3 stays doing their thing with little to no over-saturation in the market and just enough haters to keep it popular. I need to re-up my Y-3 stash.

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Man, man, man! So it didn’t actually happen, but the talks did…Rupert Murdoch was in talks last month to buy the famed free internet phone service provider ‘Skype’ for, check this…Three Billion Dollars… Not one billion, not two billion, Three Billion. I almost feel like saying, ‘I told you so’ to people who don’t pay enough attention to all this stuff. These guys are doing it so big. I mean, its got to be bad enough for all the big land-line companies that everyone in my generation just gets a cell phone or Vonage, but now this?! A simple yet frighteningly powerful company like Skype has now stepped across the line of ‘indie brand’ to…well, whatever you call companies valued at $3 billion. So crazy. It’s all about the wifi Skype phones. That’s my Skype phone number, hit me on the low…gea!

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Deep thoughts, round 3!

I haven’t even done one of these yet, so here we go. And real quick, its my birthday tomorrow so I’ll be throwing it down tonight and tomorrow…most likely won’t be making any posts. I’d like to dedicate this post to myself.

  • Day trading is cool to read about, but the paperwork involved with it sucks.
  • The new remix of ‘Go Crazy’ by Young Jeezy featuring Jay-Z is so fresh. Fat Joe’s was just terrible on it.
  • I found Stan Smith’s for $29.99 at my local spot. They have the burgundy back, who cares?
  • It’s in the low 70’s right now…yesterday was 90+. So refreshing.
  • It takes forever for me to get an SMS from a T-Mobile phone.
  • M is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
  • We get free gear occasionally; some of it is incredible while other stuff is sub par at best.
  • I will be on a beach this weekend and wearing a suit tonight.
  • I JUST got my first iPod…and it’s a shuffle…and I love it.

That’s all for right now. Shout out to everyone, including myself.

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Nati Streets…Super Good!

This is hip-hop music right here… Makes that last post I did with Ghostface and all them look really thin. This track is bananas, really, it is. Hi-Tek (and he did that beat!), Talib, Slim Thug, and Snoop all on the same track, and it’s not just them each doing a one-off thing. They are all on this track specifically. Ridiculous. I love it when hip-hop artist do this, you know? Slim and Talib on the same track, so nice. The beat is incredible, Hi-Tek knows whats good of course, and the verses from each are perfect, especially Hi-Tek… Didn’t he say something on Reflection Eternal like, ‘I bet you didn’t know I had flow though!’… Something like this. Slim Thug shines of course, ‘…where you ain’t gotta sign a major deal to be a super star…’ Yessir. Huge shout to as always. Sorry for all the ‘rap posts.’ We’ll get some art student stuff in a minute.