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The Drama!!

I’ve known Joel, the guy who runs The Drama Magazine for some time now. Not only is he a great guy, but he sends me copies of the magazine for free. And I love free stuff. But I love free stuff even more when it’s actually worth keeping, unlike AOL CD’s. ... Anyways, this new issue is packed with illustration and great artists. From front to back it’s just great work. People like Jordan Crane, Maya Hayuk, Cody Hudson, James Jean, and more all contribute to the genius “A to Z” section, a nice photo journal feature on the Row Boats Home exhibit, and more. So definitely cop this one for real, along with the new issue of The Royal, and lay them out together on your coffee table right next to that issue of Pen World you’ve got there. OMG PWNED.


UMBRO x Kim Jones SS05!

Maybe I’m a bit late, so what, I need to do a quick write up on this. This whole line is fresh, maybe with the exception of the footwear… Not really my style. But the ready-to-wear stuff is lovely. I love the “I won’t sit still” …I love the feeling of that. And the colors are sick too, the men’s line has some fresh muted colors, I like it. We have seen a lot of brands do large collaborations with cool results, UMBRO was really one I didn’t see coming, and it’s fresh to see that they are being well received. The official site is Umbro-contrast but make sure to check the ‘more info’ link below for Shotgun… Buy some.


Wooster Launches Mobile Collection Series 2!

This is cool in quite a few different ways. One because it’s original, I love the idea of people customizing their phones with artist’s work that were designed specifically for phones. Second cool thing is that the nominal fee goes to the artist and to the Keep A Child Alive foundation… Wooster makes no money off of the sales. That’s real. The pieces are done by various artists, not limited too Jeff Soto, Dalek and London Police. Also check the story on about Wooster, real fresh. THE BRILLIANCE! loves Wooster Collective. Check their site…


Takumi Shimamura’s Monacca Bag/Case!

This is refreshing. I would personally use this to tote around a laptop or maybe just a bunch of cash. Either way, no matter what you carry you’re going to get some attention. Basically it’s a vacuum formed wood case/bag made from Japanese cedar. Beautiful. The center part that connects the two wood halves is made of canvas which is hand sewn to the wood to ensure there is no cracking in the wood, very nice. The canvas also expands a bit to accommodate different sized objects while still offering protection. Can’t you just imagine what this bag would look like after a while, all the little nicks and wear marks in the natural wood… Seems like it would take on some cool character. Nice bag/case, buy it for about $300.


2006 Audi TT spy photos!!

I am absolutely in love with Audi. The whole brand…Definitely my favorite car brand. Not too ‘look at me’ luxury. Just understated enough. Anyways - the TT is my favorite of the Audi family, the S4 being a close second. But the TT is just perfect. It’s so different, it’s not trying to be anything it’s not and it’s not trying to be any more than it should. I do not currently own a TT but I will. I don’t know when, but I will. Especially after seeing these new 06 TT spy pictures…So hot. It looks like it has a slightly longer body and some new cuts…Whatever - just look at it. It’s way better than that Suzuki X90 you’re toting around man.

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Kelsey Brookes!

Kelsey is an amazing illustrator. Now that that is out of the way…I’ve always admired artists who maintain a very ‘innocent’ quality to their work, a youthful feel…As if some prodigal 6 year old did it rather than a clever adult…That’s not to say Kelsey’s work is immature - not one bit. But many of the illustrations just have this ‘loose’ feel to them that I absolutely love. Others, like the surf paintings (check out those snakes in surf paintings #6!!!) are just incredible. The compositions, the colors, the vintage, worn feel to it all. Sometimes artists need to take a step back, stop working, and just admire what others are doing, and Kelsey’s is a great portfolio to do that with. Dang!

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Pinpoint Travel… Clean!

Travel sites… They certainly have changed the way we travel, but they are just so… Busy. So many ‘things’ on the sites, and even more ‘busy’ is how many damn sites you have to go to. So enter Pinpoint Travel owned/started by AOL. Chuck described this site best, calling it ‘airy’. Just real clean, and smooth to use. It searches 50+ websites for the lowest fair and spits it back in such an easy to understand and clean format. I have said ‘clean’ like 20 times. Either way, this could be the best travel site out there right now, so check it out. Also, I’m loving the little drop-down thing that tells me the airport name as I enter the airport code.

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Fabolous & Fashion! Rich & Yung!

You don’t have to agree with me now, but please admit that you read it here first. Fabolous did his whole throw-back jersey thing. Colorful, but nothing note-worthy… You certainly wouldn’t catch me wearing one. Not at all. But as lately your boy Fabolous seems to have stepped up his dressing game. Let me clarify, I personally wouldn’t rock his style, but I certainly appreciate his new ORIGINAL approach. He’s really doing something new in a subtle way. See the Getty Editorials and the ‘Get Right’ video. A lot of what you see him rocking, especially the thermals, are from his supposed upcoming line dubbed Rich & Yung. Regardless if you like him, his style, or my opinion here… THE BRILLIANCE! loves things that are refreshing in a scene ruled by tasteless ‘bling’ and ‘custom’ jerseys. Quick note, his outfit in the ‘Baby’ video is an exception to everything stated above.

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The New VW Jetta?

Hey, cool tricked out Civic dude! Oh my bad, it’s the new Jetta. This really frustrates me. I have never owned a Jetta, but I always admired their style. I distinctly remember when they switched to the more rounded body style from the more boxy… I remember thinking to myself, ‘wow, what a perfect progression without going over the top.’ This new model?! I’m sorry, but the new Jetta is terrible. The taillights look like they shoot lasers and don’t even come close to fitting the design, the whole ‘slant’ of the car is very Japanese and not at all German, the car’s ‘super-fast’ look reminds me of that car commercial Dave Chappelle made fun of, and even the marketing has slipped a bit. I used to love their commercials. The whole VW brand has gotten quite confusing. THE BRILLIANCE! loves the VW brand, but we are a bit let down with this revision.

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Photographer David Stuart

I recently met David because we were both put on the same project together by an agency. So that means I have the opportunity to work with one of the most exciting and inspiring photographers around today. From celebrity photography to portraits to beautiful composite photography, David has definitely locked down a beautiful style. So, put down the camera phone you use to take pictures of yourself in the mirror for your Myspace and learn a thing or two.