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Benz CLS500… I’m not playing, I’m just saying…

Cars… Rolling in a Benz… What can I say… Driving a car you dropped plenty of $$$ on, pulling up to valet on your Ave of choice… Wow… Call me vain, but it’s just one of those things. The new CLS for Mercedes is an interesting car. I felt the need to share my thoughts on it. It’s hot, fast, expensive, brings attention to the owner, etc… But take a look at the design, we have something new here. The ‘saggy’ back, the beautiful inteior, the wheels, it really does set a new standard. My favorite car? Not at all. But I did feel it was worth a mention here.

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Chanel Rhinestone Sunglasses… Just something about these.

Chanel on a guy? RHINESTONES on a guy? Remember kids, wear the fashion don’t let the fashion wear you? That’s what’s really good. These (see link below) are what I’m talking about… Clean lines, classic designer, and just enough logo to make people hate on you. I’m thinking a pair of your favorite perfect-fitting distressed jeans (levis/helmut lang), sneakers of your choice (stan smith), a white t-shirt, and if your as perfectr as I am you would throw some sort of hoody on with this… And don’t go to the mall wearing this. Or just don’t ever to to the mall in general. This outfit is for events only. YESSIR!

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Edamame… If you don’t know, you better ask somebody.

$1.99 can instantly bring you into the ‘cool’ crowd. That may not hold true for everyone, some of you are just hopeless. Edamame is a raw soy bean harvested at the peak of ripening that is one of the best tasting side-dishes I have had in the longest. I started eating it like a year ago (I know I’m late) and I have pretty much devoured a bag or two a weak since then. Here’s whats good: $1.99 for a 1 pound bag, throw half a bag in boiling pot of your choice (Williams-Sonoma, step your pot game up!), fill with water so the beans are submerged, add a bit of salt, bring to a boil, strain the beans, throw them in/on a bowl/plate, splrinkle some sea-salt… Eat them… You know hjow you pull a jolly-rancher out of its wrapper with you teeth? Same way you eat edamame, except you look WAY more important. Bring your girl back to the condo (your dorm room), serve some steaming edamame, email THE BRILLIANCE with the results… Drop-drop-drop it like it’s hot!