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Futura interview with SpineTV - watch it!

It’s one thing to read an interview…you know, it’s always great to read what someone like Futura has to say. However - it’s a completely different thing to actually watch an interview with someone you’ve never met but have massive respect for. This is the case with SpineTV’s interview with Futura. Broken into 3 parts, it’s a really, really interesting interview. It’s fascinating to see the little clips edited in showing him in action doing his work. I just admire this man so much, all his history, inspiration, and work he’s been doing lately. There are not enough good things to say about him. So check this interview out. Now. RIGHT NOW. Stop looking at the internet and eating Pringles…go watch this interview.

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Goyard, again!!!

SO. I’m cruisin’ the e-streets of eBay lookin’ for a purse like I usually do…And I stumbled on these two Goyard purses that, if I was a girl, I would probably shell out the money for and buy. You’ll see the Married To The Mob chicks with these purses, Alex from Neverstop with some Goyard stuff, Henry from ESPN Mag with some Goyard.. So…anyways, check the link below to see some hand-crafted Goyard on eBay, a rare occurance. It’s not cheap though…If you have any Goyard stuff for guys, like a wallet, and you want to sell it, email me because I might want to buy it. Seriously. I can’t get anything here in Chicago. Update - Thanks to Bobby for sending me the link to the Barney’s site and the Goyard section - quite a bit of stuff on here actually. Goyard on Barney’s. Nice!

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The new flick, Willy Wonka!

Exquisite. For real…just brilliant. I just checked this movie last night and was honestly just blown away. I love whimsical, out-there, type movies. Not science fiction though. But wow, I just loved it. I loved the story line, I loved the flash backs and the simple irony. The sets were nothing short of unreal. For real, so nuts. Johnny Depp did his thing to the fullest. Tim Burton made his style well felt without doing anything over the top. I personally didn’t find it as ‘dark’ as some suggested it might be. This will be one of the movies I’ll actually go see in the theatre again. Am I the only one who sees all the similarities between the Willy Wonka character and Nigo? Shout out to M.

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Borf got bagged, basically!

Borf reminds me of a political Peter Pan a little bit. Saying things like ‘growing up is giving up’ or the stencil tag with ‘grown ups are obsolete.’ I love that. Looks like the man, or youngster, behind it all has been nabbed by the 5-0 early on the morning of the 14th. While I don’t agree with all his political style stuff, because basically I don’t get into all that, I do think he is doing his thing and that is should be respected. We hope everything works out for him. NikeTalk’s General Forum is like a guilty pleasure for real, but this post is too funny, I had to link it, check the Neckface comments. Check the link below for the full Washington Post press release on all this. And a big ‘wow’ at the highway sign he did. Wow.

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J. Money! ‘Cause I like it!

J. Money… I’m not going to front…I don’t really know a whole lot about this label and the most of what I know came from this interview by The Hundreds. Either way, I like what this guy is up to, I like his story, I like most of his shirts, and I like his distribution. The stuff has that playful edge without being corny or over the top. Very few people can do money signs without being corny. J. Money makes it happen. Check for his gear at the link below…along with some new stuff from aNYthing (shout out to A-Ron). I got my mind on cash and my grind on smash. Now a days I gotta count my money by the bags.

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TeenVestor - gettin’ paid!!

I know it’s kind of a corny name, “TeenVestor”...a bit too obvious a play on words…but anyways, this site is for young investors and is really great resource. Not necassarily only for those between the ages of 12 and 18, but for anyone who is on the younger side and is smart or attempting to be smart with their money. I’ve gotten a good amount of info from the site personally, and I’d really recommend it to anyone who might be thinking about buying a house, retiring, getting married, or starting a business at some point in their lives and is just looking to broaden their basic grasp of investments and finances. Breakdowns and thorough definitions of the stock market, money markets, new business ideas/concepts, different types of savings, and more. Parts of the site seem to be a little incomplete but nothing unbearable. Check the “Young Entrepreneurs” section too to read up on some common business mistakes and things like that. Then, check out the sweet picture I used along with this post.

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Hotel QT, Manhattan!

Fresh fresh. I haven’t even stayed here yet, but check me soon. I love when someone does this type of thing. An affordable, beautifully designed hotel in the middle of the best city world…right off Broadway on 45th street…for under $200 a night. Wow. Yeah, the rooms are said to be crazy small and the pool isn’t that deep. But yo, its in the middle of Manhattan and it has a pool, with a swim up bar, and it’s located…in the lobby. Wild. Free wifi, flat-screens in the rooms, sauna, steam room, pool side DJ at night, 24 hour front desk, etc, all that. Owned by André Balazs’s, designed by Lindy Roy. I can’t wait to check this place. I hope to see more of these hotels (shout out to Ace Hotel!) in cities across the world. I love that accessible design is becoming popular in the travel industry. Check the site, but google the place for better pictures, the place is beautiful.

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Hansa’s ‘Hansacanyon’ faucets!!!

I don’t even know what to say. This is quite simply one of the most beautiful home design stylings I have ever seen. Hansa is a modern contemporary design company from Germany - and they have created an “LED color faucet.” So, in a nutshell, when you change it to cold water, a small blue LED light goes on, reflecting onto the water as it goes through the small ‘canyon’ of the faucet to show it is cold. Turn it to hot, the LED light fades to a more red/purple color and it looks like you’re about to pour yourself a cup of kool-aid straight from the sink. Absolute simple genius. The faucet also has precise temperature control, looks beautiful, and never again will you unknowingly stick your face into running water from the sink when it is scalding hot. Because, you know, people do that all the time. Anyways, I think you’d really have to have the right bathroom and home if you wanted to install this, it would have to really flow with the rest of the interior and vibe of the place…Looks beautiful at night, just slightly lit up like the pictures show. Thanks to Jeffrey for the tip.

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Oh my god is that a Black Card!?

If it is then I’ll let Juelz do the talking: You’re not at all a baller. Apparently titanium is the new black for the rich and socially mindful. American Express has long held the title for the most sought after credit card, the all powerful Black Card which is an invite only card that requires its owner to charge more that $250,000 per year, pay the $2500 a year annual fee…and be cooler than everyone else. This will now change. All the same rules apply but now the card will called ‘The Titanium’ and it will actually be made out of titanium. Wild. Apparently there are a few of these out in rotation already, of course in the hands of the jet set who seem to be having problems with stores thinking they are fake and setting off metal detectors at the airport (they don’t fly private?!). Anyway… Get ready for a bunch of rappers who don’t actually own the card trying to find words that rhyme with titanium. Anybody remember that old Busta Rhymes skit?! I threw away all my platinum cards…and I got a uranium card!!!

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American Cars.

They are getting a little bit closer. See, I’m all about simplicity…kind of. Something about the vibe portrayed in movies like American Graffiti that we are missing in today’s world. You can’t have a cool/simple car anymore. You have to have a ‘whip’ and it has to be foreign…and expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite guilty of perpetuating this. But what happened to cool American cars?! They truly don’t exist. I got excited when I first saw the concept of the new Mustang but it seemed a bit ‘toned-down’ when it actually came out. And the GT is incredible, but why would I spend that kind of money when I could by an SL-55 or the new V8 Aston? The new Shelby looks hot…but it’s not out yet and will be crazy expensive I’m sure. Plus, like I was just telling a friend…I want an American car that doesn’t make it look like I watch Nascar. That’s real!! So to all the American car companies: please try and grab our attention. Or someone start a new car company. Something. And Ford…come up with something new rather than rehashing. Even though being classic is key. Check out the new Shelby in the mean time.