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The Space Blogger!!!

“LOL! OMGWTF! HEY LOOK THERE’S A PLANET!” That is an exact quote from Anousheh Ansari, the world’s first female space tourist and first ever space blogger. Ok, so that’s not really a quote from her, I made that up. But she did say “Keeping good hygiene in space is not easy!” You think? Gravity is the one thing that makes going to the bathroom possible, really…I’d hate to try to deal with what is meant to go down trying to make its way up…does that make sense? Anyways, this is really, really fascinating though. Anousheh, like I said, first female space tourist in the world - and she’s keeping a blog about it. And not only a blog, but a Flickr page about it too!. Truly a beautiful way to utilize blogs and Flickr to do something interesting…a nice departure from looking at pictures of sorta-but-not-really-friend’s weekend BBQs and reading about their favorite crappy new bands. Interesting fact - all water on the International Space Station is recycled. “Wet objects are left to air dry so the station’s water conduction unit can collect and purify the water—including from sweaty workout clothes.” This grosses me out, but when you’re in space, who cares. Do what you have to do and enjoy the view. This really has to be read and seen (i.e. her blog and Flickr) to be enjoyed. So I’ll leave you with a really great quote from Ansari and the link to the blog follows. “Here it was, this beautiful planet turning graciously about itself, under the warm rays of the Sun… so peaceful… so full of life… no signs of war, no signs of borders, no signs of trouble, just pure beauty.”

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Vintage candy packaging!

And I thought those old hip-hop flyers were cool?! These are nuts! I’ve always been a fan of vintage advertising…the old travel posters, the super cheap (but awesome) old-school French advertising posters you can get at World Market, etc. I love the simple color schemes, the ultra-simple screen printed look, the pasted-together feel of it all. Its like utilitarian marketing, and it comes out so genuine. Anyway…I got this link off the Glob and I had to post it. The ‘Snappy Gator’ is my favorite…I want a huge, huge print of this. Like 6ft x 6ft on a huge white wall. So what happened to this style of design anyway? Computers?

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Star Trak, nice move!

I am not gonna lie I put a lot of stock in what the Neptunes have done for our genres music and how Pharrell is blazing a trail with his hip-hop fame…talk about an inspirational lifestyle. Since we are ‘so internet’ here at THE BRILLIANCE I could not help but notice the the new tone of the re-vamped Star Trak website. Two thumbs way up. This is a great example of content versus coding. Granted its a bit of flash, but the content they put up is more than you normally get from a music artist standard promotional tool. The pics and videos are a nice inside look into the on goings of Star Trak. The only way the site could be anymore candid was if they had footage of the knock-down-drag-out label drama. Enjoy the user experience, search around. Be on the look out for that chrome keepall?!?!

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Billions, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his e-thuggery!

Two posts in a row…I should be doing something more constructive. I love this kind of stuff – bringing it back to when technology was for nerds and goof-off genius types. No real point to this post, but Facebook (which I have actually never used, true story) is finally saying they are ready to sell and that over the past year they have had meetings with Yahoo, Microsoft and Viacom to discuss what the deal might look like. If you didn’t know, Mark Zuckerberg is ‘that dude’ behind Facebook – the founder. And from the sounds of it, he’s 22 and doesn’t really care what a dude in a suit thinks – who does anymore? So when Microsoft wanted an 8am conference call with all the executives of Facebook and Mark…the Facebook suits had to tell Microsoft that they wouldn’t be able to do a call that early because Mark wouldn’t be awake. Ha, classic. Here is another zinger: right in the middle of negotiations with Yahoo that went over into a weekend, Mark said his girlfriend was going to be in town and couldn’t stick around…when everyone was like: ‘yeah, but this is a billion dollar deal?!’ Mark replied ‘I don’t care, my cell phone will be off.’ You’ve got to love the Web 2.0 kids.

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I couldn’t think of a funny title…I mean, it doesn’t really need help. That’s the name… It’s a blog. Everything ‘green’ is the content, and I dig it quite a bit. With a lot of these earthy type publications or media-outlets they get a bit too…hippie for me. This is like Hippie 2.0. Less ultimate Frisbee, more eco-adventure vacations you know? Anyway, I’m really into the green thing, so I’m into this. Not much else needs to be said…I’m just trying to get my post momentum back. ***Was this post kind of boring? My bad, I’m a bit tired…

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Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor!!!

Like yesterday, when I see the black LR3 outside my apartment, I know Lupe is at Sultans Market. I hop in quick to say “What’s up”, congratulate him on his debut album which comes out today. I am like “Man…it’s been a long time coming”….he whispers something back, I can’t hear him and I am like “what’d you say?” hes like, “I lost my voice…” With his doctor in tow he was headed to the hotel with hopes that it will somehow return for a day of press and a free Myspace (i.e. HUGE) show at the Metro tonight. Years in the making and the day you need you voice the most its gone. The album is loud and clear tho. I won’t give tracks like ‘The Cool’ justice by talking about it, the audio and cough, cough movie will speak for itself. Bottom line no one can represent our niche culture in mainstream/hip-hop the way he has and will by connecting the dots connected on the 12 minute long ‘Outro’. Buy it for the blood, sweat and tears he put in the project and because THE BRILLIANCE is amongst that long list of shout outs, look out for us. Notably deserved is Chuck for his visual assitance, oh so fresh. I’ll leave you guys with my favorite moment from the legendary FNF radio shows we produced, sometimes plagued by technical difficulties.

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KIVA! Microfinance made simple…

It isn’t often that we take time out of our oh-so-busy lives to stop being super important and in a hurry for a second and think about other people. Face it, humans by nature are mostly concerned with themselves. I’m certainly guilty of this myself. But I’m trying - really - I’m trying to open my eyes to the importance of things like volunteering, participating in some kind of charity, or donating some of what I have to the places and people who have very little. But one thing some of these people out there in the world do have is hope and a dream or an idea. Enter The concept behind what KIVA is doing is absolutely brilliant and truly puts a smile on my face. Their tagline is “Loans that change lives.” KIVA “...lets you lend to a specific entrepreneur in the developing world - empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty.” In other words, you go through the site, find a struggling business somewhere in an impoverished area, decide what you are comfortable with, and you lend money to a budding business. Thus making you a donator to the working poor. Microfinance truly simplified and made easy to get involved with. And don’t worry, your money isn’t going to King Savimbi from Nigeria who has $48M waiting in a bank account for you after you give your credit card number. This is totally legit, totally pure. From their press section as quoted from CNN Money, “If you’ve got 25 bucks, a PC and a PayPal account, you’ve now got the wherewithal to be an international financier.” This really just goes to show a little can go a long way. Some of these people are asking for as little $400 to start their business!! It shows how much money is still needed for each needy business, shows pictures, and gives very good descriptions of what you’re donating your money to. I love this, I really do. Keep in mind too - this is money you are lending! As loans are repaid, you get your money back. It’s win-win, honestly. Check it out and do what you can if you are in a position to help.

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Fashion Week Standouts!!

So its fashion week. Kinda of a big deal if you are into what the heavyweight fashion houses thrives on. THE BRILLIANCE has steadily been vouching for Y-3 for good reason, they are on a different playing field. When your constantly searching for what is ‘next’ a light bulb goes off when that moment happens. For me it was reading this review of the Y-3 show last night. First of Y-3 is a real deal collaboration…Adidas & Yoshi Yamamoto are both bringing something to the table and the end results are pushing the envelope of design and presentation…this is streetwear for the fashion minded. Talk about presentation, who skips the Bryant Park tents for a neon lit floating barge on the Hudson. Another nice take on proper presentation came from Trovata. Instead of doing the traditional runway bit, they just had a party with music and margaritas, and let the clothes take center stage. I really dig this brand because of their beach bum/urban vibe. It feels very homegrown and their pieces are detailed to perfection without being boring.

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Introducing our new tagline!

After a couple glasses of Beringer, 2000, from Napa everyone gets to read two posts by me in one night. So we had our infamous tagline…infamous? The ‘Diamonds are a trend’s best friend’ line. I’ll be honest…I liked it. I mean, I came up with it…catchy-catch phrases are always fun. But it’s a bit played out. Diamonds and simple vectored images of them are a bit played out you know? Played like an old Operation Ivy tape. So Virgil and I were walking through the lower east side of New York City a couple weeks ago…kind of yacking thru what this site really is. Good question!? What is this site?…its actually pretty simple. We all decided, Chuck, Virgil and myself that the site is just really ‘internet’. Of course, using ‘internet’ as an adjective. Our site is really, really internet. So we’d like to say good-bye to the old diamond referencing tagline…and usher in our new tagline…obviously this is huge, huge news…so the only natural reaction would be for you to link us up on your blog talking about our tagline change, ha. New tagline…

THE BRILLIANCE! Really internet.

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OMG NYC Real Estate!!

Back with ones of these…basically since the whole Apple thing was a huge let down, ha. I really wanted the full screen iPod for my flight tomorrow. Location location location, lets get into it: ONE – It’s terrace is bigger than two of your dorm rooms. That’s actually why I posted it…this whole spot looks like it was built to simply relax. Big, private, awesome windows…I can dig it. The bathroom is hideous. TWO – I posted this one mainly off its ceilings. Love it man…I love ceilings. The furniture is a distraction here…easy to fix, the kitchen is a bit too ‘grown-up’ but I’m heavy into the windows in the bathroom. You could live here a while. THREE – Had to post this one just cause of the library-hall-way thing or whatever. Love the minimal approach and crazy open spaces. Nothing more decadent then wasted space in NYC. FOUR – Bam! Love this spot. Seriously…I had to find the Ikea of the The Village you know? At $2.I-cant-afford-the-assocation-dues million it’s a steal! Honestly, its one of the cheaper places in this area though…great ceilings, very nice kitchen, very open you know? Terrible furniture…you can buy big spaces, but you cant buy swagger I guess. (Just playing on the association dues comment…anything is possible right?!)