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Judging the Art Director’s Club Awards

This was the reason I was in NYC and at the Maritime last weekend. I was invited by Mr. Brian Collins from Ogilvy & Mather, who might I add is a really great dude - very intelligent and an honor to meet. I was invited to be a graphic design judge. Basically there were about 25 of us who had to judge roughly 12,000 pieces of submitted work in 2 days. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. It was a pleasure to meet the people I judged alongside…Yuko Shimzu, Dan Olson from Duffy & Partners, Elliot Earls from Cranbrook, Rob Giampietro, Charles Hall, Harmine Louwe, Noreen Morioka, Craig Mod…just to name a few. I must say it’s quite a feeling to be around people of this caliber…judging alongside a professor from Yale!? I met Paul Davis which was real cool…the whole thing was great, really. There was some incredible work, some good work, some OK work, some bad work, and some really absolutely terrible work we judged…Anyways, thanks to the Art Director’s Club for organizing it and making it go smoothly…For a full list of the judges go here.

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That new Range Rover Sport commercial!

I’m a big Land Rover fan. Kind of…always something wrong with them at any given time. Honestly though, there is nothing even close to a Land Rover But anyway, the new commercial shot in the ‘underworld’ of Tokyo’s typhoon protection system is pretty unreal…I have always been blown away at the construction and sheer size of these ‘G-cans’ as they are called…seriously just amazing in how they look. Like they said, 100% built for function but as with many things in the Japanese culture form and function seem to blend into one amazing final product. The vehicle itself is actually pretty amazing as well. I was actually sitting in one the other day…and the interior is way better than the big Range Rover. But just the overall design is so sharp…so aggressive but still elegant. Check the commercial at the link below…I love it when companies make their commercials viewable on their sites. By the way, I haven’t left my condo all day…uhh, I never do that.

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Just another one of these sites I check…kind of along the whole venture capital thing I am all about watching. This site is basically a blog that highlights emerging or not-even-emerging-yet technologies…you would have found MySpace here…or even Google before they would have made any waves. It’s really interesting to see trends emerge…see what people think they can make money doing…see their weird ideas and dreams. It’s funny, cause I used to shrug off most dot com stuff…like ‘never gonna work’ you know? But after Rubert bought MySpace for Powerball figures…I mean, makes you take a second, or maybe even a third look at every little web company trying to do their thing. I’ve said it before: ‘the old internet is back’ in more ways than one. Good site though…ch-ch-ch-check it out.

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It’s 66% blimp and 100% flying, new, and really big!

So I get this link email from Chuck…why did I read this one out of the 100+ emails he sends me every hour? I don’t know…I just had a good feeling. Jokes. Honestly, this is a really interesting concept. Quick rundown, a 2/3 helium filled solid structure flying machine that takes off like a helicopter, runs on electric powered by ‘green’ fuel-cells, travels at a top-speed of 174mph, and can transport…get this…a whole years worth of product for say, a Walmart store. So it’s not built yet, and the company who is trying to do make it happen is privately funded…but he has apparently already gained the interest of the cruise ship industry. Real quick…the whole ‘sizzle’ on this is that its supposed to be a luxury cruise ship in the air…very similar to the flying pirate ship in that one level in Super Mario 3, just with less cannons and bullets with eyes and mouths. But honestly, my whole interest in this thing…is that it could pickup product at a central distribution center in India, China, etc…and then deliver it directly to another US based distribution center in like 1/4th the time it takes today…and do it with little to no pollution. Seriously…that’s bananas. Tell them you heard about it on the brilliance.

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How to make a zillion dollars screen-printing t-shirts!

I enjoyed this video here. Say what you want, but when it was younger, Bape was one incredible brand. This video is of some photo-shoot where Nigo is hand-screen printing those 1/100 ‘Bapexclusive’ shirts. So yeah, you look at the empire that was created from, in my opinion, a wildly creative man’s ideas and very little else. And it’s still, to this day, such a random thing to me…the whole ‘bathing ape’ thing is just nuts. As they have said: ‘a brand of nonsense.’ I guess the whole enigma of it all is how unfathomably successful the brand has been. I mean, even Jest of Alife, who has seen the brand go from tiny to huge, still holds a great amount of respect for it. So yeah…reminisce back to the good old days where seeing a Bape shirt on MTV would have made headlines on Superfuture. By the way…I actually own one of these hand-screened shirts, not an exact one in the video, but one of the hundred…if anyone is interested get at me. I have it framed in a ‘floating glass’ frame. A post about Bape. Thanks to Kevin @ Hypebeast for his post.

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Ultimate Ears custom headphones!

These things always look a little weird to me, like the actual shape. Seriously though…I need, need a pair of these. But I am a bit hesitant on dropping $800 on a pair of headphones. But still…I keep hearing the most rave-reviews of these things. Here is the basic run-down: You got to your local audiologist to get impressions made of your ear canals (which I heard is a weird experience), these molds are sent to Ultimate Ears, they then hand-craft a pair of head-phones that are perfectly specific to each of your ears…I have heard the fit is amazing. I believe all their models are ‘dul-driver’ with a high-end component as well as a low-end component. I mean…I don’t have a pair, so I can’t be crazy informative in this post…but I have heard some really amazing things about these. I’m really getting sick of buying the Sony in-ear ones to have the break…I’m on my 3rd or 4th pair right now. So anyone who has these or knows more about them from first hand experience…hit me up, I’m interested in learning more.

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VW x Google Earth!

What a X good idea. Oh my X gosh. So anyway, this really is a good idea. They say the electronics research lab guys from VW have been hanging with the Google Earth team to try and figure out a way to use the whole Google Earth application as an in-car/in-dash 3D navigation system in upcoming VW models. Honestly, that’s a good idea. The link below is to a little story on Engadget about it, doesn’t say too much, but you know these two companies working together is only a good thing. While I can’t say Google is most esthetically focused company, they do have almost perfect execution of their ideas, and VW is really, really doing their thing with interfaces in their cars…my sister just got the new Jetta and I have to say, it is quite nice. So yeah, navigation systems in cars are usually somewhat boring…the LR3 one is pretty cool, but other than that they are boring. So this could be a nice little change. What they really need to do is figure out how to have it find restaurants, points of interest, etc in real time when the car is in a WiFi spot…or something like that. I’m back to posting! And I got another one coming…

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Just some links…

I didn’t really think any of these were good enough for their own post. Or maybe I just didn’t feel like coming up with a paragraph for each one. Plus they’re all random…but so is the trill brill.
-…I mean, what can I say. I could, and do, waste hours on this site. Chuck and I exchange at least a link a day from this thing. Sometimes 50.
-…I cant be the only one who thinks the execution of this site, all the info they packed in there, the logo(!) and all that…I just love this site.
-…I think I have posted this before. Simple little site, the dude updates it himself. Beautiful lots for dreaming about.
-…kind of relates to the one above. I love modular stuff right now. Don’t like the design of the site that much.
-…funny name. I can’t read anything and Google’s translate tool is hilariously…so I just look at the pictures. I like jeans.
-…just a good read you know? I love listening to these guys talk, in effect; they decide the next ‘hot thing.’ Good insight.
-…I check this site too much.
- Nat’s MySpace…a constant flow ‘internet type pics’ which range from cringingly offensive to some of the funniest shit I’ve seen on the internet.
- Glob…dude updates a lot doesn’t he? Never not working. Just something to look at, entertaining.

This post is hard to read isn’t it!?

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Selected Selecter Selections!

I love bringing back old stuff I used to listen to. I used to be crazy into the whole 2 Tone label back in the day, like 10 years ago. Wow, makes me feel like I’m getting older. Anyway… The Selecter was one of my all time favorite groups. Yeah it’s that poppy English ska and club-beat stuff from the 80’s to the early 90’s. Sometimes I wish we had a club environment that played music like this…can you imagine? Instead of like that bullshit ‘Jock Jamz’ and techno songs from, no joke, 7 years ago…what if they played something fun like this stuff? Bring da riddim forward, one step forward! Like, no 80’s music nights, just good music nights. There isn’t a real solid point to this post…just to state the fact that I am back listening to The Selecter again, and I missed them. That track ‘Celebrate The Bullet’ is nuts. Oh yeah, when I first bought ‘Selected Selections’ at the old Record Swap around the corner from Off The Alley (!) I bought a used copy and opened it to find it signed by the lead signer…but I think I lost it.

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Kilowatts, I got ‘em for cheap!

I’m not even trying to get into like a political / energy resource crisis post. I just have been looking at the more entrepreneurial side of the ‘energy crisis’ as of late. I’m thinking that next boom similar to the dot-com era thing will be small energy start-ups that have both really dumb and really innovative ideas to completely circumvent our traditional ways for getting it. And watch out for companies like VW, Scion, and maybe even Honda to start sponsoring these little companies. It’s really like ‘virgin-territory’ for the entrepreneurial world. Something to think about. So whatever…I want to spot light this company called Sky WindPower Corp. They have the idea of placing huge tethered flying windmills in the jet-stream….35,000 feet up. Kind of an ‘out there’ idea. But their proposal would suggest it’s limitless energy at less than 2 cents a KWh. Again…I’m sure this isn’t the first weird/wild idea we’ll see in the coming years. I just really think its going to be some dude in his garage who is making bio-diesel from McDonalds vegetable oil, or some dude who starts a solar car company with like a $100k loan and it catches an iPod style fever with the public…these are the people who will change how we spend on energy. Okay…this post was kind of long, and a little philosophical maybe. SO!!!?! SO WHAT?!?! U MAD!?