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It’s like a small cruise ship that goes anywhere you want!

That title is hilarious to me… If you read the site…you know I have this slight obsession with tropical island destinations. If you don’t read the site, then let me tell you, I have a slight obsession with tropical island destinations. I love the idea of some crazy little island like you see on that one Windows wallpaper. Tiny, stark white sand (with no seaweed or shells!), palm trees, water that looks fake, and maybe water-falls in the jungle or something. So here’s what this post is about: chartering a sailboat. I guess it just never crossed my mind. But I’m loving this concept…seriously. You land in like St. Thomas or wherever, they transport you to the marina, you hope on a HUGE catamaran yacht, go wherever you want, eat whatever you want for 7 days. They take care of everything. They can take you to out-of-the-way beaches, deserted islands, ‘secret’ spots…etc. And you can stay there as long as you want, or move on, or whatever. I mean, I guess this is all kind of obvious to people who know what charters are… What’s crazy, is you could get 6-10 people on a huge yacht for about $1200 per person. Not bad really if you think about it. Check the link below for a cool yacht charter search…pricing, pictures, and everything. Rrrrr…salty sea brine. ***Sorry team, the company I was linked to on this asked me to ‘remove the link to our site’ for no reason. Sorry dewdski, our extremely travel-savvy and well-heeled readers will look else where!

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Forex…trying to make a dollar out of 15 pence!

This is an old Wired article…and the Forex market is nothing new. But I wanted to bring this up, as it’s a really good read. Quick run-down, the Forex market is the foreign currency exchange market that is getting ever more popular with individual investors. Which is basically what this article focuses on…the new (young) traders in the market. What used to be the game of heavy banks and institutions is now looking a little bit like ‘day trading’ did in 1998-2000. And it’s a wild market to trade in. Here’s a quick quote from the article… ’ With a broadband connection, a few thousand in cash and the emotional stamina to withstand losing said cash, anyone can trade foreign exchange. It needn’t even interfere with your day job. Unlike the stock market, forex runs 24 hours a day.’ The idea of a 24 hour market is very appealing. Another wild thing is the margins you can trade on…100x your available balance. Meaning $5k lets you leverage $500k in buying power. Yikes, be careful. Check this article if you get a chance.

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Who does that?!?

This might turn into a regular weekly post or something…called ‘Who does that?!?’... I want to know WHO it is that is taking the time to make spam emails and phisher emails and - did anyone else get that porn spam email that had a picture of Bart and Lisa Simpson getting it on? What the heck?! SOMEBODY made that. Somebody took the time out of there day to make that and write that email. SOMEONE out there thinks that when I get an email telling me that Cialis, Xanax, Vanadium, and Viagra are %70 off at their website that I’m going to be like ‘Oh snap! I should probably click this link even though it is clearly unsafe, in my junk folder, and probably a scam!’ And wait - wait - check this out. Benjamin and I get spam at the Brilliance email from time to time and today? Well, here’s an excerpt from, supposedly, JP Morgan Chase bank about our important account update. This is what it said. “When near deficit dies, grain of sand inside piroshki prays.inside
spider, vacuum cleaner around, and living with microscope are what made
America great!over fundraiser flies into a rage, but freight train for
brainwash ribbon living with pit viper.”

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Art & Design - What’s good in 06?!

Since I freelance and do art/design for a living, I decided I don’t give enough shine to that on here. So without getting too much like a design news site, I’d like to introduce our readers to some artists who are really doing their thing in a good way for the new year. So… Steve Nishimoto - this is hot. One of the best portfolios I’ve looked through in a while. Check the ZY stuff. Electric Heat - my man Nigel! Saiman Chow - always, always inspiring. DopePope - check out the drawing of that chick with the teeth on her legs - whoa! Demo Design - Justin Fines finally put a site and new work up after being stagnant for a few years and it’s classic. Grotesk - if you don’t already know, better find out. Boogie! - not art and design, but photography so good and scary it deserves a spot here. IMYJ - Basit is the man, been following his work for years. Tiffany Bozic - one of my absolute favorite artists. UPSO - this post is now complete. This post is also not an invitation to email us a link to your $w33+ graphic design portfolio that is half finished…ha. Kind of like, don’t call us, we’ll call you type of thing.

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Emergen-C…that fizz.

Sorry for the lack of posts…or maybe I’m not sorry. Either way, Chuck and myself are busy as of late. I just got back from a week long vacation in the sun…so? So yeah, that’s whats up. All of that had nothing to do with this Emergen-C stuff. Which it an amazing product. Certainly not new or anything…in fact, I’ve been a heavy fizz user for about 2 years. They seem to have the formula right, cause I don’t really see anyone else messing with them. It’s the ultimate hang-over helper…but it’s good for whenever. Great for that dried-out-after-flying feeling too. They claim it’s an energy drink…but its more like a ‘balancer’ for me. Whatever…its good. Half a glass of water and the lemon-line flavor. That’s my post.

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More like, Million Dollar WHOApage!

Yeah… Like, whoa…So I’m sure you’ve heard about this by now - the Million Dollar Homepage thing…it’s by no means new news, but how can I not post about this? Absolutely unbelievable. Long story short, this kid in the UK started this thing where you could buy pixels for $1 a piece and he had a million of them available. At first it seemed so far-fetched that it could never work. What happens within a few weeks? It’s exploding - press about it everywhere. Local, national, and international news covering this kid’s idea. And all he wanted it for was to pay for school. Now he’s rich, bitch, and all it took was a bank account, a website, a little promotion, and a brilliant idea, the latter being what amazes me the most. It’s simple ideas like this that always come out on top. This dude is now loaded and made more money in a few months selling internet real estate than the good majority of people in the world will see in their lifetime. And he didn’t stop there - no way Jose - he is auctioning the last 1,000 pixels on eBay right here. At the time of writing this, the auction is at $145,100 with 216 bids. But that’s not all - this auction doesn’t have a few hours left…it has FIVE DAYS LEFT. That means he is going to make another killing and turn this into the Million Dollar-and-change Homepage…when is the last time you heard ‘and change’ eing referred to 6 figures? Wow. Anyways, I’m impressed as you should be, because you weren’t smart enough to do this first either. So give dude his props and watch how many copycats will follow.

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My Sprint EV-DO Card!

If you thought having a Blackberry/Treo got in the way of vacations…it’s getting even worse. See, for me…being connected on vaca is a good thing. It’s good for my clients too. Whatever though…anyway. So my father and I got that new Sprint EV-DO broadband card for our laptops. Pretty unbelievable. Here’s whats good…it’s a little wifi-card looking device that uses Sprint’s network to give you broadband speeds anywhere you have a cell phone signal. Including the island I’m on right now, snap! In fact, I’m using it to post this right now. So yeah…since I’m a ‘nerd’ or whatever that can’t live without the internet, this thing is like…perfect. The setup took 2 minutes and you can swap it out of any other computer with no issues. I believe Sprint has some deal making the card free when you buy the $59.99 unlimited plan. Not bad man…I pay like $40-50 for my broadband at home. Check it out though…

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Dave Chappelle season 3 preview…am I late?

‘You might recognize this as a tyrna-saur-ous rex egg…each one of these bitches is 4 million years old a piece!!!’ There is a chance I am late with this…cause I don’t watch tv, but this little trailer/preview thing is absolutely hilarious. Just the MTV Cribs thing is enough right there. Forget having 100 pairs of crispy air-ones, dude has his own sweat-shop in his closet. Dave Chappelle is a wild genius. I honestly can’t think of much else to type here. He has a B-grade looking Alf in a skit. I mean…what else could I type?! Check the link. If I’m late on this…then, my bad. If I’m not…then why isn’t anyone else talking about this?! ***Oh…did anybody see this?!?!

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NoPattern 2006!!

Updated, and fresh. This is two posts in a row giving ‘props’ to Chucky Anderson. Old dude just launched his updated site…and its quite nice. Quite a bit of his new client work is up for your previewing pleasure. And yeah buddy, he’s got a sneaker with Reebok. Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Charles Anderson…all so similar. And just like those guys, Chuck used to sell them rocks, now he sells them glows… In fact he is the self-proclaimed outer glow champion of 2006…but he never really sold rocks. So anyway…new work, new look and feel, same coherent style that has been bit by so many college kids. What else…his new print has also launched on NP&CO, which is super good. Buy it now. Check for Chuck on the international speaking and judging circuit in 2006. Nopattern, so hawt right now.

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2005 coming to an end…recap!

Man…Chuck said it. What. A. Year. First of all…I love to see my friends/family do their thing and come-up. Big shout to my main man Chuck Anderson and all the projects he’s involved in. I’ve known dude for a while, and he had one hell of a year…it was well deserved. Congrats homie, take some time to enjoy it. All right…enough of that! So yeah…for myself, its been a wild year… Crazy new business experiences, lots of travel (Maui!), all my friends, this whole website right here that was the base of so many good things, the whole real-estate hustle, so many good things this year…it was truly a good year man. I want to thank all the people that emailed us here with support, hate, links, and all that. All the people that sent us gear. All the people who were down for interviews with us: Alex, A-ron, Jest, Mark Hunter, Gensler, Kareem, Futura, etc…for real, you guys helped make the site happen. Special thanks, of course, to Alex from Neverstop/Ace for being so generous. Thanks to all the other blogs, magazines, sites, etc that showed us love…shout to Nat @ ASF. THE BRILLIANCE…what more can I say? Good stuff. And yeah, we plan to keep-on-keeping-on in 2006. Interviews, posts, features…all that and maybe even a few parties of some sort. Who knows?! Hmmmph!!! That’s what’s up…I’m out for a bit, no post till next week or whatever… Merry Christmas! Relax and enjoy… Frankincense and Mirrhh and all that!!! Shout out to spelling and grammar errors!!!