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Supreme x Wu Tang!?

Not too much info on this collaboration, but via Hypebeast, there were apparently 50 shirts made by Supreme for Raekwon’s newest album Only Built For Cuban Links 2, and most of the shirts went to Rae and Ghost. I want a Ghost shirt that says “Susie throw it out the window! Susieeeeee!” If you don’t know, don’t worry about it. If you do, it should be kind of funny.

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NP&CO. Updated!

The infamous Chuck Anderson updates his NP&CO. store with 2 new high quality 16 x 20 pieces. He did well with the ‘Godlike’ prints and wanted to hit everyone with his more organic, hand-drawn style…fresh. No glows on these, just incredible attention to detail and intricacies that must be experienced in person to truly appreciate. The two pieces, ‘Teenage Kicks’ and ‘Trill Grill’ are both signed/numbered editions of 30 and are available for $25 plus shipping, mailed flat! No rolling! Check them out right now, and buy one right now! Yesir.

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Young Hov and Aztek, new track!

I don’t know who Aztek is, but I know exactly what Young Hov is doing. Spreading himself across all cultures within ‘street culture’ or ‘hip-hop’… Incredible. This is a mix with the extremely strong Southern movement, Mike Jones beat and the slightly chopped & screwed hook, and of course this new Aztek guy who is repping the Latino culture… Perfect. Do you see what Jay is doing?! So crazy, so focused, so well executed. And yes, its very official. Call him retired or whatever, he’s busy as ever. THE BRILLIANCE!, or Benjamin, does too many posts about Jay. Thanks to on this one.

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Modern 50 furniture store!

I’m not going lie, I found this site because the owner signed up on our mailing list. Beautifully designed site. I love how it works, especially when you filter by what product type you want to see. It’s a vintage/classic furniture resale shop based in Washington DC…and it’s really slick. I like what they are doing. Great selection of some really rare pieces. Check the ‘Eames Neutral Tan LAR Cat Cradle Chair’ in perfect condition! Really good prices too. Check this site out, buy some stuff for your boring apartment.

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John Legend new face of GAP!

Wow. This is inspirational right here. If anyone in the past few years deserved to blow-up and really step into fame, it’s the man John Legend. With heavy sales, heavy tours, heavy collaborations, heavy everything…and for sure heavy style. This dude is sharp! And now it looks like John Legend will be sharing ad space with the other greats (sjp!) for GAP starting in July. That’s too fresh, I’m actually personally happy for the dude. THE BRILLIANCE! loves John Legend. Yo, anybody remember when LL did the GAP ads? That corny kiss/peace-sign move he did?! Too funny…

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Jay-Z iPod?!

I think I’m late on this, but I’m not sure. While browsing Getty I came across a press conference/launch party for the whole Audemars Piguet x Jay-Z thing that happened a while back. The party was on the 7th of June and they also had three special edition iPod’s that I believe came with the watch. They are inscribed on the back with one of his lyrics and his signature. The iPods come in three colors to match the finishes of the watches; stainless, gold, and rose gold. But seriously, am I late and are these official from Apple? I would think so…anyway. I gotta go check eBay, I kind of want one.

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HA. Ok, so, if you aren’t familiar with, you need to be. Seriously. I just randomly checked the site today and they updated the gossip section for the first time in 3 months, and it is just as classic as always. You CANNOT go wrong with the writing on Buddyhead, for example…“The Used & My Chemical Romance ‘joining forces’ on that Queen cover reminds me of that time I had a migraine and explosive diarrhea at the same time,” and “Weezer is going on tour with The Pixies. Thousands of fat nerdy emo gorilla girls are already sweating just at the thought of this.” HA. Man. Head over to Buddyhead, read up on what’s REALLY good in the world of indie and rock n’ roll, and make sure you check out the best & worst of the year archives. They are a must read. Shouts to Buddyhead for doing their thing for years now, and providing everyone with crude entertainment and cell phone numbers for Fred Durst.

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New Directors Label DVD’s!!

The 3 best DVD’s I own are the Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry Director’s Label DVD’s. I can watch them over and over again for inspiration and I do quite often. So, PALM decided to put out four more DVD’s! Coming September is the work of Mark Romanek, Jonathan Glazer, Anton Corbijn, and Stephane Sednaoui. Romanek is probably my favorite, having directed Jay-Z, NIN, Fiona Apple, and more…But that does not mean the others aren’t equally as brilliant. Jonathan Glazer directed the UNKLE video “Rabbit In Your Headlights,” so that alone is worth the money to buy the DVD. September 15. Sah-weeeeeeet.

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PalmOne LifeDrive!

Seems like this device isn’t getting a lot of attention…hmm. While I don’t know if I’m going to purchase one as of yet, I really like this idea. Super good idea. Here is the run down… Life Drive runs a version of Palm’s OS and has Bluetooth, wifi, has a 4gb hard drive, mp3 player, email program, big screen, etc, basically its just a PDA with some add-ons. What grabs my attention is that it is one of the first with both wifi and Bluetooth while having huge storage space. All it’s missing is the phone feature. But with wifi, you could easily use Skype. I’m trying to tell people. In NYC, LA, Chicago, Philly, all these places with wifi all over… Why have a cell phone if you have Skype and AIM everywhere you go? While this device doesn’t have everything needed, it’s getting close. These are just my thoughts. Wild nerdy.

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Masamichi Katayama Interview!

Some good ‘Sunday reading’… This is a back issue from Frame magazine with an interview/feature on the genius behind Tokyo-based WonderWall… I have written about his work before on THE BRILLIANCE! and most people are already familiar with his work in one way or another…but if you’re not, he is the man behind every Bathing Ape store and or related space, he has done stuff for LV, Marc Jacobs, Beams, and various other stores. This is a good solid read up on who Katayama is both as a designer and a bit of insight into his process along with his personality type stuff too. Thanks to Sally for the link. And seriously, this man will design a condo/house for me within the next 15 years…or something.