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66% of THE BRILLIANCE headed to NYC!

Little weekend jaunt to clear the head a bit. Virgil and I are off to NYC tomorrow…staying at the Rivington, which I’m looking forward too…looks nice. Got a couple dinners planned with friends, etc…and some shopping or whatever. No real purpose for the trip except to goof around for a weekend in someone else’s city. So hit us up if anything wild/fun is going on that we should know about! See you around. ***Chuck can’t go cause his pro roller-skating team is in the semi-finals this weekend – he’s not just a famous designer, you should see how he can ‘shoot-the-duck’! Amazing stuff.

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NoPattern is gonna go Platinum!!!

Even if you live under a rock you’ve heard of the kid Lupe Fiasco. The most anticipated record store debut is wasn’t a joke and is really coming out on September 19th. Guess who did my homeys art work? Yep. Mr. Nopattern himself is at it again. If you are good at those games on the back of cereal boxes, you already spotted the logo. The great thing about the cover in my opinion is where Chuck and Lupe took ‘it’ in the realm of hip-hop. They connected the dots from Pink Floyd, Head Porter, the Quran to Cartier glasses in one fell swoop. You don’t need to meet Lupe because everything you need to know about him is on that cover somewhere. Pay close attention to him in general because he’s putting on a lesson in creative control. Imagine having a one-way conversation with your record label and saying here’s my cover, lets use it to sell millions, and them be like O.K. Rarely happens. Or better yet….imagine doing the artwork for something that’s printed a million times over…

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How to be super late 101! Seriously…I know this has been out forever. But I don’t watch TV really…I cancelled my cable like 2-3 years ago (not m broadband though!) cause I felt like I wasted too much time watching TV. But I don’t mind catching a DVD whenever. Either way, I’m on and they had this 9 minute video of all the ‘best’ Ari Gold moments. Are you kidding me…?! Some of the funniest stuff ever. So I signed-up for NetFlix and I’ve watched all of the show except the last disc of season 2. Honestly love this show man. It’s not just Ari going nuts every episode…there is a really fresh flow to the show, love it. And all the cameos that really help blur the lines between reality and it being ‘just a show’ are too fresh…like the Gary Busey parts?! So funny…Ari: “…you’re going to spin right off this planet…” Ha. Anyway, yeah too funny. Check the clip I was talking about at the link below. Yeah, tons of inappropriateness, swearing, vulgarity…and brilliance. SOMEBODY’S GOING TO PAY FOR THE MYSTIC TAN…JESS…

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Flying an RC plane with Benjamin!

Ha…don’t ever say we didn’t bring something unique to the ‘blog sphere’. No yacking about web 2.0, hybrid cars, or real estate. I went to Target today to get some tooth paste and Diet Coke and came home with a radio controlled airplane. I’ve always wanted one…and I actually did have one when I was like 10 or whatever…but my dad crashed it, ha. Remember that dad? Anyway, I got this little one here…an Air Hog. I’ll be honest, I haven’t had that much fun in…a long time. I swear man…I was like a little kid today at Wilcox part in East Town with my bro-in-law goofing around with this thing, SO much fun man. Best part about this post?! I took a video of it…and almost getting clobbered by it. Sorry for the quality, took it on my Treo. Check it!!

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The New Motivational Speakers!!

Today is a beautiful day. Another beautiful day to be young and creative. This post is purely about sharing two inspiring pieces of web television. Both came to me in the last 30 minutes or so. One of these kids you are already familiar with. The almighty king of No Pattern and co-brainchild of this here BRILLIANCE, Chuck Anderson. This couch conversation with Geoff McFetridge is cool because it’s not an interview, it’s just conversation, which is way more effective at getting to know these artists. I appreciated the talk about being busy. How many of us always say we are so busy and have “no time”. I sure do. The other piece I just caught was fresh off of the newly revamped Heron Preston site. Everyone take note, this is how you update a site with purpose. “If you don’t have a blog, use this as your blog”-HP. His uploaded content is a springboard for us all to jump on. Now that’s really progressive. I can’t wait to see how this evolves. We are all just kids moving onto something bigger than ourselves, and here’s two pieces of proof.

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Free Knowledge, Have Some!!

I for one, I don’t have a degree in marketing or advertising but sometimes I “feel it in my gut”. My friends and I always have our 2 cents as to why that commercial is weak and I can readily pick up on that sense when “the man” is trying to selling me something. I swear getting an MBA is gonna be free as long as you have an internet connection and these professionals keep giving up their insider tips. There’s tons of great resources online. I am all about the podcasts these days. For starters, check out “What the Year’s Top Marketers Are Doing Right”, 5th from the bottom. For some one like me who has no background in this realm its real exciting to build up a knowledge in this field because it changes the way you aimlessly wonder. So many of us kids have these sidehustles and this independent frame of mind that we can’t solely rely on the internet as the only marketing tool and think we are gonna hit it big BIG. (hint, hint) Instead of listening to music I have been scrolling through these informative podcasts while working…the old two birds, one stone trick…

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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs!

Ha…this is too funny. So somebody starts a blog pretending to be Steve Jobs, offering up what he thinks Steve Jobs would have to say about the world. It’s not like he’s trying to ‘trick’ anyone with by having the URL Anyway, I follow all this Web 2.0 stuff pretty closely. Ever since tech companies started getting bought again…I remember sitting at a dinner with some mentor friends of mine (thanks for the sailing trip!) and telling them ‘the internet is back.’ I suppose I was right…but I certainly hope its not the ‘bubble’ version this time. Getting off subject…check this blog out. Funny and very insightful…I’m not sure who runs it but they are close to what is really happening. The little ‘slam’ on that now infamous party at SFMOMA is hilarious. This and are my new regular visits. No more niche culture for a minute…time to expand kids! Does anyone else find it weird that Microsoft applications see ‘blog’ as a misspelled word? ***This one is killing me…ha.

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Getting things done!!

We got an email from Dallas of WORLD in NYC telling us about the shop they opened recently at 187 Chrystie Street between Stanton and Rivington. Here’s their site - WORLD. It’s a small spot, just 300 square feet, but they’re doing their thing, trying to make it happen. Now, usually we don’t post up about stores and streetwear and stuff that much, we leave that to Hypebeast. But this email got me thinking about being inspired to start things, to do something, to get up everyday and think of the new day as an opportunity - not just as another boring ‘whatever’ day. Got me thinking about how good I feel when I get really productive with my work and what it must be like for guys trying to open their own boutiques or online stores or galleries or whatever in our amazing creative community. As much as we mock and throw little funny jabs at all the Street X Wear X Colla X Bor X Ations sometimes, on the other hand it’s really good to see young companies and young kids doing their thing, really making something happen. So much better than being out on the street or looking for some crappy night-shift job or laying around playing video games in mom and dad’s basement all day in a bean bag chair with tapered sweatpants on, eating fritos and drinking mountain dew. I’m all about being creative and having fun - so even though me and Ben and Virgil get a good laugh everytime someone emails us and says “Hey check out my new shirt company it’s called Bozworth Chomp$alot NYC we’re doing something totally different and groundbreaking. The first shirt has Wu-Tang Clan inspired stuff on it and the other shirt has a boombox with a gun!”, at least it’s something, right? Not that I encourage market saturation and things getting watered down, but better to be busy than bored. SO. Anyways.

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How to: Make Jeans!

My series is born. I am a huge fan of Bob Villa so its only right one of my serial posts is about the behind the scenes ‘process of things’. The cool thing about our day and age is that industries are more and more exposed to the public. I remember goin to Superfuture when there wasn’t a discussion board, but good thing they added one. Nowadays you can find some useful information on there. There are some knowledgeable people behind the scenes letting connoisseurs know about Levis history and educating kids on the super keyword selvedge. Anywho…I came across this process video of how Nudie Jeans are put together. Interesting stuff. Can you imagine how many times those seamstresses have put a needle through their finger? Real talk. I love this stuff because it results in appreciation of the final product. While were on the topic, say NO to tapered jeans.

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Amazon’s online grocery - classic comments…

For those of you who were disappointed when Webvan filed for bankruptcy a little while back, now you can get all your food on I know there are other online grocers like Peapod, Netgrocer, etc… But here’s the fun part about the online grocery store. The comments people leave. I mean - commenting on common foods, i.e. bananas, lettuce, grapes, etc. sounds, well, stupid…but it’s honestly a timewaster if you want something hilarious to read. Here’s a few golden comments, some of my favorites… For lettuce - “My only disappointment is that Amazon does not offer gift wrapping for this item. Lettuce makes great gifts for the entire family.” Ha… Bananas - “From the picture, I assumed that this item would fit into my ears or nose. This would have been helpful, as I’ve got some wax problems with the ears and some congestion problems with the ol’ schnozz. Unfortunately, when the item arrived, it proved far too large to be inserted into either orifice. Buyer beware!” I’m dying over here reading this… who would have thought comments on food on Amazon could be funnier than several wasted hours on or something watching videos of idiots do stupid things? Sorry, here’s a few more. Fresh Spanish Onions - “Boycott these onions! They are taking away all the jobs from perfectly good white onions!”... I mean…ha… Alright, last one, then you can go look for yourself. Lobster - “Because there’s nothing like taking a live animal larger than a cat, stuffing its struggling body into a pot, and listening to it scream as it tries to claw its way out of the boiling water. Honestly, the only thing more fun is hunting by bow and arrow, where you can really look that deer in the eye before you shoot it in the head.” Terrible. Haha, man. I hope other people find this as funny as I do…I’m almost in tears reading some of these. Link below to the potatos. Navigate your way around from there. Eat up!