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U2 and Kanye…

From AllHipHop - “Kanye West has landed an opening spot for U2’s “Vertigo” tour of New Zealand and Australia next year. West is already opening for the band’s final four shows in the United States starting in St. Louis tonight (Dec. 14).” I like this. Have you ever seen a rock act as big as U2 bring a rapper on board for the tour? I mean, maybe it’s been done before, but not to my knowledge has it been on this scale. Kanye and Bono will have interesting discussions I’m sure, seeing as how Bono seems buddy-buddy with our President while Kanye will likely sit there and be like “nah man he hates black people man and I bet he hates you too because you’re Irish.” Anyways, I’d like to see Bono come out and sing “Crack Music” with Kanye. That would be fun. Then maybe U2 will do their cover of “Southern Man” by Neil Young and Kanye can…well, nevermind…that won’t happen. Anyways, much respect to both Kanye West and U2 for touring together. Bonyo West. **Edit - sorry, I got several emails from people saying ‘What about when U2 brought Public Enemy on the ZooTV tour in ‘92?’ I was only 7 at the time though…ha…