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My Sprint EV-DO Card!

If you thought having a Blackberry/Treo got in the way of vacations…it’s getting even worse. See, for me…being connected on vaca is a good thing. It’s good for my clients too. Whatever though…anyway. So my father and I got that new Sprint EV-DO broadband card for our laptops. Pretty unbelievable. Here’s whats good…it’s a little wifi-card looking device that uses Sprint’s network to give you broadband speeds anywhere you have a cell phone signal. Including the island I’m on right now, snap! In fact, I’m using it to post this right now. So yeah…since I’m a ‘nerd’ or whatever that can’t live without the internet, this thing is like…perfect. The setup took 2 minutes and you can swap it out of any other computer with no issues. I believe Sprint has some deal making the card free when you buy the $59.99 unlimited plan. Not bad man…I pay like $40-50 for my broadband at home. Check it out though…

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Dave Chappelle season 3 preview…am I late?

‘You might recognize this as a tyrna-saur-ous rex egg…each one of these bitches is 4 million years old a piece!!!’ There is a chance I am late with this…cause I don’t watch tv, but this little trailer/preview thing is absolutely hilarious. Just the MTV Cribs thing is enough right there. Forget having 100 pairs of crispy air-ones, dude has his own sweat-shop in his closet. Dave Chappelle is a wild genius. I honestly can’t think of much else to type here. He has a B-grade looking Alf in a skit. I mean…what else could I type?! Check the link. If I’m late on this…then, my bad. If I’m not…then why isn’t anyone else talking about this?! ***Oh…did anybody see this?!?!

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NoPattern 2006!!

Updated, and fresh. This is two posts in a row giving ‘props’ to Chucky Anderson. Old dude just launched his updated site…and its quite nice. Quite a bit of his new client work is up for your previewing pleasure. And yeah buddy, he’s got a sneaker with Reebok. Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Charles Anderson…all so similar. And just like those guys, Chuck used to sell them rocks, now he sells them glows… In fact he is the self-proclaimed outer glow champion of 2006…but he never really sold rocks. So anyway…new work, new look and feel, same coherent style that has been bit by so many college kids. What else…his new print has also launched on NP&CO, which is super good. Buy it now. Check for Chuck on the international speaking and judging circuit in 2006. Nopattern, so hawt right now.

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2005 coming to an end…recap!

Man…Chuck said it. What. A. Year. First of all…I love to see my friends/family do their thing and come-up. Big shout to my main man Chuck Anderson and all the projects he’s involved in. I’ve known dude for a while, and he had one hell of a year…it was well deserved. Congrats homie, take some time to enjoy it. All right…enough of that! So yeah…for myself, its been a wild year… Crazy new business experiences, lots of travel (Maui!), all my friends, this whole website right here that was the base of so many good things, the whole real-estate hustle, so many good things this year…it was truly a good year man. I want to thank all the people that emailed us here with support, hate, links, and all that. All the people that sent us gear. All the people who were down for interviews with us: Alex, A-ron, Jest, Mark Hunter, Gensler, Kareem, Futura, etc…for real, you guys helped make the site happen. Special thanks, of course, to Alex from Neverstop/Ace for being so generous. Thanks to all the other blogs, magazines, sites, etc that showed us love…shout to Nat @ ASF. THE BRILLIANCE…what more can I say? Good stuff. And yeah, we plan to keep-on-keeping-on in 2006. Interviews, posts, features…all that and maybe even a few parties of some sort. Who knows?! Hmmmph!!! That’s what’s up…I’m out for a bit, no post till next week or whatever… Merry Christmas! Relax and enjoy… Frankincense and Mirrhh and all that!!! Shout out to spelling and grammar errors!!!

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It’s the Hotel Victor!

This is the second post I have made that has a jelly-fish as the picture. So my man Curtis sends over this link for me to check, you know, just to drop me something new…I’ll be honest, he was right, just the website alone is pretty impressive for a hotel. And as you can see by our site design, I’m not really into Flash-based design. So the hotel: Rates from $335, in South Beach, said to be a ‘nod’ to the beauty/decadence of the 30’s with Parisian flavor, an on-site spa, a jelly-fish tank, and a bunch of other crazy hotel stuff… My one thing, a lot of these hotels take old spaces and focus so much on the lobby, bar, roof-top, etc…basically all the ‘common’ areas. Which is a great thing, but I think focus on the actual rooms would be money better spent. See the Mercer or Sofitel Chicago. The Hudson, for example…I mean, great hotel, really it is…but did they want a hotel or a club/bar/restaurant more than a place where people actually stay? Whatever though…Hotel Victor looks beautiful, I wouldn’t mind staying there for a weekend next time I’m in Miami. Thanks to Curtis for the link on this…

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05 wrap-up and Happy Holidays from The Brilliance!

What a year. What. A. Year. For me personally, 2005 was the best year of my life. Work came in steadily, I made my first public speaking appearance in September at Semi-Permanent in NYC which went really well, I met a lot of the people I’ve worked with and previously only knew via phone and email, and of course, Ben and I started The Trill Brill. The Brilliance. It’s been about 8 or 9 months since The Brilliance started back in March and it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. Unfortuately, we have to say goodbye to The Brilliance now - me and Ben are just too busy to continue it. I’m just kidding of course. We got a lot of free stuff in the mail this past year, met a lot of great people as a result of this site, took an incredible trip to Seattle to meet Alex Calderwood from Neverstop, interviewed some of the most innovative and incredible people in fashion, art, and design…I don’t know what else to say - it’s been a great year and we hope 2006 will be even better. We’ll have more interviews, more posts, more talking about cell phones and white shoes and awesome bathroom fixtures and NYC real estate and money and hurricanes and maybe we’ll poke fun at Bape a little more. Anyways, this was just a random thoughts post from me because I’m too busy at the moment to look around for something more specific to post. So on behalf of both me and Benjamin, Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, X-Mas, New Years, Sweetest Day, Haloween, my birthday, teacher appreciation day, MLK day, take your daughter to work day, and black history month. Yessur!!!

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aNYthing & ESPO!!

This video is KILLING me. So funny, the ending…ha…I didn’t know what ESPO looked like (he looks a lot like Christopher Reid from House Party. haha…) but I know I love his work so if you are in NYC you should get to his book signing - December 22nd from 5:30-7PM (that is, if you can make it there without the help of the NYC public transportation…). Start applying your feet to the concrete and head on over to Hester street. ESPO’s book is only 15 dollas and 2 popped collars. Nothing more to admit, nothing counterfeit, all legit. Ha…We love A-Ron and aNYthing and ESPO. Wish I was in NYC for this. Get to it. ‘That’s not fair! I try to do my part here and you’re yelling at me like that!” YEAH!

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This Huf Tenderloin hat by Hanni!

First off man…I had a crazy weekend. Yowzers. Shout to smashed bottles, silly-snaps, and trying to get kicked out of spots. So this perfect hat…if you read this site you know we don’t get real wild over a lot of the street/niche culture products. But I saw this hat on Heron Preston’s site a while back…and had to have one. I just got mine form the UPS dude today. The whole design is so wild, unbelievably well-executed, story-telling, and intricate…el perfecto. I, not being from SF, didn’t know what the whole ‘Tenderloin’ district was…but now that I do…its that much more thorough.. Huge shout to Huf and Hanni (talent!) on this one. And how could I forget Cherrie on this one?! Snap…big shout to SF Cherrie for the hook-up on this…dinner on me, it’s nothing! That’s enough shout outs…

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U2 and Kanye…

From AllHipHop - “Kanye West has landed an opening spot for U2’s “Vertigo” tour of New Zealand and Australia next year. West is already opening for the band’s final four shows in the United States starting in St. Louis tonight (Dec. 14).” I like this. Have you ever seen a rock act as big as U2 bring a rapper on board for the tour? I mean, maybe it’s been done before, but not to my knowledge has it been on this scale. Kanye and Bono will have interesting discussions I’m sure, seeing as how Bono seems buddy-buddy with our President while Kanye will likely sit there and be like “nah man he hates black people man and I bet he hates you too because you’re Irish.” Anyways, I’d like to see Bono come out and sing “Crack Music” with Kanye. That would be fun. Then maybe U2 will do their cover of “Southern Man” by Neil Young and Kanye can…well, nevermind…that won’t happen. Anyways, much respect to both Kanye West and U2 for touring together. Bonyo West. **Edit - sorry, I got several emails from people saying ‘What about when U2 brought Public Enemy on the ZooTV tour in ‘92?’ I was only 7 at the time though…ha…

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Who Cares?!

Here is my second installment of ‘Who Cares!?’ Snap…it’s cold out here. 25ish today. Makes me reconsider things you know? Making those posts about Seychelles doesn’t help either. But regardless…I’m good, just a little cabin fever already. So here we go.
+ What is the deal with airline tickets man!? Why are the prices so random? It’s cheaper for me to buy a ticket for this weekend rather than a weekend in January? I thought it used to be cheaper in advance? …Who cares?!
+ Kanye West is exactly what hip-hop and music has needed. There is no more Rat Pack, no more old-school provocative Madonna, Fiona and Courtney don’t flip out at award shows…nobody does anything entertaining any more. Except Kanye bugging out on MTV about needing to win album of the year. Check this video here. Hilarious…but kind of inspiring. …Who cares?!
+ Ice T had this track on his album ‘Power’ called ‘Soul On Ice’. Buy this track on iTunes man. I’m not playing…go buy it right now. I love it. …Who cares?!
+ I can’t seem to get my hands on a pair of Vans Chukkas right now. Nobody has the 10.5 size I need. …Who cares?!