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It’s the Hotel Victor!

This is the second post I have made that has a jelly-fish as the picture. So my man Curtis sends over this link for me to check, you know, just to drop me something new…I’ll be honest, he was right, just the website alone is pretty impressive for a hotel. And as you can see by our site design, I’m not really into Flash-based design. So the hotel: Rates from $335, in South Beach, said to be a ‘nod’ to the beauty/decadence of the 30’s with Parisian flavor, an on-site spa, a jelly-fish tank, and a bunch of other crazy hotel stuff… My one thing, a lot of these hotels take old spaces and focus so much on the lobby, bar, roof-top, etc…basically all the ‘common’ areas. Which is a great thing, but I think focus on the actual rooms would be money better spent. See the Mercer or Sofitel Chicago. The Hudson, for example…I mean, great hotel, really it is…but did they want a hotel or a club/bar/restaurant more than a place where people actually stay? Whatever though…Hotel Victor looks beautiful, I wouldn’t mind staying there for a weekend next time I’m in Miami. Thanks to Curtis for the link on this…