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NoPattern 2006!!

Updated, and fresh. This is two posts in a row giving ‘props’ to Chucky Anderson. Old dude just launched his updated site…and its quite nice. Quite a bit of his new client work is up for your previewing pleasure. And yeah buddy, he’s got a sneaker with Reebok. Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Charles Anderson…all so similar. And just like those guys, Chuck used to sell them rocks, now he sells them glows… In fact he is the self-proclaimed outer glow champion of 2006…but he never really sold rocks. So anyway…new work, new look and feel, same coherent style that has been bit by so many college kids. What else…his new print has also launched on NP&CO, which is super good. Buy it now. Check for Chuck on the international speaking and judging circuit in 2006. Nopattern, so hawt right now.