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aNYthing & ESPO!!

This video is KILLING me. So funny, the ending…ha…I didn’t know what ESPO looked like (he looks a lot like Christopher Reid from House Party. haha…) but I know I love his work so if you are in NYC you should get to his book signing - December 22nd from 5:30-7PM (that is, if you can make it there without the help of the NYC public transportation…). Start applying your feet to the concrete and head on over to Hester street. ESPO’s book is only 15 dollas and 2 popped collars. Nothing more to admit, nothing counterfeit, all legit. Ha…We love A-Ron and aNYthing and ESPO. Wish I was in NYC for this. Get to it. ‘That’s not fair! I try to do my part here and you’re yelling at me like that!” YEAH!