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2005 coming to an end…recap!

Man…Chuck said it. What. A. Year. First of all…I love to see my friends/family do their thing and come-up. Big shout to my main man Chuck Anderson and all the projects he’s involved in. I’ve known dude for a while, and he had one hell of a year…it was well deserved. Congrats homie, take some time to enjoy it. All right…enough of that! So yeah…for myself, its been a wild year… Crazy new business experiences, lots of travel (Maui!), all my friends, this whole website right here that was the base of so many good things, the whole real-estate hustle, so many good things this year…it was truly a good year man. I want to thank all the people that emailed us here with support, hate, links, and all that. All the people that sent us gear. All the people who were down for interviews with us: Alex, A-ron, Jest, Mark Hunter, Gensler, Kareem, Futura, etc…for real, you guys helped make the site happen. Special thanks, of course, to Alex from Neverstop/Ace for being so generous. Thanks to all the other blogs, magazines, sites, etc that showed us love…shout to Nat @ ASF. THE BRILLIANCE…what more can I say? Good stuff. And yeah, we plan to keep-on-keeping-on in 2006. Interviews, posts, features…all that and maybe even a few parties of some sort. Who knows?! Hmmmph!!! That’s what’s up…I’m out for a bit, no post till next week or whatever… Merry Christmas! Relax and enjoy… Frankincense and Mirrhh and all that!!! Shout out to spelling and grammar errors!!!