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This Huf Tenderloin hat by Hanni!

First off man…I had a crazy weekend. Yowzers. Shout to smashed bottles, silly-snaps, and trying to get kicked out of spots. So this perfect hat…if you read this site you know we don’t get real wild over a lot of the street/niche culture products. But I saw this hat on Heron Preston’s site a while back…and had to have one. I just got mine form the UPS dude today. The whole design is so wild, unbelievably well-executed, story-telling, and intricate…el perfecto. I, not being from SF, didn’t know what the whole ‘Tenderloin’ district was…but now that I do…its that much more thorough.. Huge shout to Huf and Hanni (talent!) on this one. And how could I forget Cherrie on this one?! Snap…big shout to SF Cherrie for the hook-up on this…dinner on me, it’s nothing! That’s enough shout outs…