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Who Cares?!

Here is my second installment of ‘Who Cares!?’ Snap…it’s cold out here. 25ish today. Makes me reconsider things you know? Making those posts about Seychelles doesn’t help either. But regardless…I’m good, just a little cabin fever already. So here we go.
+ What is the deal with airline tickets man!? Why are the prices so random? It’s cheaper for me to buy a ticket for this weekend rather than a weekend in January? I thought it used to be cheaper in advance? …Who cares?!
+ Kanye West is exactly what hip-hop and music has needed. There is no more Rat Pack, no more old-school provocative Madonna, Fiona and Courtney don’t flip out at award shows…nobody does anything entertaining any more. Except Kanye bugging out on MTV about needing to win album of the year. Check this video here. Hilarious…but kind of inspiring. …Who cares?!
+ Ice T had this track on his album ‘Power’ called ‘Soul On Ice’. Buy this track on iTunes man. I’m not playing…go buy it right now. I love it. …Who cares?!
+ I can’t seem to get my hands on a pair of Vans Chukkas right now. Nobody has the 10.5 size I need. …Who cares?!