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2006/2007 BMW M3!

I don’t particularly like BMW’s all that much. Too many ‘dudes’ driving around in a 3 series acting like ‘top-level’ executives…come on buddy, valet parking doesn’t make you a baller. Either way, the M3 on the other hand is a staple in performance based sports cars. It’s almost iconic. It’s also the only car that looks good in ‘Tick’ blue. Remember The Tick? Say it’s not the same color! So apparently the new M3 will be dropping here in the next year and the link below has some spy shots. It looks pretty sharp, but BMW seems to be losing those hard-edge lines that gave them such instant brand recognition. But I’ll be honest; the rear of the new M3 is fresh, very aggressive stance. Good look. And it’s still very M3; V8, 420hp and my favorite – SMG transmission. I sound like a gear head here…trust me I’m not. The M3 is classic.

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NASA: To the moon! ME: So?

For real…what the hell are they going to do on the Moon that they didn’t do last time? I saw the artist rendition pictures of what the lunar capsule will look like, and it’s the same as the one we used 30+ years ago. Honestly, they say they will gain a better understanding of what it will take to put a crew on the surface of Mars. Look, maybe I am just getting ‘old’ and I’ve lost my imagination…but what for? What is on Mars? If this stuff was privately funded it would be a little more exciting because it would be out of someone else’s pockets and strictly done by an account of their ambition, not the tax payers. Sorry, I didn’t want to bring politics into this. But it’s going to cost $100 billion. Come on man…$100 billion? If someone did it privately it would be so much cooler, and a terribly lavish/decadent expenditure by the person/group that made it happen…which is the American way. Ha…wow. I’m sorry, I made a hater post. This Kanye Live @ Abbey Studios is just nuts, get it.

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Crack Berry, the Treo 700w!

Yes…I am a fiend for these ‘smart phones.’ I admit it…again. So it’s actually really official this time, the new Treo 700 will be running Windows Mobile. Which is really wild…that’s like an iBook running windows. Endgadget, as always, has the jump on everyone by having an actual working model in their possession to play with. I am really interested in how they get these exclusives. Take a look at the pictures shown at the link below…I have to say, it is quite nice. This phone represents a great possibility of surpassing the Black Berry. It looks so crisp too, just clean lines, cool color, nice keypad, big crisp screen. I need this phone, for real, I need it. So is it going to be on Sprint?! I have a meeting in a few and I need to hit the corner store for some Skittles and a Diet Coke, I’m out.

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Mark The Cobra Snake & Dopefiend!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…you already knew cause every other blog already posted this. But check the new Mark The Cobra Snake interview on Dopefiend. Dude is a niche-culture icon, all from the ground up…I love what Mark does, his whole aesthetic, his process, the pictures, the girls always around him…Yes sir, a cool-ass dude for real. Check the interview where he covers everything from the blondes vs. brunettes, the cobra snake lifestyle, being lonely and how sea foam is the new color this season. A big shout out to Mark the Cobra Snake, fools know what’s up. Check the picture with myself and Mark at a wild party in NYC…the alcohol was free and now I’m on The Cobra Snake…what can I say. And no, my face doesn’t always look like that, ha. ***Oh yeah, we interviewed the Snake Man a while back, read it here.

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You have to believe me when I say I don’t get into TV shows. For real, I don’t. I even cancelled my cable (brought it down to basic) just so that I wasted less time on the sofa doing nothing. But this show ‘Lost’ has me. The production, the writing, the whole vibe, the genius-like ability to create mystery and ‘scariness’ out of the seemingly ordinary…even the acting is decent. I’m really into it. And one of the best things about Lost…it’s not a reality show! For real, its contrived, its not real, its got people stranded on a remote island, all the makings of a entertaining non-reality show. Plus how fresh is the opening credit part when the logo rolls in with those tense horns hitting crescendo? Very nice touch. A big shout out to TV on this post.

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I’m browsing around looking for fresh news to steal and post on here, and then it hit me. Everything on the damn site is fresh. I would say 99% of what reports and posts on their site is incredibly interesting, and the other 1% is still probably pretty interesting. Everything that is new, innovative, contemporary, and, for the last time, fresh, with homelife, product design, and architecture, MocoLoco has locked down. Sinks, homes, stairs, lamps, silverware, glassware, boats…All beautifully designed and intriguing product design and pure creativity right here. THE BRILLIANCE loves MocoLoco and I like these cinnamon sugar Quaker Oats granola bars I bought the other day.

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Annual Creative Industry Salaries!!

Nobody likes to talk about money, but then again, everybody loves to talk about money. Nobody will tell you what they make, but they have no problem waving their new panther skin purse in your face while they drive away in their gold plated 2009 Hummer to the bank. Did that make sense? Was that a joke? I don’t even know. Anyways,, an online creative job board and search is currently conducting their annual creatives salary survey. It’s anonymous, so you don’t need to worry about letting everyone know you only pulled out with $3,382.24 this year, but still. Just interesting. I really like seeing what other people make in certain fields similar to my own, and also what people make in general. In any field. We should do an anonymous salary survey. THE BRILLIANCE X SALARY X SURVEY. Or not. But either way, an interesting look into the money side of creativity for anyone interested. And if you aren’t interested? Get off my website and go do a pushup.

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Tony Starks – Be Easy!

Needed a music post…and who better than Sir Ghostface? I like this track quite a bit…glittery beat, heavy sampling, classic Ghost flow – but some how more articulate than he usually is. Is Mr. Carter pushing him harder? Speaking of that, I am waiting for the official Jay and Ghost track…I hope to see this one day. So yeah, this track is classic ghost and it is thankfully missing any appearances from the Theodore Unit. Sorry, but I just don’t feel those guys, they pale compared to Ghost…but Superb was that dude! Check the track at the link below (Real Player required) thanks to the best hip-hop site, Does ghost say ‘whodi’ in this song? Ha… ‘…tell your crew to be easy! running around with the fake frowns, sell ‘em on ebay…’

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Clever Homes, more prefab!

These just make too much sense. So modular and customizable…and cheap. I’m not sure I’m feeling the name ‘Clever Homes’, but it’s easier to get past this when you see there designs. Quite nice. Heavy use of glass panels and hard edges which is both a good and bad thing…If you’re looking at constructing one of these in the middle of no where, or on an island in middle of no where, it is quite difficult to the needed glass shipped there…but whatever. These guys, Clever Homes, are based out of Cali and have a great site that has a good amount of information and a great little flash thing that shows one of their homes being built in 35 days. Wow. Thanks to Michael for the link on this. ***Maybe ‘cheap’ wasn’t the right word. These are beautiful, but for a more cost effective solution check these guys.

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Homedics Shiatsu Massager!!

A little history lesson for everyone. In 7th grade I was in track&field. Keep in mind that was 8 years ago. I did the high jump and one day in practice, I went over the bar and SNAP! Cracked a vertebrae all the way through. 3rd from the bottom vertebrae to be exact. Hurt bad but couldn’t do anything about it, had to let it heal on its own. So? So…I have a bad back. And I’m 20 years old. Add to that the fact that I work at the computer for a living…So I’ve contemplated buying one of those crazy expensive massage chairs but didn’t really want to drop $2K+. Then one night I went to Walgreens and they had this massage cushion thing, so I gave it shot thinking it would probably suck…but…Wow…works like a real massage chair, is only $100, and feels great. And I use it more than I’m supposed to. I bought mine on so that’s the link I’ll give you. Bad back or not, if you want to sit at the computer and get a massage at the same time, get this thing and save yourself some money. Very minimal and basic settings, but it works incredibly well if you’ve got knots like a little kids shoes in your back.