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Ace Hotel in Portland!

The now infamous Ace Hotel of Seattle is expanding into Portland! And let me tell you, if you don’t know about the Ace Hotel you really had better ask somebody. I did a write up on the Ace before, so I don’t need to rehash all of it…but, it is hands down the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in. 24 rooms of perfect design and execution and Portland, you guys get 55 rooms, yesir. I’m not 100% sure when the Portland location opens, but keep your eyes peeled for real. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Also…check us in a couple weeks for the full feature/interview on Alex Calderwood, The Ace Hotel, Rudy’s Barbershop, Neverstop, and the whole empire. Shout out to Alex! Stay tuned.

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Custom Kicks Showdown!

I usually don’t post stuff like this. But I like this one…and for a good reason. It’s a customer sneaker design contest sponsored by Reebok and Finish Line where the entrant must take a pair of Reebok sneakers and ‘pimp them’ (ha) or customize them to their liking. Cool thing about this one is that the winning designer gets his shoes actually manufactured by Reebok and sold in Finish Line, a 3 day vacation in Boston touring Reebok’s HQ and $1,000 to spend on Reebok products. All the cash from the sale of the custom designed shoe goes to a charity of the designer’s choice. Reebok is doing their thing one step at a time, props to them. Cool contest concept, but I’m not feeling the name.

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Conflict Diamonds Remix!

Man, I post about Jay and Kanye like people post about Nikes. Whatever. Anyway, interesting track here. Kanye felt he needed to do a quick remix clearing up both the meaning behind his track Diamonds and his personal feelings on the whole issue of rappers (or anyone) buying ‘Conflict Diamonds’… Interesting stuff, his line directed at Jacob The Jeweler is pretty funny. Jay also gets on the track, but he doesn’t really touch on the whole Conflict Diamond issue…he does have some interesting verses concerning Bleek. Check the Ill Community over at for this track. And read up on Conflict Diamonds, matter of fact, read up on the whole gem trade, it’s crazy.

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Michael Jackson innocent

So? I don’t think anyone cares, really…Except that lady who released a bunch of white doves when they announced the verdict. wtf?

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DC Shoes Artist Series with André!

DC is doing their thing. As usual…what else would you expect? Anyway, DC continues their Artist Project Series with famed graffiti André. The shoes are limited to 250 pairs and will come with one of those fresh Incase hipsacks. The first chance to buy these will be at the view/opening party in taking place on July 7th at Black Block, located in Paris’ Palais de Tokyo Museum…awesome location. After that you’ll be able to grab these, if there are still any left, at Arkitip’s store. DC keeps doing progressive things, keeping fresh new artists in the mix. Stay tuned! And yo! That wild basketball thing is airing on TV now, so wild…what up Josh! Official word is that the shoes, and bags were created for the André X Arkitip issue. Each issue will come with a André X Arkitip X DC Shoes X Incase hip bag.

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Collaboration x News Post!

This news JUST got to us.

I mean, dang. Check it out, coming October 2017…Adidas x BAPE x Nike x Manute Bol x Nickelodeon x Casio x Skee-lo x Skechers x ITT Tech x Fendi x Home Depot limited edition kicks, so fresh, only 4 1/2 pairs made, available exclusively in random vending machines around the world. The collaboration to end all collaborations, this is it right here. I mean, come on. This is just crazy. They will be available in silver elephant skin with horse hair thread and gator soles, lined on the inside with only the finest panda fur. All your e-friends on Niketalk and your cousin who writes graff in New Jersey will be SUPER impressed when you show up with these on. Rock them with some limited edition socks and your favorite rare pair of jeans you got on eBay, and man, you are good to go. We also JUST got word that these will come with a TOTALLY limited edition Bentley x Creed pair of laces. SICK!

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Supreme x Wu Tang!?

Not too much info on this collaboration, but via Hypebeast, there were apparently 50 shirts made by Supreme for Raekwon’s newest album Only Built For Cuban Links 2, and most of the shirts went to Rae and Ghost. I want a Ghost shirt that says “Susie throw it out the window! Susieeeeee!” If you don’t know, don’t worry about it. If you do, it should be kind of funny.

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NP&CO. Updated!

The infamous Chuck Anderson updates his NP&CO. store with 2 new high quality 16 x 20 pieces. He did well with the ‘Godlike’ prints and wanted to hit everyone with his more organic, hand-drawn style…fresh. No glows on these, just incredible attention to detail and intricacies that must be experienced in person to truly appreciate. The two pieces, ‘Teenage Kicks’ and ‘Trill Grill’ are both signed/numbered editions of 30 and are available for $25 plus shipping, mailed flat! No rolling! Check them out right now, and buy one right now! Yesir.

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Young Hov and Aztek, new track!

I don’t know who Aztek is, but I know exactly what Young Hov is doing. Spreading himself across all cultures within ‘street culture’ or ‘hip-hop’… Incredible. This is a mix with the extremely strong Southern movement, Mike Jones beat and the slightly chopped & screwed hook, and of course this new Aztek guy who is repping the Latino culture… Perfect. Do you see what Jay is doing?! So crazy, so focused, so well executed. And yes, its very official. Call him retired or whatever, he’s busy as ever. THE BRILLIANCE!, or Benjamin, does too many posts about Jay. Thanks to on this one.

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Modern 50 furniture store!

I’m not going lie, I found this site because the owner signed up on our mailing list. Beautifully designed site. I love how it works, especially when you filter by what product type you want to see. It’s a vintage/classic furniture resale shop based in Washington DC…and it’s really slick. I like what they are doing. Great selection of some really rare pieces. Check the ‘Eames Neutral Tan LAR Cat Cradle Chair’ in perfect condition! Really good prices too. Check this site out, buy some stuff for your boring apartment.