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GOODS in Seattle!

We just got back from Seattle… GOOD times. That was corny. Either way, GOODS is a really fresh store. With a focus on sneakers (Nike, RTFT, etc) and t-shirts from Stussy, Ojas, GOODS, and various others… They recently had a Stussy x GOODS event and they still have a ton of vintage Stussy shirts tastefully hanging on the walls, very sick. They have books, art, and various other ‘goodies’ associated with the niche brands and street wear culture. They are on Pike Street in a cool area right at the start of Capitol Hill, very nice location. Super nice customer service… Shout out to everyone in Seattle @ GOODS.

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We’re traveling to Seattle this weekend! So, in the meantime, have a look around the site, read the old writeups, read some interviews, and email us to tell us what you think of the site or what you think of Ben’s white shoes (see the About page for a picture…) Anyways, get your news this weekend from our friends at Hypebeast, Slam Hype, Being Hunted, Dopefiend, Gureala, Freshness, Cool Hunting, RTHQ, and…yeah…that’s it. Just returning some love. Look for new updates and interviews next week. ***Shout out to The Ace Hotel! Stay there… Shout out to Chuck’s beat up looking Teva sandals, see the About page!

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Neck Face X Maharishi Photos!!

Neck Face is like meatloaf. You either love it or hate it. I personally love meatloaf and I really love Neck Face’s work as well. This is a terrible way to begin this write-up. Anyways, what I’m saying is, most people either think Neck Face’s work is cool or that it’s weak and too ‘out there’. I personally find it very refreshing. You cannot mistake it for anyone else’s work and the ‘evil playfulness’ his work has is really just unmatched. So - anyways, here are some photos of his work at the DPMHI exhibit in London, courtesy of Dopefiend. Very nice, wish I could have gone.

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MUJI… ‘no brand goods!’

I like this stuff right here. I want to call it the Ikea of Japan, but it doesn’t really do it justice. Ikea is more like, over-designed and often a little too playful. MUJI is starkly utilitarian in form and very well design with an emphasis on simplicity and natural colors. In terms of what they ‘make’…they ‘make’ everything from hair dryers, clothing, storage systems, furniture, etc… Everything ‘life’ related. In fact, to a certain extent they are a life-style brand. One thing very apparent with MUJI is the lack of logo use… This is also a similar theme you’ll find with Ikea and H&M, at least in a similar vein. Either way, MUJI is good stuff, I need some in my life right now, but it is a bit hard to come by in the states. Check out the UK based web store.

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Art Prostitute - Evan Hecox & Cody Hudson

Evan Hecox and Cody Hudson have teamed up for an exhibit, May 7-July 11 called “Waiting Room.” Both artists are personal favorites of mine and the Art Prostitute site has a bunch of great pictures from the gallery. Sah-WEEEET.

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Twelve Bar!

An interesting new entrant to the niche street-clothing market… Meet the soon to be available ‘Twelve Bar.’ This line was started by a former in-house lawyer for Maharishi and a former creative director for Nike’s European digital division. Hmm, seems like they have seen a lot, which should make this label really stand out. Based out of London, the label is inspired by “ music and the incredible influence it has had on street culture today…” Their product will be available in strictly limited amounts, 250 pieces per run, and drops this week in NYC at Union and Ubiq in Philly… It will also be available in LA at Fred Segal, Collette in Paris, and in Japan. Stay tuned to what these guys are up to. Keep doing your thing Nick.

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Billionaire Boys Club?

I almost don’t want to post this because of all the hype, hate, controversy it caused however long ago that was when it first started to pop up. Either way… Looks like it has ‘officially’ dropped…or it will be on the 20th. Not quite sure. Concept Shop say’s they will have some soon and have actual photographs of the denim hat… Also, there was a denim hat on eBay that was numbered xxxx/3000, but I can’t seem to find the auction now. My thoughts on BBC: This is a case of people taking a t-shirt too seriously. Yes, their ‘mantra/motto’ is a bit corny, but it’s not terrible. Yes the design is very simple/boring, but I don’t think it’s an accident, Nigo is a very smart man. If you like it, buy it. It’s not that big of a deal. I’m honestly interested to see if it takes any interesting twists and turns as a brand. Best of luck to Pharrell and Nigo with the line… I’ll probably get a hoody or something. That denim hat looks…‘floppy’ though.

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Nike SB Tiffany’s!!!

These are definitely up there with some of my favorite shoes around. I really love these…The diamond, the mint, the silver, the black croc leather…We’re usually not into posting shoes here, since so many other sites have nailed that down to a T and news about shoes can get, well honestly, a little boring, but these are too cool to not share. Simplicity!!! That Tiffany & Co. colorway is pretty fresh. Apparently won’t be released until end of August but of course, someone on eBay has a sample pair available somehow. Thanks to HypeBeast.

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Told em’ I finished school , and started my own business, they said ‘oh you graduated?’… You know the rest. My main man Chuck updates us with his latest works… Quick note here, pictures of actual work, this is crucial. Take pictures of the actual magazine, its just…better. As you can see, he has progressed considerably, as he does with each piece if you follow his stuff close… You’ll see the trademark glows in a few places, but check the Creativity cover. I said check it!! All I can say is…super good. That cover represents a very strong new move for him, very nice. And his feature in The Royal is perfect, but trust me, his office is never that clean… Especially after I spilled an entire box of Reese Puffs cereal on his desk/floor. They went everywhere, true story. And to all the diabolical haters on News Today: YES he has a feature about himself on his own news site. BUNG! BUNG! BUNG!

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Takashi Murakami prints!!

This might be old news but it’s new to me. Just found this site called Nara-Kami Shop where you can (for a hefty price) purchase signed and numbered Takashi Murakami prints. All different ones available. Actually, not only prints, but figures, cheaper posters, shirts, books/DVD’s, stickers, and more. If you didn’t know, Murakami is the artist that Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton collaborated with for the “Eye Dare You!” purses as well as other products. Also available on the same site is work from the beautiful Yoshitomo Nara. Nice…