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God Bless The South - New Orleans

So, I posted about this site when I got back from my first trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. After that first trip, we were invited to come back down south to help with more relief work only that time - to New Orleans. So we went and I took a ton of pictures. That was a few weeks ago and I finally updated this site with pictures from that trip. It was intense, sad, exciting, and terrible all at the same time. I am going to be heading back down south for a third time in December to Biloxi once more, so keep me and the group from my church in your thoughts and/or prayers if you can. Anyways, check these pictures out. Photography from New Orleans, post-Katrina. ***Chuck is my main man, huge amount of respect for what he is doing. It’s a very sincere effort. What more can I say. - B

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Samsung P300!

Wowzers. I don’t know a lot about this thing. But it’s nuts. Its only like 2-3 credit cards thick and about the same size as a credit card. Plus that brushed metal finish with the super industrial placement of the keys. It’s so incredibly well designed. It’s got the high-res camera, Bluetooth, and like triple the memory of a Treo. That’s all I know about it…go check Engadget for more info. I want 100 cell phones. ***Also, I tried that PPC-6700 one yesterday…ehh. Not going to buy it.

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Myspace & Dip Set & Emo & MTV!

Chea, chea, chea! I mean. Ok…yeah, I have a myspace account. I’m that dude who claims to never use it. While I don’t post actual pictures of myself, I do use it to stay in touch with friends around the country and all that. So anyway…I’m reading this news article about this band that is 100% independent, has sold over 500k records, was on Warp Tour, tours in a big cruiser bus, etc…with absolutely no record label, no backing, no airplay, no mtv…nothing. Just their myspace music account thing. I’ve been telling people…(this is where Dip Set comes in)…why sign to a record label? Dip Set moves hundreds of thousands of their mixtapes. $5-$8 a pop, no sample clearing, no distribution networks really, nothing…just a lot of cash coming in. All the ‘booty/club’ chicks and emo kids are an absolute gold mine on myspace. The article also mentioned that myspace gets more hits in a month (9.4B) than google and is now deemed the ‘new MTV’ for our generation. Tom from myspace, who knew? Good thing I didn’t delete him as my friend….uh.

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IBM slows light!??

Yes, you read correctly. IBM has developed a technology to actually slow down light. In my opinion, that’s not very far from time travel, invisibility powers, and performing miracles on lepers. Slow down light. You couldn’t pay me enough money to develop some kind of technology like that. The chip, called a photonic silicon waveguide, is a piece of silicon dotted with arrays of tiny holes. Ohhhh NOW I get it! Anyways, it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around what exactly this is for but the simplest explaination is that it will allow computer systems to run at the same speed they do now but using a fraction of the energy. I’m no photon scientist but that sounds pretty cool. Slow down light. Ha. It’s one of those things that just sounds completely made up. But alas, ‘tis true. You know, this is one of those things that - whoever actually developed or invented this - has some SERIOUS bragging rights. Like, “Hey Bob how was work?” “Not bad, we got a potential new client and a jeans day on Friday.” “That’s cool. I slowed down light.”

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H&M is nice!

What it do? H&M is too on point. I don’t even know if this is late news or whatever…but the new Stella McCartney line is a perfect example of why I love H&M. We don’t really even cover women’s clothing or anything, but it’s a perfect example of a beautifully executed line that is affordable and each piece can be thrown in with another. Making it all the more cost effective. But whatever though…H&M for guys isn’t perfect but, again, its just so well done in terms of design accessibility/pricing, sizing, cuts, design and all that. Just a cool overall business model. That’s what’s really good. In fact…I don’t think we have ever mad a post about H&M before. Long over due. I want to see them do some other crazy, more niche, collaboration lines. I had Jimmy Johns for dinner and I got a new orchid in my place. I’m posted up like a mailbox.

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The whatever update.

Man…there is nothing ‘cool’ to flap my gums about. For real. Email me if you think different. No more t-shirts, sneakers or nothing like that. Something new. Chuck and I don’t do the sneaker thing or the toy thing or whatever. Sorry. Updates:

  • The chicken-fries from Burger King are a serious problem. So good with that neon-orange buffalo sauce. I’ll take another 12 piece.
  • I know I said I’m not into sneakers and all that…but Vans Chukkas are perfect. I’m about to start rocking worn-out shoes man. No more fresh whites.
  • Young Jeezy and his old BMF friends are probably going to jail. Maybe. What is the old saying? Is it…’get your money and shut-up’? I hope they make a movie about it after all is said and done.
  • I bought Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty off iTunes. Song is so good today. I bet I won’t like it tomorrow.
  • Mambas are the most candy for your corner-store dollar. I am the corner store king. Ask about me.
  • I thought the ‘O RLY’ owl thing was pretty funny man…but it kind of isn’t anymore.
  • ‘Hating’ things. Is this like a recent thing? Like in the past 25 years? The Fonz didn’t hate people. He just ignored them.
  • I like purposely boring design. They need to come up with a name for that style or genre.
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College Parties.

I hit lounges…nice bars and restaurants. Low key, nice drinks, great service…etc. I order seared Ahi Tuna and Focaccia…just my style. I never really did the college party/kegger thing as I never attended college. In fact…I didn’t drink until I was 23. Too busy doing my thing. So anyway…this past Saturday the good guys from Blame Clothing invite me to their East Town home to attend a Halloween kegger. Hilarious. I can’t believe what I was missing. Look…I still love good service, great drinks and beautifully designed spaces…but drunk-ass college kids are some of the best entertainment I’ve had in a while. The beer tasted horrible, the sound system wasn’t that good, white sneakers were a dumb idea, and I learned a little about a game called beer pong. And honestly…most of the girls were better looking than any of the ‘nice’ places I’m usually found at. I mean, I had to hit up Martha’s Vineyard for a bottle of Vueve cause I couldn’t do the beer…but I did drink it out of a red cup whilst carrying the bottle with me. Gangster. So yeah…that’s my post…I’m going to more house parties, that’s all there is too it. Big shout to Jesse, Ian, and Neil…I hope the clean-up wasn’t too much. And yes, I got her number.

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Jay-Z & Nas.

Of course I’m going to post this. I ever so distinctly remember my first listen of the very scratchy recording of Jay at Summer Jam performing the first little bit of Takeover…and hearing Beanie Sigel yell ‘don’t stop Jay…don’t stop…’ It was so crazy man. Then the famous gun-shot intro on Ether. I mean, I was the biggest Jay fan, but Ether was too much. Still an incredible track. Nas and Jay’s beef was nothing short of legendary. Hip-hop history. Then they come out on stage together and do Dead President. I mean…wow. I haven’t heard the audio and all that yet…but I’ll get to it. I swear though…don’t you wonder what their first sit down meeting was like to discuss this happening? Did they get some sushi and talk things over? I can’t even really explain how incredible this whole things is. Jay-Z and Nas….a very proud moment in hip-hop music. ***How was I supposed to follow-up a post about puppies? Uhh…

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KAWS on Jay…

This is kind of a quick follow up post to the last one Ben made…but wow. I just wanted to say, as always, much respect to KAWS for managing to be so quiet but at the same time so unbelievably visible and recognizable. Jay wore this Bape jacket at the concert last night. Giant Kaws eyes and teeth right on there…I just think this is too cool, seriously.

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The Daily Puppy

This is probably the best post I’ve ever made. I don’t know about you, but I love dogs. In fact, I can say without a doubt that if I was not an artist, I would be a vet or work with dogs somehow, and I mean that. I know this is pretty different than what we usually post but hey so what? It’s not like you can do anything about it. So - this site just shows picture after picture of puppies. All different kinds - dobermans, labs, spaniels, boxers, and my favorite, pugs. I became pretty intrigued by pugs when I worked at Skinnycorp/Threadless for a bit a while back and Jake, one of Threadless’ owners, brought his black pug Norman to work almost every day. They look hilarious and you just can’t feel angry at them even if they do something stupid. They just look at you with those bugged out eyes like “what?” So anyways, start checking this site out daily if you love dogs, or spend sme time looking through all the archived photos, or send in your own. Big shout out to my mom for sending this link to me. What’s up mom! She doesn’t even read this site. On another note, the WHITE SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES. YES.