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Jay-Z & Nas.

Of course I’m going to post this. I ever so distinctly remember my first listen of the very scratchy recording of Jay at Summer Jam performing the first little bit of Takeover…and hearing Beanie Sigel yell ‘don’t stop Jay…don’t stop…’ It was so crazy man. Then the famous gun-shot intro on Ether. I mean, I was the biggest Jay fan, but Ether was too much. Still an incredible track. Nas and Jay’s beef was nothing short of legendary. Hip-hop history. Then they come out on stage together and do Dead President. I mean…wow. I haven’t heard the audio and all that yet…but I’ll get to it. I swear though…don’t you wonder what their first sit down meeting was like to discuss this happening? Did they get some sushi and talk things over? I can’t even really explain how incredible this whole things is. Jay-Z and Nas….a very proud moment in hip-hop music. ***How was I supposed to follow-up a post about puppies? Uhh…