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Myspace & Dip Set & Emo & MTV!

Chea, chea, chea! I mean. Ok…yeah, I have a myspace account. I’m that dude who claims to never use it. While I don’t post actual pictures of myself, I do use it to stay in touch with friends around the country and all that. So anyway…I’m reading this news article about this band that is 100% independent, has sold over 500k records, was on Warp Tour, tours in a big cruiser bus, etc…with absolutely no record label, no backing, no airplay, no mtv…nothing. Just their myspace music account thing. I’ve been telling people…(this is where Dip Set comes in)…why sign to a record label? Dip Set moves hundreds of thousands of their mixtapes. $5-$8 a pop, no sample clearing, no distribution networks really, nothing…just a lot of cash coming in. All the ‘booty/club’ chicks and emo kids are an absolute gold mine on myspace. The article also mentioned that myspace gets more hits in a month (9.4B) than google and is now deemed the ‘new MTV’ for our generation. Tom from myspace, who knew? Good thing I didn’t delete him as my friend….uh.