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Adam Cvijanovic’s glacier paintings!!

I almost didn’t do this post because I got so frustrated trying to type this guys’ last name, I almost just quit computers all together. Anyways, Adam is an artist from New York and bascially, he paints big glaciers. It might not sound that fancy, but…these are some BIG paintings. Huge. Enormous, full wall sized paintings. And they are absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous. Not only artistically beautiful, but scientifically beautiful as well since these aren’t just guessed visions of what a glacier might be like, these are researched and accurate depictions. Very inspiring.

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IKEA’s new Lund Hogen

I want to work in Ikea’s Naming Department! If they had a big mirror or something I would name it: ‘REFLEKON’ …with a bunch of those dots over the letters, you know? Anyway, Ikea’s new Lund Hogen which comes in both the classic beige and red is similar to the Karlanda, a personal favorite of mine, in its shape but it has these beautiful new galvanized steel legs. I love it. For me, Ikea usually comes really close but misses out on one or two things with most of their pieces…not on this one. It’s the complete package. And it’s only $399!? Super low prices, hopefully the quality matches the design as they did with the Karlanda. I’m seeing this on a polished concrete floor or some of that super thin bamboo flooring. THE BRILLIANCE! loves Ikea. Thanks to Josh Rubin for reminding me to check Ikea’s site.

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Nike SB apologizes to Minor Threat!

This is a very, very good move on Nike’s part. Really says a lot about their maturity and integrity to have apologized to Minor Threat and Dischord. If you didn’t know what was up, Nike SB had a skate tour they dubbed “Major Threat” and rehashed the cover of Minor Threat’s famous 1984 self-titled album for the tour poster artwork. It really irked a lot of people because it was done so without Minor Threat/Dischord’s permission. The only thing I’m not sure about is Nike SB claiming a bit of ignorance. I mean, how could they not realize this would be a problem. Honestly…Anyways, respect to Nike SB for taking the right approach to this, and more respect to Minor Threat/Dischord for, well, being Minor Threat and Dischord. Click the link below for Nike’s full apology letter. Also, Nike SB: If anyone from there is reading this, please take my suggestion and do a skate tour based off of either a Gorilla Biscuits cover or a Cat Stevens cover. OK!

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Motorola Franklin!

Another fresh cell that won’t drop for like 2 years! For real, what’s the deal with things taking forever?! Basically this phone is like a RAZR version of the Blackberry in terms of how it looks…come on, that’s what’s up. It will run the new Windows mobile 5.0 and doesn’t have a touch screen. I personally like that. I am a one-handed user of my Treo all the way. It has all the needed features…1.3mp camera, 128mb of memory, miniSD slot, big color screen, ‘push’ email, etc… I just want it you know? This one could actually replace my Treo. So Motorola, if you need some testers, let us know…THE BRILLIANCE! will make it official. Thanks to Engadget on this one.

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M-M-M-MAUI! And I’m back!

I mean, I could try and put it into words…unreal. I just landed back at my condo and after some of those new boneless buffalo wings from KFC it’s really setting in that I got to spend about 9 days in a straight up paradise. So unreal. Getting off the jet to an open-air airport with view of lush greens mountains covered with clouds…palm trees everywhere…man. I took it all in, stayed busy seeing everything I could… Attended a beautiful 6am (whoa!) beach wedding, chased sea turtles on the reef at Polo beach, body surfing, body boarding, surfing (long board), the crater (cold!), diving into the Olivine Pools, Seven Sacred Pools in Hana!!!, the rain-forests of Hana, that bamboo forest in Hana!!!, Paia, Lahaina, Kihei, all the love we got in Haiku at that dudes house, little partying on Front street, sun sets at the condo, Napili bay (whoa!), all of Waliea…man, the list goes on. All I can say is…I will be back, and it could get serious. Sorry for the quality, these were taken on the fly with my Treo.

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Deep Thoughts with ½ of The Brilliance.

·Ben is coming home from Hawaii tomorrow and he learned how to surf and said he might bring back an entire palm tree.
·We spent just $300 to buy
·Anyone else seen those OP (Ocean Pacific) ads in almost every damn magazine around? They are…not good.
·“Neck of the Woods” by Baby and Lil’ Wayne is currently one of my favorite songs.
·I saw a girl wearing JNCO mammoth fit jeans at the mall.
·A Silent Flute is one of my favorite blogs because he’s the only one besides us that will step their game up and write things that are actually interesting and funny.
·Too X Many X Collaborations X That X Nobody X Cares X About.

That’s about all I had on my mind today.

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Chocolate Kicks!!!

I know that I’ve personally been waiting the last 20 years of my life for some chocolate shoes and now they’re finally here. Seriously though, this is wild and one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. The detail is crazy on the shoes, and we’ll be sure to show you more as we are able to. From Frank151, “Long time Sneaker Freaker contributor Al Cabino teamed up with his friends in Switzerland to create the world’s first ever sneaker chocolate. Made completely out of the world’s finest Swiss chocolate, this historic project in sneaker culture is top secret, so stay tuned for more details.” Frank151 also has a larger picture with good details here. We will make sure to keep everyone posted about this slowly but surely, since it’s on the low right now. What I’d really like is a pair of chocolate shoes that I can actually wear. Boomshakalaka! Is it the shoes!?

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Minor Threat VS. Nike!?!

One of my all time favorite bands, Minor Threat, stood against just about everything Nike is all about. So who thought it would be cool and taken lightly to blatantly rip off the cover of their classic self-titled 1984 album and slap logos all over it?? This is a bummer. Nike SB’s 2005 East Coast tour is being called “Major Threat” and being coupled directly with the Minor Threat artwork. Pitchfork said it best: “Come on, Nike, your Swoosh is one of the most iconic brand images in the world, perhaps a tiny notch below the Golden Arches and maybe Coca-Cola; you don’t need to be appropriating another culture for yourselves.” Some might say Nike is paying homage to Minor Threat, but it’s just rubbing people the wrong way. Here is a link to the Nike SB image. Branding all over Minor Threat goes together about as well as onions and hot chocolate. Dischord Records is not happy and we’ll keep you posted on what happens next. I wish Nike would have done a Gorilla Biscuits spinoff instead, or maybe like, Earth Crisis or something. Haha.

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As I Lay Dying!

You thought we only liked hip hop? Come on, we’re still white as snow over here. Got to dash in a little bit of metal, right?? As much as I can bump to Slim Thug, Ghostface, Lil Wayne, or Skee-Lo in my car all day, I still have a place in my heart for some skinny white guys with black hair running around screaming on stage. As I Lay Dying is probably one of the only metal/hardcore bands I give attention to anymore and will willingly listen to. Their new album recently came out, complete with artwork from Jacob Bannon of Converge, so you know that’s a good sign right there…I’d definitely suggest checking it out if you have the slightest interest in them or that kind of music. Especially check out their older album Frail Words Collapse. If not, that’s fine, keep listening to Kenny Loggins or whatever. What other sites do you know post about a dirty south rapper, a metal band from San Diego, traveling to Maui, and an artist from Lansing, IL all in the same week? WHO?!?!

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Streetwear Today!!

A new issue of Streetwear Today is about to drop on July 1st. This magazine, out of Germany, focuses on international street style and culture. This issue has a cover feature and interview with industry giant Michael Kopelman. Don’t know who he is? Well, started Stüssy Europe, Gimme5 and Goodenough UK, official Supreme dealer for Europe, NBHD/Visvim/Headporter/PAM distributor in Europe, owns Stüssy Store/Foot Patrol/Hideout/A Bathing Ape in London, and brought vintage Levi’s to Europe. Whoa. Talk about success…Keep this on your radar. Other features include Stacy Peralta, aNYthing, Lomo, Creative Rec, and more.