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Minor Threat VS. Nike!?!

One of my all time favorite bands, Minor Threat, stood against just about everything Nike is all about. So who thought it would be cool and taken lightly to blatantly rip off the cover of their classic self-titled 1984 album and slap logos all over it?? This is a bummer. Nike SB’s 2005 East Coast tour is being called “Major Threat” and being coupled directly with the Minor Threat artwork. Pitchfork said it best: “Come on, Nike, your Swoosh is one of the most iconic brand images in the world, perhaps a tiny notch below the Golden Arches and maybe Coca-Cola; you don’t need to be appropriating another culture for yourselves.” Some might say Nike is paying homage to Minor Threat, but it’s just rubbing people the wrong way. Here is a link to the Nike SB image. Branding all over Minor Threat goes together about as well as onions and hot chocolate. Dischord Records is not happy and we’ll keep you posted on what happens next. I wish Nike would have done a Gorilla Biscuits spinoff instead, or maybe like, Earth Crisis or something. Haha.