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IKEA’s new Lund Hogen

I want to work in Ikea’s Naming Department! If they had a big mirror or something I would name it: ‘REFLEKON’ …with a bunch of those dots over the letters, you know? Anyway, Ikea’s new Lund Hogen which comes in both the classic beige and red is similar to the Karlanda, a personal favorite of mine, in its shape but it has these beautiful new galvanized steel legs. I love it. For me, Ikea usually comes really close but misses out on one or two things with most of their pieces…not on this one. It’s the complete package. And it’s only $399!? Super low prices, hopefully the quality matches the design as they did with the Karlanda. I’m seeing this on a polished concrete floor or some of that super thin bamboo flooring. THE BRILLIANCE! loves Ikea. Thanks to Josh Rubin for reminding me to check Ikea’s site.