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The whatever update.

Man…there is nothing ‘cool’ to flap my gums about. For real. Email me if you think different. No more t-shirts, sneakers or nothing like that. Something new. Chuck and I don’t do the sneaker thing or the toy thing or whatever. Sorry. Updates:

  • The chicken-fries from Burger King are a serious problem. So good with that neon-orange buffalo sauce. I’ll take another 12 piece.
  • I know I said I’m not into sneakers and all that…but Vans Chukkas are perfect. I’m about to start rocking worn-out shoes man. No more fresh whites.
  • Young Jeezy and his old BMF friends are probably going to jail. Maybe. What is the old saying? Is it…’get your money and shut-up’? I hope they make a movie about it after all is said and done.
  • I bought Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty off iTunes. Song is so good today. I bet I won’t like it tomorrow.
  • Mambas are the most candy for your corner-store dollar. I am the corner store king. Ask about me.
  • I thought the ‘O RLY’ owl thing was pretty funny man…but it kind of isn’t anymore.
  • ‘Hating’ things. Is this like a recent thing? Like in the past 25 years? The Fonz didn’t hate people. He just ignored them.
  • I like purposely boring design. They need to come up with a name for that style or genre.