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H&M is nice!

What it do? H&M is too on point. I don’t even know if this is late news or whatever…but the new Stella McCartney line is a perfect example of why I love H&M. We don’t really even cover women’s clothing or anything, but it’s a perfect example of a beautifully executed line that is affordable and each piece can be thrown in with another. Making it all the more cost effective. But whatever though…H&M for guys isn’t perfect but, again, its just so well done in terms of design accessibility/pricing, sizing, cuts, design and all that. Just a cool overall business model. That’s what’s really good. In fact…I don’t think we have ever mad a post about H&M before. Long over due. I want to see them do some other crazy, more niche, collaboration lines. I had Jimmy Johns for dinner and I got a new orchid in my place. I’m posted up like a mailbox.