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College Parties.

I hit lounges…nice bars and restaurants. Low key, nice drinks, great service…etc. I order seared Ahi Tuna and Focaccia…just my style. I never really did the college party/kegger thing as I never attended college. In fact…I didn’t drink until I was 23. Too busy doing my thing. So anyway…this past Saturday the good guys from Blame Clothing invite me to their East Town home to attend a Halloween kegger. Hilarious. I can’t believe what I was missing. Look…I still love good service, great drinks and beautifully designed spaces…but drunk-ass college kids are some of the best entertainment I’ve had in a while. The beer tasted horrible, the sound system wasn’t that good, white sneakers were a dumb idea, and I learned a little about a game called beer pong. And honestly…most of the girls were better looking than any of the ‘nice’ places I’m usually found at. I mean, I had to hit up Martha’s Vineyard for a bottle of Vueve cause I couldn’t do the beer…but I did drink it out of a red cup whilst carrying the bottle with me. Gangster. So yeah…that’s my post…I’m going to more house parties, that’s all there is too it. Big shout to Jesse, Ian, and Neil…I hope the clean-up wasn’t too much. And yes, I got her number.