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God Bless The South - New Orleans

So, I posted about this site when I got back from my first trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. After that first trip, we were invited to come back down south to help with more relief work only that time - to New Orleans. So we went and I took a ton of pictures. That was a few weeks ago and I finally updated this site with pictures from that trip. It was intense, sad, exciting, and terrible all at the same time. I am going to be heading back down south for a third time in December to Biloxi once more, so keep me and the group from my church in your thoughts and/or prayers if you can. Anyways, check these pictures out. Photography from New Orleans, post-Katrina. ***Chuck is my main man, huge amount of respect for what he is doing. It’s a very sincere effort. What more can I say. - B