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MUJI… ‘no brand goods!’

I like this stuff right here. I want to call it the Ikea of Japan, but it doesn’t really do it justice. Ikea is more like, over-designed and often a little too playful. MUJI is starkly utilitarian in form and very well design with an emphasis on simplicity and natural colors. In terms of what they ‘make’…they ‘make’ everything from hair dryers, clothing, storage systems, furniture, etc… Everything ‘life’ related. In fact, to a certain extent they are a life-style brand. One thing very apparent with MUJI is the lack of logo use… This is also a similar theme you’ll find with Ikea and H&M, at least in a similar vein. Either way, MUJI is good stuff, I need some in my life right now, but it is a bit hard to come by in the states. Check out the UK based web store.