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Clever Homes, more prefab!

These just make too much sense. So modular and customizable…and cheap. I’m not sure I’m feeling the name ‘Clever Homes’, but it’s easier to get past this when you see there designs. Quite nice. Heavy use of glass panels and hard edges which is both a good and bad thing…If you’re looking at constructing one of these in the middle of no where, or on an island in middle of no where, it is quite difficult to the needed glass shipped there…but whatever. These guys, Clever Homes, are based out of Cali and have a great site that has a good amount of information and a great little flash thing that shows one of their homes being built in 35 days. Wow. Thanks to Michael for the link on this. ***Maybe ‘cheap’ wasn’t the right word. These are beautiful, but for a more cost effective solution check these guys.