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2006/2007 BMW M3!

I don’t particularly like BMW’s all that much. Too many ‘dudes’ driving around in a 3 series acting like ‘top-level’ executives…come on buddy, valet parking doesn’t make you a baller. Either way, the M3 on the other hand is a staple in performance based sports cars. It’s almost iconic. It’s also the only car that looks good in ‘Tick’ blue. Remember The Tick? Say it’s not the same color! So apparently the new M3 will be dropping here in the next year and the link below has some spy shots. It looks pretty sharp, but BMW seems to be losing those hard-edge lines that gave them such instant brand recognition. But I’ll be honest; the rear of the new M3 is fresh, very aggressive stance. Good look. And it’s still very M3; V8, 420hp and my favorite – SMG transmission. I sound like a gear head here…trust me I’m not. The M3 is classic.