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Mark The Cobra Snake & Dopefiend!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…you already knew cause every other blog already posted this. But check the new Mark The Cobra Snake interview on Dopefiend. Dude is a niche-culture icon, all from the ground up…I love what Mark does, his whole aesthetic, his process, the pictures, the girls always around him…Yes sir, a cool-ass dude for real. Check the interview where he covers everything from the blondes vs. brunettes, the cobra snake lifestyle, being lonely and how sea foam is the new color this season. A big shout out to Mark the Cobra Snake, fools know what’s up. Check the picture with myself and Mark at a wild party in NYC…the alcohol was free and now I’m on The Cobra Snake…what can I say. And no, my face doesn’t always look like that, ha. ***Oh yeah, we interviewed the Snake Man a while back, read it here.