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NASA: To the moon! ME: So?

For real…what the hell are they going to do on the Moon that they didn’t do last time? I saw the artist rendition pictures of what the lunar capsule will look like, and it’s the same as the one we used 30+ years ago. Honestly, they say they will gain a better understanding of what it will take to put a crew on the surface of Mars. Look, maybe I am just getting ‘old’ and I’ve lost my imagination…but what for? What is on Mars? If this stuff was privately funded it would be a little more exciting because it would be out of someone else’s pockets and strictly done by an account of their ambition, not the tax payers. Sorry, I didn’t want to bring politics into this. But it’s going to cost $100 billion. Come on man…$100 billion? If someone did it privately it would be so much cooler, and a terribly lavish/decadent expenditure by the person/group that made it happen…which is the American way. Ha…wow. I’m sorry, I made a hater post. This Kanye Live @ Abbey Studios is just nuts, get it.