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Crack Berry, the Treo 700w!

Yes…I am a fiend for these ‘smart phones.’ I admit it…again. So it’s actually really official this time, the new Treo 700 will be running Windows Mobile. Which is really wild…that’s like an iBook running windows. Endgadget, as always, has the jump on everyone by having an actual working model in their possession to play with. I am really interested in how they get these exclusives. Take a look at the pictures shown at the link below…I have to say, it is quite nice. This phone represents a great possibility of surpassing the Black Berry. It looks so crisp too, just clean lines, cool color, nice keypad, big crisp screen. I need this phone, for real, I need it. So is it going to be on Sprint?! I have a meeting in a few and I need to hit the corner store for some Skittles and a Diet Coke, I’m out.