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My Sprint EV-DO Card!

If you thought having a Blackberry/Treo got in the way of vacations…it’s getting even worse. See, for me…being connected on vaca is a good thing. It’s good for my clients too. Whatever though…anyway. So my father and I got that new Sprint EV-DO broadband card for our laptops. Pretty unbelievable. Here’s whats good…it’s a little wifi-card looking device that uses Sprint’s network to give you broadband speeds anywhere you have a cell phone signal. Including the island I’m on right now, snap! In fact, I’m using it to post this right now. So yeah…since I’m a ‘nerd’ or whatever that can’t live without the internet, this thing is like…perfect. The setup took 2 minutes and you can swap it out of any other computer with no issues. I believe Sprint has some deal making the card free when you buy the $59.99 unlimited plan. Not bad man…I pay like $40-50 for my broadband at home. Check it out though…